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  1. simtom

    P3D auto loads at System boot-up

    How did I not know this, haha? Thanks!
  2. simtom

    P3D auto loads at System boot-up

    Sorry for bumping this thread but you can also use CTRL + LSHIFT + ESC to directly open Task Manager 😉
  3. Thanks for your quick answer! So I can delete everything under \Updater?
  4. Hello, Is it possible to move the files included inside C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\PMDG\PMDG Operations Center\Updater to another disk? I'm asking because the 747 has amassed 4GB of files on my 120GB SSD and I'm trying to make some free space. Particularly the Backup, Gauges and SimObjects folder are consuming most of the 4GB size. Thanks in advance!
  5. simtom

    Prepar3D v4.2 has been released

    I'm having a similar problem to the one you've posted but I can use the GSX menu with no problems at all (as well as the AS menu).
  6. simtom

    Prepar3D v4.2 has been released

    The funny thing is that I'm using version 5.122.
  7. simtom

    Prepar3D v4.2 has been released

    I meant the In-Flight menu. It quickly flashes on my screen and then disappears (as if you would have pressed the corresponding key twice).
  8. simtom

    Prepar3D v4.2 has been released

    Everything works fine for me as well but I do have one annoying problem now: Num Lock and Caps Lock aren't working anymore (snap view no longer works and I also can't access the ATC Pro menu anymore). Outside of P3D these functions work just fine. Anyone else who has encountered this issue?
  9. simtom

    Exhaust fumes

    Thanks for the additional info! Maybe they could have changed this to a selectable option?
  10. Hello, Maybe I've missed a change log somewhere but is it correct to say that the exhaust fumes have disappeared? I thought it was a really nice detail but only recently have I noticed that it isn't there anymore. Was this done on purpose or did I do something wrong?
  11. Hmm, that's interesting. Now, as long as it launches while using the compatibility mode I'm not complaining but there's obviously something not working correctly.
  12. I also noticed today that AS16 (P3Dv4) no longer launches. I need to use Windows 8 compatibility mode.
  13. So it seems like I won't be affected by the update. I guess there's only one way to find out ...