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  1. Because I have the same opinion as him. XP looks outdated and ugly. I had the same opinion while using XP10, and then with 11. It has good aircrafts, it has good physics, but it has awful graphics for a 2018 sim/game (even more for a 2021 one). Just the opposite to MSFS, which has good graphics but it’s full of bugs and lack of basic procedures like proper approaches. So I don’t see the problem in people asking for advices about improving the visual aspect of the sim, while LR improves it as a core feature, and I find insulting that people is treated as a troll just because they don’t have the same opinion as you.
  2. I find insulting that just because the OP is asking for help with a fact (XP looks awful nowadays, and you have the most desired features as graphical ones, that should told you something), and just because of that he is being treated as a troll. https://feedback.x-plane.com No guys, MSFS must improve its technical aspect (a lot), the same way XP should improve its visual one (which can be done, in several ways).
  3. Flight dynamics broken, graphical issues with clouds, oversized signs at airports, and a few more issues appearing everyday, and the update was 2 days ago. I don't know what makes it unplayable to you, but for me, this is mainly a joke. It's not so hard to test things before releasing.
  4. Well, looks like the AA makes difference. From TAA to OFF, in order
  5. IMO. Night lighting is fantastic now. The only “issue”, lack of color variety (too many white lights and not enough orange ones). Of course can be improved, and some rural areas might have less lights. But much better than sepia mask. Also, I found that airport lights and aircraft lights are more brilliant now. What I miss are flood lights for the ramp. Airports are too dark at parking spots
  6. But with light real weather rain do you have wet runways? because in my case, are dry unless I set the rain preset wdym by unreal weather?
  7. Posted it yesterday. But I tried by myself and didn't see much difference, if any. What I noticed is that with live weather, no heavy rain or even wet runways are present.
  8. Well, after trying it myself, I see almost the same with HDMI or DisplayPort https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/cant-get-rain-to-show-up/285049/21?u=stellarrunner
  9. I was as surprised as you. I don't understand the relation. Just hope to get is fixed soon, I don't use the HDMI for Hz reasons.
  10. Looks like those of us using displayport screen connection are having issues to see rain drops on the windshield (which are almost lacking). Well, someone on the forums has discovered that using a HDMI connection, the effect comes back. In case any of you have the same issue, worth a try. And in case it works, please, submit a report to zendesk. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/cant-get-rain-to-show-up/285049/13 https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/rain-as-advertised/307925
  11. Fell free to do whatever you need to think you are helping to improve the product. That said, if that feedback is ignored or misunderstood by AS/MS, you will see yourself tired in 6 months, and all your enthusiasm will banish. Some day you will stop reporting things, because you will think is a useless method. And you just will wait for devs to improve something, or change to another sim. I hope you have better luck than me.
  12. Obviously there aren’t. Because NO ONE SINGLE SIMMER/GAMER/WHATEVER wants CTD’s while playing.
  13. You obviously didn’t try the sim. I wish there was an option to ignore users with the phone.
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