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  1. They show 4 discovery series, but no one said that those are the only discovery series. Furthermore, there are things that could be out of the discovery series and implemented anyways.
  2. Maybe related to the recent builds, compared with the older ones of previous releases. Or maybe not. But good one.
  3. aleex

    In-game VS Satellite

    I’m pretty sure the stall recovery video is filmed at Seattle (king airport can be seen at the final seconds on the left, Seward park to the right).
  4. I don't want to complain. I'm in love with this sim right now (clouds, lights, terrain...). But I miss to see some airport photos. Close airport photos.
  5. aleex

    Breaking through clouds video?

    I believe that was a cockpit reflection
  6. aleex

    What We Want

    Volumetric lights illuminating the clouds. Something like PMDG immersion pack...
  7. aleex

    The useless thread

    Oh, take it for granted
  8. aleex

    The useless thread

    Minibar inside the cockpit
  9. aleex

    The useless thread

    Metal scanner detectors and drug test before every flight. Waiting for 1 hour before reaching the airplane (In the best case).
  10. aleex

    Longer Videos Please

    I think we will get longer videos with discovery series. 5 min videos could be fine for explaining certain features, but just for visual purposes I think 5 min it’s too long even for a trailer.
  11. - Some default airports - Handling vehicles in action - AI traffic in action
  12. aleex

    What We Want

    I didn’t see them, but I always thought it could by a wonderful addition. Maybe with a good bloom effect...
  13. aleex

    August 29th, 2019 [Update]

    Considering that those are early builds... Maybe next update we will get some info about current builds. So I'm not worried about gauges, yet. Also, does that video uses VR? that camera shake looks like VR one...