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  1. Asobo should launch that livery pack announced a week after the game release. That would help a lot for making new liveries. The current system is kind of a mess. Works for some only.
  2. Yup. Now are there. No wires by now, but it’s something.
  3. I hope the AI traffic liveries system is WIP. Because right now it's very disappointing. FSX managed this much better, from the airports parking spot information to the schedules...
  4. @MarioDonick AFAIK default airports can’t be edited yet. At least that’s what I read on the official forums
  5. word not allowed will be word not allowed. There are a few major airports missing, not only in Spain but all over the world, that were there in FSX. Of course this could be fixed by devs or by an airport gateway, but in a FLIGHT sim, missing important airports is an issue, and of course complains are justified, unless you are a word not allowed.
  6. Have you tried XP at night? Have you tried XP + Extended night lighting free addon? If you haven’t, then is reasonable you don’t understand it. I suggest you to look for some photos. If you have, then the difference is obvious. And I would say even the orange ugly textures of default XP for long distance looks better than the ugly sepia mask that exist now on MSFS. And as has been said, this is not about the lighting effects on clouds or other graphics things, which is obviously better compared to XP. Is about the Lights itself at high altitudes.
  7. Yup. Absolutely awful, I would say even worse than XP (the ground textures, not the graphics). I think the way XP does with the lights, plus the extended night lightning addon, should be the way to go for MSFS. And it isn’t heavy for FPS.
  8. Sadly I’m not surprised at all. As other user just posted, maybe now they are focused on the Xbox version, which could be a real shame.
  9. As more frames, more fluid experience. At 30 it start to look more fluid, but at 60 would be ideal for most of the users.
  10. Well, my 1080 is at 40% on neo cockpit, giving an awful performance (14 fps). I would prefer it working at 90% like in external view with 36 fps. So, believe me. It working at 100% is not the worst kind of issue.
  11. You weren’t here since last year then. Before and even after entering in the alpha, I had high expectations and I was very pleased with the product. My negative post came when I saw that MS/AS were going to release an incomplete product as a full one. And sadly, as I read here and on the official forums, no magic build was released. I think no one expected a release on August, not even I being optimistic back in February. And I know most of the sims are released with missing features. But I think the features already added should be working fine, there wasn’t any need of rush the release (expect for marketing strategy by MS games studios). But at least they could have announced the release as a beta, and no as a full product. That’s my point of view. But is my money and I know what to do with it. If others prefer to buy it and are pleased, good for them. But you can’t expect everyone to be satisfied.
  12. That’s what people (even me) said about those sims with the MSFS release, and now we are talking about “in a year” or so. Potential in gaming industry could mean nothing. So until those missing sim features are implemented, for me everything is a marketing campaign. I don’t like to pay for promises. MSFS looks beautiful, but I’m not going to kill any other sim.
  13. IMO live traffic is bugged or not fully developed yet. I was expecting some improvements from beta to release, but as you describe it, is just the same.
  14. What is better, going from 16 to 32 with a 2x8 more, or buying directly a 2x16 and remove the older ones?
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