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  1. -Realistic helicopter flight dynamics (we want to fly backwards for CAT A procedure without a 180° spin) -Structured SDK with good sample files -Engine declaration for multi turbine helicopters; N1, N2, engine type, transmission, powershaft values, gearbox, rotor RPM, TRQ, correlator/governor ect -Attachment method for aircraft objects (wheight and balance) -More options for animations ( flexible leather cover on a flight stick) -Shared cockpit variables for all related systems -New Sound engine and flexible sound emmersion -Model files that are protected for decompiling -Standard 3D file support max,obj,fbx,dae -PBR options for specular or metalness workflow Julian Commercial developer alias Rotorhead135 (Lead Artist Delta Hotel Simulations)
  2. Thats the point simbol, another part is to find the correct values for the covered material.
  3. I spoke to Rob.A, he passed this supject on to LM. Dynamic reflections and PBR textures working against each other. I have discovered that the angle of your camera view is the main factor for setting values of the realtime dynamic reflection with PBR materials. You can test it yourself with the F16 PBR modell and different cloud condititions. Its a fact that the sun lightning has nothing to do with the reflection.
  4. Its a problem from the current PBR engine. This helicopter is still in development and we have also this problem with shiny gloss. One option for the moment turn off dynamic reflections.
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