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  1. Check out this earlier topic: www.avsim.com/topic/291995-atis-removal/ John
  2. I've had better luck with a web filter like Blue Coat K9 or OpenDNS, both free. Seems logical to me that blocking access to malicious sites makes more sense than trying to defeat an attack or clean up afterwards. Also, like Jim says always keep the firewall active. John
  3. Ryan, did you see this thread? http://forum.avsim.n...ge__hl__warrior The freeware model referred to created by Rien Cornelissen is the 160-hp version. After a few tweaks the OP seemed happy that the performance matched his RW experience with the bird. John
  4. What's the latest on your blurry issues after switching to the large LCD display?Hoping to see a resolution of this before shelling out the big bucks for a 24" LCD.John
  5. Hi Al,You said you clicked the poly line, but did you right-click it to bring up the menu with the Properties option for editing?John
  6. Excellent explanation, Holger. The mental picture is getting pretty clear.Hopefully, I now just need to read a bit more and experiment with the tools and procedures to see if everything clicks.Many thanks for your kind and patient tutoring!John
  7. Thanks, Holger -- that's a wealth of info. Let me make sure I grasp at least some of it.Your "easiest approach" sounds like the inverse of what I was planning. That is, instead of using aspen polygons to override the default landclass, it would first replace the default landclass with custom aspen landclass. Then I guess any necessary adjustment of the 1.2 km aspen groves would be done with polys filled with conifers, grass, rock, etc., as required.OK -- then the first step is just whatever bgls I need to create by modifying landclass using the default Olson table choices (and BTW your spreadsheet is an enormous help in working with those). No aspen yet.The second part I'm unsure about. To create the custom landclass, do I assign it one of the unused numbers in the table? How else would the sim distinguish it from the defaults? The SDK paragraph on custom landclass is not very enlightening.Finally, the autogen. Yes, without Luis' excellent tutorial, that would be a complete mystery. But how does the agn file I create with the editor get associated with the custom landclass? And does it go into the sceneryworldtexture folder?Again, your help is much appreciated.John
  8. Problem: For a southern Rocky Mountain project in FSX, how to create a landclass poly fill with say 90% aspen, 10% conifer autogen vegetation.The default poly fills with mixed evergreendeciduous all seem to use larch trees. While these give the correct Fall coloration, the percentage is not high enough and the models do not well represent aspen, when viewed in the texture dds files.As very nice aspen models do exist, one option would be to use the Autogen Annotator to change the vegetation mix in one of the default poly fills. However, this would mess things up everywhere else that fill is used, such as in the northwest where larch is appropriate.The ideal solution would seem to be creation of a new custom poly fill. But the SDK, tutorials, and forum posts I have seen do not make clear to my feeble mind how to proceed or whether this is even possible.Any advice would be most welcome.John
  9. Moderators, is this sort of abuse now tolerated at Avsim?John
  10. Hi Steve,Bill Lyon's outstanding Tri-Pacers work well in FSX, although some of the external textures do not display properly. I'm sure there is a fix, but have not had time to delve into it.Search for cc13p22f.zip in the avsim library.John
  11. Some basic info here:http://homepages.mcb.net/bones/04fs/tutorial/fltsimcf.htmIt's for FS2004 and earlier, but will get you started.John
  12. Laurent,Many thanks! The combination of deleting the ini_serv_file.xml and setting the IPs to for a single PC did the trick for me.Nice piece of work!John
  13. Arry, did you disable firewall/antivirus during the installation? Sometimes these interfere with the proper placement of files and overwrites of existing files.Also, is your dll.xml in the same folder with fsx.cfg?Beyond that, assuming you have gone through all the troubleshooting tips in the manual (starting p.26), I am at a loss.John
  14. Hi Jim -Yes, it works like a charm, but I suspect the installer may not recognize FSX. If you already have it installed in FS9, FSX will find it, even in another partition.Be sure you have FSUIPC v4.11 or later (unregistered is OK).Also, it will not intgrate with the kneeboard, as in FS9. So ignore the setup option "Install in FS9 kneeboard".Still, it works fine as a separate window. Just remember that FSX must be run in windowed mode, not full-screen.Also watch the launch sequence -- FSX first, then MMLauncher.exe. You can reverse this, but then you will need to click "Reconnect" in the FSMMM setup menu.More info here:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...ing_type=searchJohn
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