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  1. Taildragger

    Unsolicited ATIS messages

    Check out this earlier topic: www.avsim.com/topic/291995-atis-removal/ John
  2. Taildragger

    Effect of Anti-virus programs?

    I've had better luck with a web filter like Blue Coat K9 or OpenDNS, both free. Seems logical to me that blocking access to malicious sites makes more sense than trying to defeat an attack or clean up afterwards. Also, like Jim says always keep the firewall active. John
  3. Taildragger

    Flight Tracking app for Android

    Have you tried the free FltPlan GO app? play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fltplan.go&hl=en John
  4. Taildragger

    MS' choice of default aircraft

    Recall that when FSX came out, very few PCs had the horsepower to give decent performance. My guess is MS decided the trike, being the least demanding default aircraft, would give the most favorable first impression to users. And in-flight in a remote area had better frame rates than a major airport. John
  5. Nice work, Eric. Your continual updates are much appreciated. John
  6. Taildragger

    No FSX in programs list

    Adam, that's normal. Control Panel shows only the latest FSX mod installed. In my case it lists "Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Acceleration". If you have SP2 instead of Acceleration, that's what will show up. As you uninstall mods, the underlying layers will appear. Uninstalling Acceleration I would probably see SP1, and after that, FSX itself. Like peeling an onion. John
  7. Taildragger

    Adding more panel windows

    Using FSUIPC per this link. Have not personally tried it. http://forum.avsim.net/topic/385544-accessing-panel-windows-above-9/ John
  8. Taildragger

    Possible to show saved flight as static AI?

    This is a really intriguing question Guenter. My first WAG would be to take the .mdl file for your aircraft and use it as a library object which could be placed at any location by one of the standard methods like Whisplacer or the FSX Object Placement Tool. However, that might be too complex of a model for a static object and create a huge frame rate penalty. Your best bet is to ask an expert over at fsdeveloper.com, specifically Arno Gerretsen in the scenery design forum. Let us know what you find. John
  9. Taildragger

    Scenery Question

    ORBX CRM has improvements to KBOI plus just about every other airport and back-country strip in southern Idaho. ORBX PNW came out with a free Portland pack that greatly enhances the downtown area and has some fixes for KPDX. Also see James Udall's Utah Complete files in the library (uc_update1_2.zip). He reworked KSLC and several of the larger Utah airports. John
  10. Taildragger

    FSX Backup Scheme

    Not necessary to pay a dime for quality disk imaging software. DriveImage XML does a great job for free and also supports restoration of just individual files/folders if desired. It has saved my bacon several times. www.runtime.org/driveimage-xml.htm John
  11. Taildragger


    You don't just press the button, but continue to hold it while you set the pitch. And you need to hold it until airspeed and altitude have stabilized in cruise, or in the case of climb\descent until airspeed and rate of climb have stabilized. I use the brake button, as it does not conflict with anything in flight and is right under my finger on the joystick. RealTrimX is one of the apps I would not fly without. John
  12. Stan, the Lear panel fix may be this one in the library: http://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=learjet_45_enhancements.zip&CatID=fsx&Go=Search As for the Metzger FDEs, PM me. John
  13. Taildragger

    Moving map for FSX. Latest recommendations?

    If you like real aeronautical charts (sectionals, IFR hi\lo enroute, etc.), try BlueSkyScenery's moving map display tool. Free, and also has AI and weather overlays. John
  14. Taildragger

    Any Piper Warrior's?

    Ryan, did you see this thread? http://forum.avsim.n...ge__hl__warrior The freeware model referred to created by Rien Cornelissen is the 160-hp version. After a few tweaks the OP seemed happy that the performance matched his RW experience with the bird. John