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  1. Thanks for your reply Joel, will do.
  2. After attempting to load this aircraft onto my computer for about the fourth time, it failed with the following notation.. "The activation of the fulfillment is denied by the activation policy for activation ID ................because maximum extra activations exceeded (Incident #7498-174815) " Obviously you are only allowed to load it a number of times, ( although I don't know why as I have paid for the product, why can't you install or uninstall it unlimited amounts of time) Any advice on how to unlock this restriction would be welcomed thank you.
  3. Can anyone enlighten me as to how you transition from GPS mode to NAV mode, to enable an ILS approach. Have read manual from top to bottom, maybe am missing something... Cheers, Kurt
  4. Have you clicked on the ALT button on the 2D AP as well ( even though you have the yaw damper switch on)?
  5. If anyone out there encounters the same problem, uninstall and reinstall, as I did, and it fixes the issue.
  6. I have FSX Acceleration, not FSX-SE. Thanks for your help anyway Charlie, I might uninstall and reinstall, and see if that makes a difference. I have had this aircraft for 4 years, and am sure I did not have this problem back then. I have not flown it for probably 3 years now, and can't understand why the change.
  7. I tried that thanks Charlie, but doesn't appear to have changed anything. When adding to a dll.xml file, should you replace existing file or add another. Can you have several files?
  8. Thanks for the explanation, sorry for the confusion..
  9. The SA227 Metroliner..I was reading a section where the Metro was under discussion and assumed it was the subject of my comments.
  10. I am running FSX Acceleration, and when I switch on the batteries, I get a PWR FAIL warning which inhibits most of the illuminations on the panel. (DG, NAV, SAS, Annunciator Panel and no ext or int lights. There is a button "EXT PWR" next to the button which illuminates as PWR FAIL, but when you click on this nothing happens. You can start the engines and the REVS and TORQUE gauges work, but not the FUEL FLOW gauge. I am wondering whether anyone out there has experienced this, and can offer an explanation please.
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