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  1. b777flyerlover

    Flight Tracking app for Android

    flight connect doesn't do vector based maps (enroute maps) I think...
  2. Hey guys, Are you familiar with an android based application that offers the same services as sim control for the iPad, such as map flight tracking etc` (it's vert important for me to be able to track my flight on a aviation type map) Thanks for your replies. John
  3. So I managed to setup the levers and the flaps, but I have no idea how to configure the knobs for fuel cutoff and fuel start please help me do it with FSUIPC.. as a reminder, this is the quadrant i've got http://www.saitek.com/uk/prod/quad.html and I have the two most left black knobs to act as the fuel levers in the PMDG 777 AND 737NGX... so if i push them up, fuel will start flowing, and if i push down, fuel will cutout.. please help me out guys.. Thanks in advance.
  4. but how will it work in correlation to PMDG's Add-ons ?
  5. Hey guys, So I own FSUIPC and have recently purchased saitak's Cessna pro set and I am loving the latter. My issue is that i want my two levers to act as throttle levers for the PMDG 777 AND 737ngx and the last level will act as flaps lever and also the bottom switches to act as fuel cutoff switches on the said addons. Is that even possible ? if so, how can this be accomplished ? Please help Kindest regards, Paul.
  6. b777flyerlover

    Setting up CH YOKE and pedals

    Thanks guys, but what does null zone mean ?
  7. b777flyerlover

    Setting up CH YOKE and pedals

    Hey, I'd like to request for help setting up my ch yoke as realistically as possible for airline flights. I do not own FSUIPC. I've already calibrated it using the default windows calibrator. What should the sensitivity and null zones be ? thanks for your help.
  8. b777flyerlover

    Installing addons in P3D V2.2

    Hey guys, I've got a bunch of fsx addon that I'd like to try to see if they work in P3D V2.2 such as the dash8 and the c172. the thing is, when i install them in fsx, i get prompt to allow the sim to add the .dll references to fsx.cfg however, I dont see that happening in P3D v2.2... How am I suppose to know what .dll files does the addon need to function or how could i enable that message to allow p3d to add the .dll to the .cfg file ? Thanks in advance for your help
  9. b777flyerlover

    Error message when installing FSX on windows 8.1 machine

    so i ran the ms fixit and it uninstalled fsx. now, do i simply install the simulator as i would in windows 7 ? should i right click on the setup.exe and make it compatible with windows 7 ?
  10. Hey guys, I've been trying to get the sim installed on my new 8.1 machine but without any success. I keep getting the following error message - It's my old deluxe edition dvds What should I do ? is there any way to get it installed on 8.1 or should i have to revert back to 7 ? Thanks in advance for your help. Mike.