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  1. I think I possibly might know what is going on. What is your mesh resolution? I had a problem with the 744 where right before touchdown the plane would go violently nose down into the ground like you described. For a while I was confused and almost gave up until I tried a suggestion of changing mesh resolution from 1M to something else. Haven’t had the problem since
  2. uhntissbaby111

    Pacsim KSLC Jetway Issue

    I got the issue resolved. They sent me an updated file through email that fixed the issue. Just go to their website and on the support page you will find the email, shoot them an email and he will send you the file
  3. uhntissbaby111

    Pacsim KSLC Jetway Issue

    I installed Pacsims KSLC the other day and I noticed that some of the jetways looks off. They seem to attach to the terminal mid jetway, and some of them are not even connected to the terminal. I sent emails to their support and he tried to help me out but nothing worked, they have never seen this problem before. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the scenery. Reinstalled SODE and GSX. Still the same. I am using ORBX global and LC, no vector. I dont have any #rd party mesh nor did i install any AFCADS or anything. Just wondering if anyone else had this issue, or knows of a possible fix? And also, the jetways work fine. They connect to the aircraft, its just that their attachment to the terminals is off. I included a link to a picture of the issue https://imgur.com/a/6gaK0ax
  4. uhntissbaby111

    Take off problem

    Sorry to bring up such an old topic, but I figured this would help people. I had this issue with the 744 and fixed it by rearranging my scenery order. Yesterday it surfaced again with the 748 at EDDF 07C. I had the scenery order correct so I was confused what caused. I saw your post and changed my mesh from 1M to 2M and it solved the problem
  5. uhntissbaby111

    747-8 ntdll.dll Crash

    I haven’t updated GSX in a bit, so that makes sense. I’ll get that done right now. Thank you
  6. uhntissbaby111

    747-8 ntdll.dll Crash

    I was away from my PC at the time it happened, but given the timeframe, yeah I probably was around that area. I’ll set up the exact same flight today and disable GSX. Thanks for the tip!
  7. uhntissbaby111

    747-8 ntdll.dll Crash

    I had an ntdll crash on my first too, about 6 hours in. From EDDF to KBOS
  8. uhntissbaby111

    Tomato shade profiles

    Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
  9. uhntissbaby111

    Tomato shade profiles

    Also curious about this
  10. uhntissbaby111

    Current 747 Passenger Routes

    Atlas does in fact fly military personnel around. We flew on an Atlas 767 to Bahrain from the USA, with a few stops in between. My brother, also in the service, flew Atlas to and from Japan. He was on a 747-400
  11. uhntissbaby111

    Where are the developers of Maddog(Leonardo)

    As WotanUK mentioned, this wouldn’t be the first time. I have no idea what’s going on over there, as I haven’t flown the Maddog since shortly after release and haven’t been to their forums since then as well. But if what you say is true, they did the same thing with their first release. Fell off the face of the earth
  12. uhntissbaby111

    Minneapolis with my eyes (11 Shots)

    Absolutely incredible!!! Please share what scenery you are using.
  13. uhntissbaby111

    Localizer capture

    Right, and I fully agree with that. Just stating that you technically don't need to dial in the correct course for a ILS. And actually, during a BC LOC approach it's beneficial to use the opposite of the approach course if using an HSI, otherwise you'll get reverse sensing
  14. uhntissbaby111

    Localizer capture

    But as Ahsmatt stated, course shouldn't matter on an ILS. A LOC only has one course, unlike a VOR. One side is 90hz and the other is 150hz. And that's how it determines your position. If the LOC course is 360, you could have 090 tuned into the HSI and you would still get correct indications, your situational awareness will be made a little more difficult, but it would still show proper deviations
  15. uhntissbaby111

    FMS Winds and LDG Press

    Dave, Thanks a lot for the response!! Glad you took the time to read and respond to my post!