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  1. As a Chicago native, this is the airport I have been missing most in my sim. So of course, as soon as I saw it released I bought it. I knew the airport decently well from flying in/out of it. But this summer I worked at KORD for a month and drove all over it. Mainly I was at North/South Cargo and T5, but I would sometimes take the "scenic" route when going to/from the various places I needed to be. So i got to know the airport extremely well. I was extremely eager to pan the camera around this scenery to see how it stacks up. All in all I think it is nice. The terminals are done very well, the PBR is awesome and I love the status boards at the gates. The Hilton looks nice, control towers look good, and the hangars as well. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the South and North Cargo areas look. Some cons for me are the ground textures. The grass looks a bit blurry, it kind of blends into the taxiway pavement. The hard stand area to the east of T5 is a bit off as well. I'm not sure if this is a FSDT or DD problem as I'm not sure where one ends and the other begins, but the highway that runs along the East boarder of the airport could use some work, again, this might be a DD problem. I understand that because of my intimate knowledge of the airport I am a lot harsher on it than other addon airports. And a lot of my issues deal with non aircraft operations areas. Such as access roads, checkpoints, and other behind the scenes stuff. Stuff that is not of importance to most simmers since they hardly see this stuff anyway. Again, very nice work from FSDT and it's great having KORD back in my lineup!
  2. I couldn’t find it in the manual. But I’d there a recommended setting for: brightness, bloom and saturation? I know all the shader profiles have recommended settings for that. Or does EF automatically change those values?
  3. Noticed the same with the ILS. i was concerned with the scenery on my first flight in. My frames were getting absolutely hammered with the FSL, I saw it go as low as 7. And I have a 7700k and 1080ti. I disabled all the Vegas city car traffic in the config and that brought it back into the mid 20s
  4. Just using proper crosswind technique. On takeoff and landing you want to deflect the ailerons into the wind. It helps with directional control and to keep the upwind wing from possibly lifting off early. In my opinion, ailerons have too much authority on the ground and cause the plane to roll more than they should. To compensate, just use less control input. Especially at higher speeds when the controls are more effective
  5. Thanks for the suggestion, problem still exists. With more testing I found that the problem is more pronounced in external view. Ill climb away and look back in external view at the airport, and as soon as the buildings turn black ill go into VC view and the buildings are visible. They still end up going black in VC, but from a further distance Since my install is fairly fresh i might just do a reinstall and see if that fixes it
  6. Today i started the process of doing a fresh install of 4.4 on a new SSD. I got the sim installed, ORBX textures then started adding some airports. I would load up the F22 at some of the airports i installed and noticed that when i got above a certain altitude the airport terminal buildings would flicker then turn black. It happens at ORBX and T2G airports, so far its all I have installed. At LOWI it happens much sooner than the other airports. All of the other buildings are fine, its just the terminal buildings. I have a 1080Ti with 16GB RAM so i dont think its a memory issue. And i never had this issue with 4.3 The only thing that changed is that im installing on a new SSD. I included some pictures. Any ideas? https://imgur.com/a/uiG7K7R https://imgur.com/D8FNg5Y
  7. I looked up the reg and you are correct, it’s an -83. Haha tell me about it, I’ve been reading countless things trying to wrap my head around the various MD-80 variants. The -83 is pretty much an extended range version of the -82 and the -88 came with with an updated cockpit, however -82s received the same cockpit upgrades eventually so the difference between them became even murkier. The cockpit layout we have with the MaddogX lends itself better to AA -83s because when I look at the pictures they have the electronic engine instruments as well as dual FMCs on some of them. All the pictures of -82s I’ve seen have the analog engine dials and a different kind of FMC than what we have in the sim
  8. Steve, this looks stunning!! Can’t wait to get home from the holidays end get P3D 4.4 installed and get the MD80 up and running to see these new PBR effects. Is this paint for the MD-82 or -83?
  9. I think I had a similar issue. What setting is your mesh at? If it’s on the lowest setting, try setting it one notch higher. That fixed it for me
  10. I think I possibly might know what is going on. What is your mesh resolution? I had a problem with the 744 where right before touchdown the plane would go violently nose down into the ground like you described. For a while I was confused and almost gave up until I tried a suggestion of changing mesh resolution from 1M to something else. Haven’t had the problem since
  11. I got the issue resolved. They sent me an updated file through email that fixed the issue. Just go to their website and on the support page you will find the email, shoot them an email and he will send you the file
  12. I installed Pacsims KSLC the other day and I noticed that some of the jetways looks off. They seem to attach to the terminal mid jetway, and some of them are not even connected to the terminal. I sent emails to their support and he tried to help me out but nothing worked, they have never seen this problem before. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the scenery. Reinstalled SODE and GSX. Still the same. I am using ORBX global and LC, no vector. I dont have any #rd party mesh nor did i install any AFCADS or anything. Just wondering if anyone else had this issue, or knows of a possible fix? And also, the jetways work fine. They connect to the aircraft, its just that their attachment to the terminals is off. I included a link to a picture of the issue https://imgur.com/a/6gaK0ax
  13. Sorry to bring up such an old topic, but I figured this would help people. I had this issue with the 744 and fixed it by rearranging my scenery order. Yesterday it surfaced again with the 748 at EDDF 07C. I had the scenery order correct so I was confused what caused. I saw your post and changed my mesh from 1M to 2M and it solved the problem
  14. I haven’t updated GSX in a bit, so that makes sense. I’ll get that done right now. Thank you
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