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  1. Thanks for this information. This web page link, where you enter your installation id, is it same link address or it is generated dynamically?
  2. That is sad if true. Because some tools such as is only working on boxed FSX.
  4. Maybe this can help?
  5. casv

    Iceland X and Keflavik X issues

    Maybe this can help? But it is without Iceland X.
  6. Hi, I was going to re-install my copy of FSX Boxed DVD but when to activate it, the activation servers are not available. Anyone got same issue like me?
  7. casv

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    Is there any way to make the user aware what is happening while the screen is black? Like when you see P3D V4 shows the progress of generating a new installed scenery. Maybe like P3D says ”Please wait, shaders is recompiling” and a progress percentage indicator.
  8. casv

    [02 Mar 18] Release 1.0.4

    Yes I get same too with small text in Load Manager tool. Have 4K monitor.
  9. casv

    PC Aviator Poor DSL Speeds

    Yes, looks like that they have moved to a faster server. I could download Anchorage Professional at 7.5 MB/s. The version is now 1.10 (double checked by installing it on my PC).
  10. casv

    PC Aviator Poor DSL Speeds

    Just noticed that PCA changed website address to Tried to re-download Anchorage Professional - resulting in a blank page. Guessing that they are working on it. ( ? )
  11. casv

    PC Aviator Poor DSL Speeds

    I got the same thing. 🙁
  12. casv

    PC Aviator US download speed?

    Same here, no response at all from PC Aviator. Also 99% of total download size - then terminated and started over from 0. I have also purchased Aerosoft Anchorage Professional this Tuesday. It's frustrating. Not good that.
  13. casv

    PC Aviator US download speed?

    Hi, Has anyone experienced low download speed from PC Aviator the US store? I am trying to download a purchased scenery but get 20-50 Kbit / s. That makes hard to wait long time, sometimes the download breaks and then the download manager is restarting the download, and starts from 0. i have whatsoever no problem with my internet connection (approx 400 mbit/s). Even tried at the office, that has a 1 gbit/s connection. kind regards.
  14. Hello, I am trying to install it but I am unable to do so, even running as Administrator. The "I accept the terms in the license agreement" is greyed out, thus it is not possible to go further. Kind regards Carl-Otto EDIT: Found out the cause. You have to read through the license agreement, then the radio button is available to select after that. Thank you.
  15. casv

    PCAVIATOR Nxgen 50% off

    Looks like that you can ask the developer: