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  1. Just check this thread for OC of the EVGA SC version. Price difference between the 1070Ti is insignificant but this one will last you even when you want to go 4K.
  2. I'm cruising now and don't have it yet but my anti-ice is on auto... Going to turn it off and window heat and see what's up **edit. I have a feeling you have a texture where somebody painted over glass :P
  3. Ti (the decent ones) sell for 850+. I bought my 1080 SC for $545 with powerlink and free delivery. I can take that.
  4. Not to mention a real cargo conversion...
  5. 750000 cause why not :D
  6. Do you turn on Anti-Ice and see what's happening?
  7. 1080 as you can push it really nice. Go to newegg if you;re in US, find the one you like and add notifications. Once you get a email just run order and enjoy. I got my card a week ago like this. They are constantly restocking them. Also price for me was nearly $40 less than 5 minutes after I completed the purchase. I got this one. Stellar reviews and not bad price. I sold my 970 G1 on ebay for nice price too. They are selling like hot cakes. Cryptocurrency mining. I don't think they will go down in near future.
  8. Nobody wants them anymore
  9. Max would be great. And a PMDG quality 787. :D
  10. Question, are you guys planning on adding Nippon Cargo to your routes?
  11. Turn it off completely. It is useless.
  12. In EZCA v2 fuselage shake destroys all flight characteristics. I don't remember V1 ever having any issues in that matter though but I also don't recon that setting.
  13. Thank you! I will definitely give it a try.
  14. Newegg has this model cheaper than regular 1080s. I need to read about it more but thx for the link.
  15. Can you point me to a $600 1080Ti? I will preorder it in a instant.