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  1. ok i dont use the default f-35 i am strictly a civilian flyer. So my default actually is the alabeo cessna 441 , parked at KACK. As for the install uninstall bit. I not only uninstalled it but i also removed any registry entries . I use a program called Glaryutilities.com to clean registry and any errors that may occur after a uninstall or install . Do you think perhaps it could do with default gps 1000 soft key entries or just default autopilot entries . Does the lear use the default auto pilot or does it use parameters outside of P3d ? I am asking because Several other aircraft i have does not have this problem. Dont worry i wont give up on the lear its one of my favorite aircraft to fly.
  2. i use the procedures you just listed . The problem is instead of the AP going to CAP it remains on ALT SEL ARM and it continues on past the input altitude Btw all lateral modes work fine .To answer your question i have had your lear for some time . This only occurred after the last update to 4.3c avid flyer.
  3. I have tried just about every scenario i could think of and yet i still have a auto pilot that will either go past altitude selected or below it .This occurs with any vertical mode. I recently saw a post on here about a wondering altitude to issue . I downloaded that cab to see if that fixed the problem but with no success . In order for me to CAP ALT i have to push the button or it will continue climb or descent is there something i am missing here. p3d v5 h2 , i7 9700k , RTX 2070 Extreme \32 gb ram \ 6gb hybrid hdd \
  4. Mr Pieke , I have to say i am really enjoying your GTN mods however somehow i missed your GTN mod for the phenom. Im not for sure who did this mod but having issues with autopilot capturing dialed in altitude. ( VS , FLC  , Pitch )  Sir if you could send me a link to your V6 version of the GTN for the Phenom it would be greatly appreciated ...  Thank you so  much for your mods

    1. Bert Pieke

      Bert Pieke

      What is your email address?

    2. embraercaptain


      sorry , techman34@gmail.com  



      thanks again

  5. you guys are awesome ! the other guys ( won't mention any names) would of taken till next year.
  6. i have it downloaded , just scanned through it .. lol
  7. I switched over to RPX from F1 for obvious reasons but i noticed that the traffic option is greyed out . Is that normal or do i need to download something else to get it working ?
  8. I dont want to sound like a prude . But why is reality xp gtn not having these problems. I have been a faithful customer of Flight1 for sometime. I am confused why the architecture of Flight1 can be so different when both run off the same trainer .
  9. hello sir , i noticed you made a mod for the carenado cessna 340 . i just bought it and did not realize it was missing the gtn mod. could i get a copy of your mod ? 

    email: techman34@gmail.com


  10. sir ,  could i please have  the beech 350i mod. Its a great bird to fly but trying to fly down to minimums on a rnav is nerve racking. My email is

    Techman34@gmail.com   .. thank you so much in advance

  11. mr pieke ,

    . Sir , i am interested in your modification to the tbm. the gtn in my opinion is the best modification to the tbm.

    i would like to thank you in advance ,

    tom , 


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