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  1. I took a flight from PANC to PAFA in the A32NX today. Trees and terrain data super pixelized. Gaps in textures. Like W** happened since yesterday?
  2. I was about to jump to XP11 but now I'm on hold. This looks so good that I might just buy it to enjoy flying GA while they improve the product and PMDG drops the addons.
  3. they would look something like this 🙂 Just playing with this fictional livery. Still ways to go.
  4. I have my 9700K tuned on the conservative side and it is surpassing all expectations. This is rock solid stable and I'm already in the process of testing 5.2GHz while staying under 1.35 and below 80 Celsius. Liquid cooled with single fan. No delid or anything out of ordinary. I upgraded from 8700K which was liquid cooled with Corsair H150i PRO and 5.0 was the only sold stable OC i was able to achieve while staying within 80 Celsius. **I use XTU with default BIOS settings. I run OC when I need it while under clocking it to 3.6 for everything else.
  5. I have FSX-SE and I like it a lot but as we all know 32bit is getting old so I'm thinking on moving to second platform and grow it with time. The FlightFactor 767 is calling my name. I did my best to read as many posts as I can but figured it doesn't hurt to ask in 2019. 1. Performance. I am building a 9700K which I want clocked at 5.0GHz, 32GB ram and 1080. Is that enough for 30+ FPS with the FF767 with stock scenery? 1080P is fine at this point. 2. I use EZDOCK. Anyhting similar for X-Plane? 3. It's hard to tell from YT as people like to colorize everything but is stock X-Plane scenery/graphics ok compared to FSX? I have ORBX Global and regions but as far as I am aware they are still not available for X-Plane. 4. Traffic. Big fan of World of Ai. Anyting similar for XP? 5. I don't use yokes. Just a thrustmaster joystick. Any problems with that? 6. Overall impressions from those that own both platforms? 7. Does the FF767 extended have a paintkit? I like to do a lot of fictional liveries and it's almost a must for me. Good is not helping me in this regard. Much appreciated. PS. I fly exclusively PMDG and QW tubeliners. Not interested in GA. I don't use any payware airports. Only freeware stuff to fix approaches and etc.
  6. Would be nice for sure. I need Prime Air in my cargo fleet.
  7. Just as I'm setting up new system for my sim fun. Fan since V1. Can't wait to try it.
  8. From what I remember EZCA always pos up as a trojan since the early days. Never really figured out if it's a false or not.
  9. I have all PMDG birds. That alone will set me back how much? I have a pretty good PC and I fly 12-15h routes in my VA quite often. No ooms with all ORBX regions installed, weather, Rex and etc. it takes some time to figure out what’s what but FSX-SE does what I need, does it well and looks good. Until I have $1K burning a hole in my pocket I see no reason to switch and hearing this constant “switch to P3D” bull**** is just annoying.
  10. Some people like classical music, some like jazz... I go to youtube and listen to GE90 on takeoff.
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