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  1. Hi Guys, I am almost pulling the trigger to get a new card but cannot decide between 6800xt or 3080. I am only on P3D v5 now and thinking to get MSFS on day. As you know 3080 only has 10Gb Vram and with DX12 I am concern if that will be enough. Ray tracing itself is not something that i have to have since I hardly play any other games. Any pointers will be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I think, you need the A320 Basepack and ONLY A321SL. You dont need to purchase the A320SL if you dont want to fly it. So 140 + 60. If you get the bundle then 140 + 80 and you get All the SL.
  3. How's the VRAM? MIA and FLL is dreadful on VRAM
  4. Agree on the temp. When I was on Intel temp was never a concern but then moved to AMD I was surprised. But then again my AIO was 10 years old, Corsair H100i. Changed to Arctic Freezer II 240 and did some tweaking and I was happy. Now around about 80c on full load while I live in a tropical country with ambient temp at noon is around 30c. At night when my air-condionter is ON then it helps as well. I tweaked the PPT, EDC and TDC. All performed well now, no stutter and runs cool.
  5. Do note that on V5 certain products such as LVR KFLL, KMIA and FSDT KORD and FT KLAS, you need to turn down the texture resolution to 1024x1024 otherwise you won't have enought VRAM
  6. I can give you a bit of answer to point #3. I am using B550 with 5800X. I was intel for 2 decades and switched to AMD so I had much to learn with PBO and curve optimiser. Glad to say that all my efforts of reading resulted in good outcome. When I got the mainboard I had to update my BIOS through a BIOS Flash with USB stick. For the other points about GPU, I am not sure if your card will be sufficient for V5. But then again you are only running at 1080p, perhaps it could since I am only using 1070 on 4k display with a moderate settings and i get 35-30FPS with FSL. Of course the best is to get a GPU with high VRAM for v5.
  7. Sure, we are at the end of AM4, going Intel is not a bad choice. For me, I get a lot more from Ryzen, not just for P3D but also for other applications. If you go for Intel and want to enjoy PCI-E gen 4 then you need to go for the newest MB chipset and latest intel 11th gen. Definitely, SSD is faster in loading than HDD but that how much faster compared to HDD, i couldnt say.
  8. Like Sunshine13, i have been Intel man since my very first PC back in 96 and was hesitating to switch to AMD but I didnt regret my move. I was on 9700K and went to 5800X, it is all smooth like butter. There are some stuff to read with AMD PBO and Curve Optimiser but it is worth the efforts for me. One of the key difference between B550 and X570 is the amount of PCI-E gen 4 lanes. With B550 you can only put 1 NVME Gen 4 and your GPU PCI-E gen 4, if you put another NVME on that B550 it will only utilise PCI-E gen 3. While with X570 you can have 1 GPU PCI-E gen 4, 2 NVME Gen 4 simultaneously. I had to think hard as well before deciding if I want to go with B550 or X570 but settled with B550. One of the thing i like with AMD is that they use the same socket for a few CPU generations, more cost effective than Intel. But now we are at the end of AM4 socket.
  9. I would go for B550, not because X570 is bad but I think AM4 is on the last generation now and the next AMD is on AM5. The difference between B550 and X570 is not so big, my suggestion is to save up for the future.
  10. Those are the ones that were developed using P3Dv5 SDK/tech.... There rest are developed using tech from FSX. It is actually mentioned on their product page.
  11. Moved from Intel to AMD with 5800x combine it with Asus B550-F Strix and 32Gb 3600 C16 and have never been happier. Just doing PBO and curve optimiser. I was with Intel since I ever own a PC back in 96 and moving to AMD was a learning curve but defintely worth it. I had to read a lot regarding PBO and curve optimiser and how it all works.
  12. I also moved from Intel to AMD back in December with 5800X and I can say that it is a great move. I change my RAM from 16Gb 3200 CL14 to 32Gb 3600 CL16 as well. Had to pay around with PBO and curve optimizer, it was definitely a learning curve since I was with Intel from the very first time I own a PC. About your mainboard. I was tempted to get X570 but decided to stettle on B550 from Asus (Strix B550-F WiFi). If AMD was going to stay with AM4 socket for another few years then I would have gone for X570 but it is the end of AM4. So, I thought get a decent enough mainboard and save some $ for the next AM5. Just my suggestion.
  13. Thanks for this! Are you planning to do the same comparison with P3Dv5?
  14. Let us know how it compares between 6900XT and 3080 please. I am really curious. Thanks EDIT: nevermind, just saw your post of the MSFS comparison. Thanks!!
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