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  1. Sorry guys, I have 1 question. Do I still need to use TS with REX EF?
  2. Opppss.. forgot about that one.... LOL... Does it even count, BBS?
  3. None, simply said. The airbuses we have is from Aerosoft but not at the level of PMDG and the other is Flightsim Lab, this one is at the same level as PMDG.
  4. I want to try to set up different profiles but Most of the times I like flying during dawn or dusk. Love that transition. So, I cannot use different profiles, I'm flying on both situation.
  5. @w6kd@cgbartThank you for your input. I realised that I need to get the 16Gb set when adding, I am not planning to overclock further than 3200Mhz and default CL of 14. So I am just planning to use XMP. I am just afraid that it won't be compatible and giving me CTD even with XMP 3200MhzC14
  6. He has redone many of his work and has been uploaded as well.
  7. Hi all, At the moment I use F4-3200C14D-16GVR - G.Skill Ripjaws V 16Gb C14 and am happy with it. I am thinking to go for 32Gb but could I get another set of F4-3200C14D-16GVR or do I need to buy F4-3200C14D-32GVR/ F4-3200C14Q-32GVR Thanks
  8. Can anyone tell us about this improvement in night lighting? So curious...
  9. To the OP. Just think of iFly vs PMDG product. I owned AS320 but for P3Dv3 but once FSL comes out I fly excl with it.
  10. People doesn't read manual anymore sadly.... As stated, download first the software from simworks
  11. If you have patience then wait for NG3 from PMDG. It's a shame if you buy NGX with P3D price tag and then a year later NG3 comes out.
  12. Not next week but when wifey see the bank account which is real-time. 😀
  13. Thanks! I got my 9700K a few weeks ago with Z370F strix but I am still waiting for FSL to drop their update to test it out. Just now thinking about the RAM. 3200 C14 or C16, price/ performance gain?
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