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  1. Thanks for your info there. I didn't know about that. I know about Windows Media Creation Tools but I have always thought it will do a complete reinstall there. Yes, I didn't reinstall anything, just plug and play. As I said I did have to buy new W10 key tho.
  2. Erich, why would you need to reinstall windows 10 again? I don't see the need/benefit to do that, I could be wrong tho. I didn't reinstall anything during my upgrade and I had the same setup as you, P3D on a different SSD than W10, everything works fine. If you do decide to reinstall I don't think you can expect P3D can run after that. That is because during reinstallation windows will delete all the registry of P3D and all your add-ons (even if they are on separate SSD). Windows will only see as a fresh install and no traces of P3D and add-ons will be found. That is basically will all windows programmes and apps. Fresh install means all registries gone even if they are still intact on separate SSD. What I did was just plug everything in (new CPU and motherboard) and turn it on. Windows will configure the settings itself. One important was the fact that my 'old' windows 10 installation was based on my Windows 7 which I can upgrade it to W10 for free. That old windows was registered on my old config (i5 6600K and Z170 mobo). Since I have a new config I had to buy a new windows key. There was another way of avoiding that, that is by reinstalling my windows 7, on my new CPU and mobo, again and upgrade it to the latest windows 10. But I couldn't be bothered or have the time to reinstall windows and P3D and other programmes all over again so I ended up getting a new license key. The statement above is also applicable for MS office. I heard, not sure if it were true, that if you uninstall MS office prior to upgrading (new CPU and mobo) then upgrade and reinstall MS office then you don't have to get a new MS office license key again. Again, I am not sure about this (Ms Office). You can get W10 OEM key for a low price and also MS office, all legit. Hope I understand you correctly and helps you in any way.
  3. I went for 9700K and OC'ed to 5Ghz with Asus Strix Z390 F. 16Gb DDR4 2666 C15. I am using Corsair H100i. I set my vcore to 1.325
  4. Thank you again! That is a lot of number to crunch. Maybe I am wrong but it seems that 8086K is like buying i7 that wins a silicon lottery, no?! I used to own i7 2700K and that beast I could overclock to 4.5 or even more with no penalty. This 6600K of mine is struggling to keep on 4.5, I have to play a lot with vcore. I don't think I can justify getting 8086K at the moment, the price is just insane. Now, I am leaning more on 9700K and hopefully winning another silicon lottery.
  5. Thank you for the insight. 8600K and 9600K or 8700K and 9700K, price-wise there is little to no difference here in NL. Budget is not the biggest problem but I would like to get the best performance to price ratio. I was thinking if I go for 9600K I can OC it to around 4.9/5 that would be good. I could save some money to go for a good motherboard that is good for OC. It makes no sense if I go for 9700K while I can achieve the same result with an OC'd 9600K since you said that core is not the most important but more freq. Regards, Hendrik
  6. Thanks for the input. Now if the 2 extra cores do not give extra boost there is another option to go i5 9600K. What do you think about that? 9600k and 9700K has a big gap in price
  7. Guys, I need your help. I have seen recent post regarding CPU upgrade but I would like to have a narrowed down advise between the two, 8700K v 9700K. I use P3D v4.4 with FSL. At the moment I am using 6600K Oc to 4.5 Ghz. That is the highest I can get and I get stutter here and there during take off and approach. I am still not sure which road I should go. 8700K has 6 core with HT and 9700K has 8 without HT. Which do you think will be best to upgrade to and if you have any personal experience with this. Thanks
  8. TrentXWB

    A question for FSL Fan Club

    No CTD with FSL since the A320 and now on A319. i5 6600K 4.2 Oc, 16 DDR 2666Mhz, Asus strix 1070 OG. AS4, SkyForce, Orbx, SODE, Black Marble, Tomato, various airports (payware and freeware)
  9. TrentXWB

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    Full install or only client? or also content?
  10. TrentXWB

    FSLabs A320

    Nope! only A320 CFM and IAE variants. A319 is another expansion. Just like PMDG.
  11. TrentXWB

    FSLabs A320
  12. TrentXWB

    P3d v4.3

    Where if I may ask? I know about scimitars but MAX? and also I have never heard about FAIB MAX repaints.
  13. TrentXWB

    P3d v4.3

    Roger that!
  14. TrentXWB

    P3d v4.3

    TFS A330, T7 mostly. TFS A380 is good enough since there are not may operators anyway. Yes, 737 MAX. Basically, what is not available from FAIB. Well, if you ever need another beta tester I can apply for that position😉. I was once beta tester for CLS back in FS9 with their DC10 and A330 and also once library manager here at AVSIM.
  15. TrentXWB

    P3d v4.3

    Thanks Simbol, I do get enough repaints but more and more repainters are moving to FSPXAI and TFS model, I have some downloaded that has been converted to P3D4 but it is manual work. I'm getting tired editing and I rather fly. Updating AI schedule is already painful and now there are 2 separate models. Regards, H.