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  1. I'm shocked the crack commando moderator team haven't removed this yet. I guess one of them had their rope jam on the rappel down the rocky cliff that is this forum.
  2. Freaking Assobo. They remind me of a bunch of script kiddies sometimes.
  3. Oh I get you. Yes, I already do that. I will DM my email. Thanks again for the help!
  4. Not having purchased yet - Is the beta branch a beta group, or can you opt-in for a beta install? I can send an email address if you wouldn't mind sharing an xml.. Thanks!
  5. So it works with SPAD? That is good news! Thanks!
  6. I guess this aircraft still doesn't speak nicely with external hardware other than yolk and throttles etc.?
  7. Didn't Jorg say that they plan to push the next WU with the SU together?
  8. 4 seconds of it taken by typing a complaint.
  9. That is disappointing. I am holding off on this aircraft until MS/Asobo fix the sim. However, I am a little reluctant if I can't interface the aircraft with hardware. Fiddling with a mouse pointer in turbulence isn't fun IMO.
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