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  1. Yep..I had a problem with AI. Sorry to hear of your problems. Wish I could help.
  2. They are also working hard to get rid of the CTD's. One of the Devs had mine solved in one day. Now I can enjoy all the airports again i do agree though..beta..use at your own risk. They have made it easy to revert back too though.,
  3. This man speaks the truth! :)
  4. If you install objectflow 2 beta then it works.
  5. A2A aircraft - any of the smaller Piper or Cessna types. Just Flight Arrow is also very good. I am also enjoying the Carenado Turbo Commander and others.
  6. I would NOT install it. It crashes my sim and the helpful response was uninstall it then. I realize its a beta..but information from crashes is kind of important! :)
  7. Happy Birthday! Good luck with the wife :)
  8. JV just posted this in the Orbx forum... We are releasing an open beta of ObjectFlow2 hopefully this weekend.
  9. That's good news!
  10. Same!! Kind of surprised orbx is trailing.
  11. I tried this on two different pc's with 3 different downloads. My support question on the website has so far gone ignored so I guess I'm ###### out of luck. i very much appreciate your input.
  12. Thanks. Yes clean install. Maybe I will try another download. Thanks for the verification.
  13. Has anyone tried to install the new Rex Texture Direct from Simmarket? I have tried downloading it twice and it won't install at all. No error messages, just does nothing. I wonder if the installer is broken. I have contacted support, but its been a few hours and I'm impatient. Thanks!
  14. I think it helps if you load a profile someone else has written and reverse engineer it.