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  1. To each his own I guess. I like it a lot. Been waiting for a good speedboat for a long time.
  2. Thats a freeware starwars craft, not the payware boat. Swiss001 just reviewed it. He seems to be having fun with it 🤣
  3. Dang! That mod would've done nicely to scratch that boating itch I've had since the sim was launched 🤣Where have you been hiding it! 🤣
  4. Yeah it's empty right now in internal and external view unfortunately. However, the dev did say he'll be adding these soon.
  5. Just bought this awesome speedboat from simmarket.com for €10! Super fun to drive around! It has a virtual cockpit view and the model is amazing. Brought back fond memories of the fsx Riva Aquarama, although I do miss the babe in the bikini lying at the back haha! It's got some unfinished parts like the internal Cameras views aren't there and there's no pilot & copilot in external view but these are easy fixes and I'm sure the dev will sort it out soon! All in all, a good buy! Check it out here. https://secure.simmarket.com/adi-s.-luxury-speedboat-for-msfs.phtml
  6. Wow thanks! Turning it off did fix that pita for sure!
  7. Any news on that 108 Taifun by Classic Hangar? I've got an itch for it I can't control 😂
  8. Yes, you're not the only one. I'm having to now zoom on to the EFB switch on the JF Turbo Arrow (in VR) to switch it on or off because of the now tiny and displaced hotspot. The knobs on steam gauge heading indicator is also all wonky.
  9. Oh no. You can fix it in the maintenance hanger and she'll be as good as new.
  10. Can't wait to try controller support in VR. I think it's coming in this update.
  11. MS has nothing to worry about I think. People are going to play around with the Google maps mod for a while and have some fun with it but will eventually revert to stock sim Bing maps simply because Google will have baked in clouds and watermarks and mismatched colours while Bing in the sim is all cleaned up and colour corrected. Have to admit that the roads looks amazing with the Google mod though!
  12. They better release it before the Fenix Airbus or they'll have to wait a while to get my money. It's going to be an expensive next 6 months! - PMDG 737, Fenix Airbus, Aerosoft Twotter, Milviz ATR, Asobo An-2, AH DC3, Leonardo MD11.. 💰💰💸💸💸💸
  13. Don't have as great a setup as you but I am running a 3090 with an i7 9700k, 32gb of ram and a G2. Do this. Install the latest nvidia driver, update windows 10 and ms store. In the ingame vr settings, turn everything to ultra with TAA at 100. In oxr, uncheck preview mode, render res set to 100 with motion projection off. HAGS off, Game mode off, Nvidia control panel settings at default. Go to a busy airport and check for smoothness. You can check the fps counter to see if you're limited by gpu or main thread. With a 3090, I find the sim smoother and better looking when youre gpu limited rather than limited by the main thread so don't be afraid of cranking up all the setting to the max. Then adjust ingame vr settings accordingly. This is what I have my system setup as and it's working brilliantly. It should definitely work better in yours. Do report back! Mods can move this to the VR section if required.
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