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  1. I use the free Microsoft Snipping tool (available from the MS App store) to capure the panel for use with Air Manager. Works like a charm. Edit: Disregard pls. I misunderstood the OP's question. Apologies.
  2. Not a 'warbird' but somebody just go and make a bloody do27 please.
  3. My only concern in buying stuff for msfs2020 now is that it may well be a part of msfs2024 default scenery/aircraft. Has happened a few times already in World Updates where 3PDs have sold stuff directly to us only to then sell it to msfs to include it in a WU (looking at you Orbx). And that just sucks (for me). It's not knowing what's going to be in by default in msfs2024 which is the problem for me so I'm going to look very carefully at what I buy for msfs2020.
  4. Now you have the whole world to fly in so why restrict yourself to a few regions/countries (unlike fsx and xp11 where one would buy a few true earth regions from orbx + all airports available in that region and stick to flying in only that region/country) because outside of that region, the scenery sucked. For me personally, these days I just pick and fly routes in Skypark and hop from one country to another, so hard coding myself buying an airport (which I would probably use just twice - arrival & departure) isn't a priority anymore. I would rather spend that money on aircraft and global enhancement mods (such as REX Airport Textures etc) which builds on the already decent default airports. Of course some airports you just have to get because they are close to your heart or are simply works of art, for the others, the sales are always there.
  5. This one's coming out sometime later this year and it's looking good. No info on price as yet though. The company cites the following specifications: Display: 2 x 3.2″ 2,880 × 2,880 Fast LCD. Horizontal FOV 120°, Vertical FOV 100°. Passthrough cameras: 2 x 3.864 × 2.192, 90 FPS (foveated transport), FOV 120° × 100°. Ultraleap hand tracking Custom-made eye tracking WiFi 6e Wireless PC VR streaming Native wired PC Mode (lossless) Native Steam VR & OpenXR support 3x USB-C 10 Gbps for external accessories (USB 3.2 Gen2) Integrated high-quality stereo microphones Headphone jack Custom-made head strap with included in-ear headphones 3 modular customizable and 3D printable anchor points
  6. New Year resolution for all Avsimmers: "I promise to be more patient in 2023" Seriously, the man's just trying to help. Don't like the topic, move on the next one that you do. Your wastage of 5 mins of reading time means nothing and if it does, then you're in the wrong place. There's a reason we have mods, let's not try not to take over their job.
  7. The key word here being "thought". If you're still thinking it, then you're an word not allowed for sure.
  8. Wdym? Is it not like Bijans where you have say winter in the NH and summer in the SH through one preset? meaning if I fly from NH to SH, I still get the appropriate season. I ask because I use Bijans seasons and was thinking of changing to Rex.
  9. Oh so sorry to hear that! Didn't know 😔
  10. Those here who struggled with the monster FSX was on release in 2006 would surely remember Nick Needham's FSX tuning Bible. Anyone knows where the man is these days? The simplicity of msfs just reminded of those torture days 😂
  11. Play??? We don't "play" msfs because it's a propah sim. x-"play"n. Well, you can play that 🤣 *I know know sorry, it's a pathetic joke.*
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