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  1. I purchased fly tampa's Miami and upgraded to the most current version. I noticed that the only runways used for takeoff and landings are now rwy 12. How do you fix this? I've seen a couple options and tried them so far no luck. Please help.
  2. GFD150

    Active Sky Evolution (aes) for FS9

    Back when FS2004 was popular did anyone use HIFI SIM - ACTIVESKY EVOLUTION? What were your thoughts on it? Did it give you live current weather? Thanks.
  3. I'm looking for good freeware KSAN Scenery for FS2004 if anyone knows of any. Thanks.
  4. I have the freeware A330-200 for American Airlines off of AVSIM. Reg N290AY Anyways I fly with FS Passengers and When I'm Taxiing and I Change Views The Aircraft Starts bouncing and causes FS Passengers to think i crashed. Any idea why or any fix for this? Thanks for the help.
  5. Just A Roll To Get Answers To A Very Much Asked Question. Feel Free To Comment and Discuss But Please Keep It Clean.
  6. GFD150

    FS9 and Windows 10

    i do agree.
  7. GFD150

    Windows 10 and FS2004 Discussion

    I haven't upgraded yet. I want to see what kind of problems everyone has first.
  8. Just thought I'd create the post for the big debate. Will FS2004 work in windows 10????? I'm not upgrading until we find out for sure. But everyone please feel free to comment and discuss. Please answer the pole question to let everyone know if it works for you.
  9. GFD150

    FS9 and Windows 10

    I'm waiting for more posts before i upgrade.
  10. Cool any idea when that will come out?
  11. I Downloaded an American Airlines A330-200 from avsim. Aircraft works great with one small exception. The strobe lights work but they flash where they aren't supposed to. They flash above the wing instead of where they normally are located. Here is the link to the aircraft i down loaded I downloaded the aircraft at the top of the page that was added on 2/19/2015 Here are the lights settings in the aircraft config. [LIGHTS] Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit, 5=landing light.1 = 1, 7.800, 0.000, -5.500, fx_beaconb , light.2 = 1, 0.200, 0.000, 14.500, fx_beaconh , light.3 = 4, 73.000, 0.000, 8.000, fx_vclight , light.4 = 2, -40.200, -93.100, 13.380, Opensky_airbus_strobe , light.5 = 2, -40.200, 93.100, 13.380, Opensky_airbus_strobe , //light.6 = 5, 18.000, 27.000, -4.000, Opensky_wing_light, //light.7 = 5, 19.933, 8.827, -4.368, Opensky_wing_light, //light.8 = 5, 18.000, -27.000, -4.000, Opensky_wing_light, //light.9 = 5, 19.933, -8.827, -5.368, Opensky_wing_light, //light.10 = 5, 19.700, 19.000, -6.000, Opensky_nacelle_refl, //light.11 = 5, 19.700, -19.000, -6.000, Opensky_nacelle_refl, light.12 = 3, -111.900, 0.000, 11.420, Opensky_nav_yellow , light.13 = 2, -111.900, 0.100, 11.300, fx_strobeh , If someone can tell me what i need to change to make the strobe lights flash where they are supposed to that would be amazing. Thanks for the help in advance.
  12. GFD150

    Edit Voicepack Update Question.

    You are a life saver. Thanks a million that's what i was looking for. I Couldn't find it for anything. I know you a steak dinner lol
  13. GFD150

    Edit Voicepack Help

    yeah it didn't work. I found a link to site where the very last update was and lost it. It wasn't the info you gave but thanks for the help.
  14. I'm running FS2004 and the current version of edit voice pack for it. I found a link to the last official update of edit voice pack for FS2004 and the file was dated in 2006. It was the files which you download to your computer and then go into edit voice pack update and do the offline update. It worked great and i was messing with some settings and lost it. I was wondering if anyone here knows where it is? Thanks for the help in advance. If some finds it for me I'll deliver a steak dinner B)
  15. I'm still running FS9. If i upgrade will i have to reinstall everything including FS9?