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Found 13 results

  1. So I'm a fan of American Airlines, and I know American doesn't actually fly these models of the NG family, but I think they'd look great with winglets in the AA livery! I have no skills in terms of the photoshop and making the great liveries you all have made. I would greatly appreciate it and Im sure many others would too!!PS: Anyone up for the challene of making the Continental 75th anniversary livery?Thanks,Mitch Bowman
  2. I have the freeware A330-200 for American Airlines off of AVSIM. Reg N290AY Anyways I fly with FS Passengers and When I'm Taxiing and I Change Views The Aircraft Starts bouncing and causes FS Passengers to think i crashed. Any idea why or any fix for this? Thanks for the help.
  3. ^_^ If anybody could create the new american paint on the crj 200 would be much appreciated. Any model would be fine! http://www.visitingphx.com/alpskwcr2aa2.jpg
  4. I have been around a few VA's in the past 8 years, but I must say that I am very impressed with aavirtual.net. So what makes this VA so appealing to me? Well I look for a balance of flexibility and realism. I do not want to come in and be able to fly everywhere and everything. However, out of the box as a commuter pilot I was able to fly my PMDG 737. Here are some other great points that this VA has, many of which other have, but I feel aavirtual.net does better: 1. The website is gorgeous, and resembles the reall AA.com 2. smartCARS is very well done, incorporating flight attendant instructions etc. You can even modify what they say and import your own .wav files if you know what you are doing 3. They have landing restrictions -650fpm. You just can't belly flop, but at -650fpm it is pretty easy to stay under that 4. They are very active. They plan regular flights on VATSIM, many that are coordinated with ATC to get full coverage 5. You get virtual pay that can be used in the store. Inlike other airlines that you buy fake houses with, you buy useful things (ex: Approve a denied PIREP) There are many more great things about this VA, but you can find them out for yourself. I do not work for aavirtual.net, just fly. I just wanted to spread the word on how much I am impressed. So if you are looking for a VA, check this one out!
  5. American Virtual | AAlv.net is in need of a VP of Technology, someone with an extensive background in PHP, MySQL, and other web/graphic design to plan, design and push out innovative things to an already fairly huge virtual airline. If you're interested, please PM me or e-mail creid@aalv.net We're trying to change the world of virtual aviation, but we need you to turn these ideas into reality!
  6. Hello everyone! I am pleased to announce that we are hiring our final two staff positions needed before we launch the airline this fall. We are in full development and we can't wait to open our doors! We do need some help though. Two key positions are left to be filled! We are in need of the following: Fleet Director Will be responsible for painting and managing our aircraft fleet. Must have experience with high quality repainting. Must be at least 18 years of age at the time of application. Chief Pilot Will be responsible for creating and managing our training academy and ensuring our pilots are getting trained to VATSIM standards. Will also be responsible for hiring and managing training instructors as well as updating pilot information through the VATSIM ATO Program. A very high knowledge of flying aircraft and/or flight simulator is required. Must be at least 18 years of age at the time of application. We cannot wait to hear from you! Don't be shy, send me a PM so you can find out more information or set up an interview. Why not become part of the next big VA? Thanks for your time!
  7. Who here would be interested in putting their flight simulator and aviation love to the test and become a pilot for the growing virtual airline: American AirlinesV We offer dynamic employee site, phpVMS, sleek design, pilot center, generated schedules, flexible PIREPS, pilot handbook and more! Come see for yourself @ American Airlines Virtual Our site: http://aavirtual.aerohome.net Our Facebook: http://facebook.com/FlyAAGEFS Our Twitter: https://twitter.com/VirtualAA Go apply, and see the difference. Contact one of our executives: ceo@aavirtual.x10.bz president@aavirtual.x10.bz vp@aavirtual.x10.bz "We Know Why You Fly"
  8. Can someone please do this Livery on the PSS 777-300 ER? It would mean alot to me thanks!
  9. Hello! First of all, I am sorry for the spam of the same topic yesterday. I DID NOT mean to do that. When ever I would click post topic, it would say it didnt go through....when it really did. So I have an NGX 737 by PMDG and I love it, but I HATE the stock texture of boeing on it. How do I add a different skin to it such as british, emirates, american, etc. Thats all i want to know. Thanks in advance! Mirakledba
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