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  1. Good stuff. Well played. Nighty night. x (love you and sweet dreams)
  2. I will not calm down - especially at the edict of some stranger on the Internet. I am stating the facts - if you're doubtful about being able to take these measurements in the air - independently of external data - you should have a bloody think about whether to take the wings off the ground in the first place. Naturally - if we're just sim-flighting - then it's fine - but, I don't think there's any negatives about pointing out how we go about this stuff Real World. After all; todays simmers - can be tommorow's Pilots.
  3. Speak for yourself Amigo. I've been flying the real stuff for over twenty years. Simming has a part to play in practice and knowledge expansion.
  4. Oh Wow, I'm like totally overwhelmed. Like - I can now see my Airspeed, BRG and prevailing wind and ,err, height. Like I just did not know those things at all from my instruments and my flight planning - I was, like, totally in the dark about where, why and how the hell I was flying about in the sky so big and weird. . . Like this is, like amazing. (PLAN YOUR FLIGHT - AND FLY YOUR PLAN) If you need this situational awareness to such an infant degree - what did you leave the ground when you planned your flight? And should you be airborne in the first place. . . Come on! You need this like a ticker tape scrolling across the top of your eye-point? - or are you a bloody pilot with a flight plan? - or are you a Gamer? Come back to me when you've grown a pair and you can read the aircraft from it's instruments without the need for external data. You should be self-contained. Think about that.
  5. All good wishes to Rod. He often ended up telling me "I think you're a little detracted today so we'll end the lesson there!" in FSX. But I persisted. Many years later and these days I still remember Rod's teaching when flying real world. . . Rod still has good stuff on Youtube; the "looks like a pizza" landing video is a must to nail correct height to flare.
  6. AH quoted as saying; "We have made a decision not to release the Spitfire Mk1A for a short while. This is our decision and ours alone to make. We will release when we want to and when we fell the product is ready. This has nothing to do with "trolls"or negative comment. As we have stated, it is a timing issue. For those who feel that we have wronged them in some way, think on that. Exactly how? Are you disadvantaged in some way? Have we taken any money? The Spitfires will be here. Just not right now. A little patience is all that is required. Thanks and stay safe everyone" Please state the area in which you need clarification of what is being said here by AH, Dillon.
  7. Head to Southampton (EGHI) - at 1600z time - weekday - take off RWY 20 head due south over the Solent and you'll see at least half a dozen bulk carriers/ car carriers and Maersk Line heading East around St Catherine's Point (Nab Tower) and in to the Channel to go North Sea or out to the Atlantic. Fair winds!
  8. It does - doesn't it? Oh well, prop to full fine, mixture full rich. Come in on the back of the curve and approach with caution. . . and consider a Go Around. "Never in the field of human flight simming has so much (and thoroughly bad language) been owed to so many driver releases.
  9. I cannot quickly erase the image from my head I saw when I walked in to Land's End airport by superspud and saw a portrait of him on the wall in the departures lounge - heavily pregnant in a pink dress to boot! Devs are funny folk.
  10. Sorry Bob - you were singing my praises when I put your sim back together a couple of months ago - after your numerous CTD's. You've a short memory - so, as Noel suggests; we'll leave it there.
  11. Poor old Bob. Everything broken in MSFS 2020 isn't it? I try and see the sunny side - it can only get better. Know what I mean?
  12. Thanks for that - though it's an inarticulate and inaccurate summation of why I posted it. The reason being that so much in MSFS 2020 is rig- dependant and seemingly random (tighten one bolt and another comes loose, etc) Time comes in to play here - when things have settled down/ Asobo give us stabilised software and we have predictable outcomes in tweaking settings. Until then - it's all a bit made up, isn't it? post count aside. . . though I've given you the perfect opportunity to increase yours by another 1 (you're welcome) 😀
  13. Yep, thanks. Figured it out. Wonderful modification. Don't know why I didn't do it ages ago; Prop blur gone, grainy engine cowling reflections/ wing underside graininess gone. Clouds - lovely, etc.
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