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  1. Are JF discounting if you owned the Warrior II for FSX/ P3D do you know?
  2. My nearest Licensed Airfield - that I have flown out of recently - has had three major changes to its Taxiway designations in the last 2 years. AIRAC (let alone Navigraph) is not going to keep up with that. NOTAMs will, of course - and if in any doubt - those should be your one and only consultation. An entire distributor road has been moved to what was an old Taxiway, etc, etc. It's hard enough to remember and report to the ATCO real world - forget the sim. It's the way of all things here in the UK - we're squeezing every little bit of space out of airfields to build government targets of "x" amount of new homes/ Industrial Estates, etc, etc. Some businesses setting up are good - aviation and technology based - most, I'm afraid are simply land grabs by property portfolio holding companies. It's the way it is and Grant Shapps has failed in his mission. But, Taxiway designation be warned. Monday it could have been called Taxiway 'Alpha' - now, by Friday it's called "Commerce Road" and it leads to an ASDA and a huge car park - not the Holding Point you were expecting.
  3. No. Not at all envious. I just think it's massively over-priced and if we buy in to that culture of paying this sort of money then it will set a precedence and this hobby will become something the wife has a genuine complaint about how much it costs, when the children have to go to school barefoot. In the words of Sully; "Let's get real here."
  4. The Sim that is MSFS2020 hasn't even been out a year - there's going to be some howlers in terms of errors. Taxiways are right up there. In the immortal words of Morpheus; "Patience Neo - the answers are coming." And keep your wallet in your pocket in the mean time. After all - when PMDG 'et al' come online with their big jets - they'll be plenty to spend your hard-earned on.
  5. This is nonsense. JF are attempting a land-grab on MSFS2020. Folks taking their simming seriously - as mentioned earlier in this thread - have their own aerodrome charts - electronic or paper - (Little NavMap will give you Navigraph Data on aerodrome taxiways for free!) and simply don't have recourse to have to consult on-the-ground signage - which - quite honestly - if JF had said they've done this for 30,000 aerodromes I might have considered it - but they'e done it for under a thousand, in the U.S. As some of us spoke about last year (after initial announcement of MSFS2020 and worries about Addons) - and someone on this thread mentioned - DON'T LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT! Boycott it! You don't need it. And at those prices; they're having a giraffe - in a bubble bath - with bells on. Leave it to Asobo and BlackShark to fix - I'm sure they'll get around to it at some point. (And for our American cousins across the pond - "Having a giraffe" is cockney rhyming slang for "having a laugh") https://www.cockneyrhymingslang.co.uk
  6. LFLX - Chateauroux, France. Please, somebody make this airport. It's the A320 circuit bashing mecca for newbie Airbus jockeys. So many airlines send their rookies there to do their four TO's and Landings before joining the line here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Châteauroux-Centre_"Marcel_Dassault"_Airport
  7. My understanding Dominique is the repainter altered the model and re-uploaded it.
  8. I would love to know how you managed to break your Track IR - I've had my Pro Track IR for about 5 years now - and many, many times have flung it to the floor in disgust at my flying - and it steadfastly refuses to break. What's your technique for breaking it? Track IR is the best - because it just is. Nothing else can touch it. It's an investment in your immersion in the Sim (like yokes/ rudders, etc) and - I don't know about you - but for me it's worth it. Anything else it pale imitation.
  9. Leave Lagaffe guys. In the old days of FSX people asked before modifying airframes - even if it was to do a repaint. Sure, those days are gone with the new MSFS2020 but Lagaffe is old school and has been around a very, very long time. Fly one of his creations and you'll see just how good he is and understand his expectation of old school manners which we all used to behave by.
  10. Fantastic little aeroplane Lagaffe - been flying it all morning. Thank you. I have fond memories of spending many hours in your C150 TI Bush in FSX - wonderful aircraft too! Good to see you getting your teeth in to MSFS2020. Salut et Merci.
  11. If your attention to detail on the aircraft is anything like the quality of your engagement with the flight sim community I will have made a good purchase of your A320 when it releases. Thank you.
  12. What I don't get - and I'm going to play Devil's advoate here - is, two years of development and yet we've only had MSFS2020 since last August 2020 and the announcement of it back in June (ish) 2019. So unless they had the SDK WAY before anyone else - what platform did they start developing it for?
  13. The change in perception with those settings David set up for me are remarkable. Sim set to V-SYNC and 20 FPS and monitor set to 120 and no discernable frame rate in sim. Looks and feels like it's running at many many dozens FPS. Back in FSX if you set it to 20 FPS it was choppy as hell. There's none of that.
  14. Yep, 60 FPS was proving a little taxing on anything with glass so that second advice is spot on. Again - many thanks. Really feel I've unleashed the monitor/ card and MSFS2020 to a new level. Nice one centurion! Will
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