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  1. Bert, I know you like the PA-34 Seminole as much as I do - which is a lot. Can you start work on bringing it in to this please.
  2. Open the outer door please Hal. I need to go shopping for a new flight simulator. 😉
  3. Incredible Shack. Thanks for all your hard work for this thread. And now this - the release vids barely been out an hour and you've nailed most of the locations. My suspicions are proved - you're machine code! 😄
  4. Fond memories of Clippy - Clippy; "It looks like you're writing a letter..." Me; "No, I'm writing a novel..." Neither of us finished what we meant to say and life moved on mercilessly.... Clippy never got his letter and I didn't finish the novel. Life's tough and unforgiving. Especially in the last few months. Thank your gods, your higher powers, the universe, the everything...whatever your thing is... we've got somewhere new to fly and express ourselves as pilots... And I don't know about you...but I breathe easy and I feel complete when I've got my wings spread - real or simmed.
  5. Perfect. We need that; Nope. I'm Okeedokee, Thanks. I'll do the flying...all you've got to do Clippy - is hang on!
  6. I wonder if they'll stick some designator/ label on the end, like 2004, X, GOLD, did before?
  7. There's a lot of confusion in phraseology depending on where you are. Over here in the UK when I did Radio Telephony as part of my PPL - CAA/ CAP 413 is unambiguous as to its usage; From CAP413; "NOTE: The procedure words ROGER and WILCO are insufficient acknowledgement of the instructions HOLD, HOLD POSITION and HOLD SHORT OF (position). In each case the acknowledgement shall be by the phraseology HOLDING or HOLDING SHORT, as appropriate." So much these days is about repeating back instructions beginning with a "Roger" to acknowledge you heard what was last transmitted to you and then repeating back the instruction; "G-ABCD, request taxi" "G-CD, taxi holding point C2, runway 06 via taxiway C, surface wind 060 10 knots, QNH 998 hectopascals, left hand circuit" "Roger, taxi holding point C2, runway 06 via taxiway C, QNH 998 hectopascals, G-CD" etc,
  8. He's fast too. Maybe Shack is actually some sort of part of the Azure AI let loose on us.
  9. It all depends on where you are and what you're doing and what you're being told. Roger - means you've received the transmission. That's all. It dates back to when messages were passed in morse code - and quite often as cypher so the radio operator used 'R' to simply acknowledge receipt of the transmission without having a clue as to what the transmitted message was. So 'Roger' is very different to 'Understood'. It's a fundamental difference that mustn't be got wrong. Similarly, difference between Understood and Wilco.
  10. Nice one Shack - on the ball as ever. I'll defo be flying there. Extraordinary.
  11. Where in the world is this place? It's incredible.
  12. Oh Gawd - thanks n4, - I can be so behind the times on things. Do we have any idea at all, what it WILL be called...?
  13. I certainly didn't mean to come across as rude and apologise if dfanucci feels that I was. Dominique is right - we all come from the four ends of the the world. Customs, language and syntax is all subtly different. What is said in one way to one person is interpreted quite differently by another. Let us be nice to each other. btw; When did we find out it wasn't going to have 2020 in the title?
  14. Well, no need for that. It's good, etc. I think we're all quite cool here. It's just your news isn't news. Sorry - "You're out". . .
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