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  1. Since some time after a previous survey I am developing Malta as freeware. The development thread with current pictures can be found here The Waterbase (fictitious) LMMW is already available for download as a prelease on my website Henrik Nilsen, known for his global ship AI traffic, will contribute the ship AI for my scenery. I am very much looking forward to that. It will be a complete package with many features as freeware. Today I read that Justsim is also developing LMML. No matter why not. New situations require new ways. My entire scenery, so LMML and LMMW will be 100% compatible with Prealsoft Malta HD.Besides the possibility to download this scenery for free from me, I will allow Prealsoft (if want) to add my scenery as a free encore to the download of Malta HD. Then there is even for buyers for 14 Euro, all of Malta as Photoscenery and in addition LMML and LMMW without costs
  2. On to the final spurt with the Slimlights in Asia.Slim Lights Asia contains 6 parts. Currently two parts are released and can be downloaded in the forum. Clubmembership is not necessary for a limited time.Which parts are online can be found on my website. Part 1 Asia Southwest (released 18.11.2018)Armenia, Azerbaijan, GCC-States, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, YemenPart 2 Asia Central (released 18.11.2018)Afghanistan, Bhutan, China, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Nepal, Palistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, UzbekistanPart 3 Asia IndiaIndiaPart 4 Asia SoutheastBangladesh, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Sri-Lanka, Maledives, Myanmar, Thailand, VietnamPart 5 Asia EastIndonesia, North-Korea, South-Korea, Philippines, TaiwanPart 6 Asia JapanJapanFeatures: hight performance bgl lights 100% accurate based on OSM / GIS data- multicolored- separated into primary, secondary, tertiary and residential roads Configurator for switching off / minimizing individual areas according to road type Countries individually available Compatible with all addons P3D v4+ only Pictures you find on my website
  3. simmershome

    LCEN Ercan Final Stage - The Airport Video

    ......What you can get today, don't postpone until least not if it's done anyway. After almost 6 months of intensive development work I am now offering you LCEN Ercan from my series "Cyprus Airports" - as always free of charge. You will get a high quality airport which doesn't exist in the simulator yet, but is real available. The reason is political in nature.In summer 1974 the north of the island was occupied by Turkish armed forces, after Greek coup d'états wanted to push through the connection of Cyprus to Greece. In the Turkish-occupied north, the internationally unrecognised Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was proclaimed in November 1983, which today forms a stabilised regime.Although a political solution has so far failed, a phase of good economic and social contacts has emerged today after years of separation.FeaturesThe complete airport including all buildings and road connections was implemented in detail. The airport is only developed for Prepar3D v4 and does not run in 32 bit simulators!· High resolution aerial photo, elaborately reworked with 30cm / px including night picture and two seasons· Complete with all buildings in all airport areas· Elaborate ground poly, also in areas of the parking lot and in the rear area· Ground lettering and lines· Specific KTHY Vehicle Library (static)· Animated Neoplan, Car and Elevator (configurable)· Custom Runway with 3D Edge and Centerlights (Underfloor)· 3D WigWags· Holdings with 3D lighting (underfloor)· Complete 3D Approach System in both directions· 3D taxi lights with groundspots· 3D taxi centerlights (underfloor)· Dynamic lighting in place (configurable to standard)· 3D street lamps (configurable)· 3D grass (configurable)· 3D persons (configurable)· GSX v2 compatible· SODE Windsock· Static civil aircraft (configurable)· Scenery configurator· Compatible with all OrbX products, GEP3D, GSX, Pilots FS GlobalThe airport is high-performance and was tested with PMDG 737 and 777 on GTX 780TI, GTX 970, GTX 1080TI on one and three screens. The minimum frames were at 28, the maximum at 64.See also Airportwebsite with Galery and Video
  4. Ercan Final Stage - The Airport VideoExcept for a few small things Ercan is now finished. Half a year of work was also a "lot of wood", but it is so "between through" from a fixed idea also still the SH Slim Lights World Edition emerged. Release: 2018/11/02
  5. simmershome

    SH Slim Lights USA (West+Pacific) released

    UPDATE The remaining three parts of the USA are now available for download. With that everything is available except Asia. Asia will also be finished in the next weeks.
  6. simmershome

    Simmershome Development Preview Thread

    UPDATESlim Lights Base now has version 4.1. The update brings a strong improvement of the performance during the day.The download can be found in all part areas as well as in the support area.
  7. simmershome

    SH Slim Lights USA (West+Pacific) released

    Yes ,Forum Membership required, clubmembership not required.
  8. As promised there are now the first two parts of the Slim Lights USA, the parts USA West and Pacific. Which states comprise the parts you can see below. Slim Lights USA contains a total of 5 parts. Which parts are online can be found here and in the Forum area downloaden example USA outstanding Northeast Part 1 USA West (released ) Staaten/Regionen: MT, WA, OR, ID, MT , WY, CO, NV; NM, CA, NV, UT, AZ Part 2 USA Pacific (released) Staaten / Regionen: HI, AK Part 3 USA Midwest Staaten / Regionen: ND, SD, NE, KS, MN, IA, MO, WI IL, MI, IN, OH Part 4 USA Northeast Staaten / Regionen: NY, PA, VT, NH, ME, MA, CT, RI, NJ Part 5 USA South Staaten / Regionen: OK, AR, TX, KY, TN, MS, AL, LA, FL, GA, SC , WV, VA, NC, DE, MD, DC features: high performance bgl lights precise 100% completely based on OSM / GIS data multicolored separated into primary-, second-ary-, tertiary- and residential streets Configurator for switching off/minimizing individual areas according to road type Countries available individually Compatible with all addons and aerial photo scenarios P3D v4+ only You will find a meaningful picture gallery on the Webseite
  9. simmershome

    Simmershome Development Preview Thread

    Slim Lights Base v 4 released now Here you find the Manual (English) for the Slim Lights Base v4 released today as PDF. It has three chapters Chapter 1 Switch an Installation Chapter 2 Settings and Videodemos Chapter 3 Switch off Lights in OrbX directory DOWNLOAD MANUAL English Download Addon use my Forum Demo Video 1 FL 360 Demo Video 2 FL 360
  10. simmershome

    Simmershome Development Preview Thread

    At the weekend, the Slim Lights Base scenery in version 4 appears and has been considerably expanded. In addition to a guide to the right settings, especially IFR in P3D v4, there will be a new configuration in 5 different light sizes and 4 different color combinations The new structure I imagine today In addition to the configurator, there are 4 command files with which the colors are changed. Especially more warm tones were in demand. The new structure I imagine today Standard More Red More Yellow More Yellow and Red The colors also change when the sim is running, if you call the library again. In addition, 5 model sizes can be selected in 10% steps This results in a lot of variants that anyone can adjust themselves. I will dedicate a special part to the settings above FL 200 to FL360 and will explain them in short videos. One thing is already certain. HDR is the death of any real night mood and night lighting. But since there are users who are just fixed on it, that's also taken into account.
  11. Released with manual and howto (Registration required)
  12. simmershome

    Simmershome Development Preview Thread

    It`s not all in German. All Forums have a German and English Title. All Addons habe a German and English description. I have Annoucements and there is descriped how to get download access Are you clubmember you find all downloads here and Mytilene here Diffrent downloads for FSX and P3D
  13. simmershome

    Simmershome Development Preview Thread

    Why update? Mytilene is working in Prepar3D v4
  14. simmershome

    Simmershome Development Preview Thread

    The next scenery from me in October 2018 will be Ercan Northern Cyprus Here some Pictures from development Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4 Picture 5 Picture 6 Picture 7 And a Video from the Animations Hope you have fun