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  1. I purchased it recently too - the tech update 9 release will be already in the latest installer. (I think REX shut down their forums recently - the link I used to use just takes me to their main support page now on their website - I could be wrong on this - but thats how I see it today) - I saw the update there - but again it won't help because if you just purchased it you already have it. I also had the same problem - opened up a ticket etc - they gave me all the usual suggestion - reinstall etc. I narrowed it down (on my set up at least) to a conflict with Active Sky 3D beta2 / 3 (beta 3 was better but I still saw it) My work around is to use ActiveSky P3DV4 when flying any plane I want the REX Radar in - Milviz has taken back support and further development and will be releasing a new one for P3D V5 (small upgrade cost for existing owners) You can have AS P4 and 3D coexist on the same pc - when you run P4 again after using 3D it will reinstall / reactivate the dll it needs. Julian
  2. Does anyone know a way to make the taxi and landing lights in FlySimWare aircraft look more "realistic" - they seem way to bright. (Notice this in the MU-2, Lear and Falcon) thanks - Julian
  3. Thanks Al - did that and it worked just fine - the mistake I made was not noticing there is G1000_MFD and PFD - once I caught that it all fell into place - cheers
  4. Ignore below- I was assigning G1000_MFD - not PFD (it works fine if you use PFD) ===== edit === Are the below still current? - I mapped them to keypresses in P3D / controls and then to buttons via FSUIPC - but they don't seem to correspond to whats in the latest manual. - thanks - Julian (even just pressing the assign keypress doesn't perform the function) EG: "G1000_PFD_SOFTKEY4" = AUTOPILOT MODE APR ----- Actually toggles the YawDamper on / off "G1000_PFD_SOFTKEY1" = AUTOPILOT MODE 1⁄2 BNK "G1000_PFD_SOFTKEY2" = AUTOPILOT MODE HDG "G1000_PFD_SOFTKEY3" = AUTOPILOT MODE NAV "G1000_PFD_SOFTKEY4" = AUTOPILOT MODE APR "G1000_PFD_SOFTKEY5" = AUTOPILOT MODE ALT SEL "G1000_PFD_SOFTKEY6" = AUTOPILOT MODE ALT
  5. Thanks Scott for the update - thats a great idea about a shift key for FSUIPC - Linda has that feature - Julian
  6. Thanks all for the information above and recommendations - just ordered a DSD Flight Series - FLT1 link
  7. Hi Scott - did you ever get the Ignition button box or the DSD FLT1/2 ? - do the rotary encoders work (using Linda or Spad or FSUIPC) for "HDG, CRS, SPD, ALT " etc ? thanks - Julian (interested in same)
  8. Is there a script available for the Falcon like Al's great lua for multiple functions on the Lear and Mu2 ?
  9. ** UPDATE ** - (after reinstalling FSUIPC V6 in dll mode - by unchecking top addon.xml option) - totally fine - fixed the Linda / FSL Airbus Pro 64 issue (with delayed and buffering of controls) (all in P3D ..\Modules folder - once again may not be the new recommended way Lockheed Martin suggests but in this case solved my issue. (FSUIPC V5 and earlier used this dll method)
  10. Ill see what happens at least now we have an idea whats going on - the FSUIPC instructions say if you had FSUIPC5 (which I did) -it will default to using that as the installation folder - which in my case is the root of Modules (thats where the V5 FSUIPC dll resided) - so it defaulted to that folder on the V6 install and thats where the new FSUIPC dll sits too (right in the root of Modules) - all my other lua scripts are also in that folder and mcro files for other aircraft so to that looked and seems normal - the add-on.xml default of the new FSUIPC 6 installer is what surprised me (I guess) of course we should read the install instructions closely even on upgrades (but I think they should make that stand out a bit more on the V6 install - anyway will reinstall and see what happens) EDIT - removed FSUIPC 6.0.8 and reinstalled using the DLL method - (so unchecked use addon.xml) - installed to ..\Modules folder (same location as all other lua scripts, linda.exe and .mcro files) It seems way better - all Linda mapped (and other) controls work now for setting up this flight. (no stuck controls or buffering or stacking of commands) - curious to see if this fixes some other non responsive button mappings and lua scripts too recently (with other aircraft since I upgraded to FSUIPC6) Will post an update when I land.
  11. I am going to reinstall FSUIPC (and deselect the addon method) and use DLL - I already had the mcro file in the root of the Modules folder with the FSUIPC6.dll (but had not told fsuipc to use the dll method on install for V6 - so that could explain it) - thanks again
  12. Thanks for troubleshooting this - I am using FSUIPC v6.0.8 and it resides in the ..\Prepare3D v4\Modules folder (same location linda.exe, lua and .mcro file are) EDIT - I just re-read the FSUIPC install instructions and your linda notes - so the installation folder may have something to do with it - I see FSUIPC defaults to the new add on method as opposed to the old default dll method - I will reinstall and make note of that
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