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  1. Looking for good Business Jets is what sent me to X-plane - so now I fly GA and Biz Jets and Turbo props in XP and mainly Airliners in P3d - best of both worlds - all the same hardware works of course - nice to change it up at times.
  2. I use Little Nav Map (for OSX or Windows) to save as FMS from PLN
  3. AirfoilLabs King Air 350 just released an update to support it natively. Also works in Aerobask Eclipse 550, TorqueSim BN-2 Islander, Thranda PC6 and Carenado FA50EX, Fokker 50, Carenado Premier 1 (and others)
  4. Just noticed the AirFoilLabs King Air 350 is onsale too: https://store.x-plane.org/King-Air-350_p_969.html#tab-1 Dual GTN 750 mod for same: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/51982-airfoillabs-king-air-350-rxp-gtn-750-dual-hd/
  5. I think it looks pretty good - the top 500 lines on Keith's spreadsheet are 20% or better and the RealityXP GTN 750 is totally worth it (its getting native support in more of the popular XP addons now)
  6. Thanks Ryan - the official installers work - I used the 750 only one from this link below (as you suggested in another post to retain the Aerobask modded 650) - working well:
  7. Hey Ryan - does your mod for GTN 750 still work with the current build of the Aerobask Eclipse 550 ? - thanks
  8. sorry for replying to old Thread - does the current RealityXP GTN 750 still work in the Eclipse 550 ? - thanks
  9. Anyone using one of these with X-plane ? https://derekspearedesigns.com/dsd-flight---flt1flt2.html The encoders but also the switches (rockers) send pulses - I'm finding that sometimes they don't get picked up by X-plane 11.41 - trying to figure out if I can adjust something to make the switches and buttons work 100% - it varies - but a the moment I'm missing anywhere from 1 in 10 to more when mapped to various controls EDIT: Derek kindly provided a utility to change the functionality of the rockers to be plain on / off switches (which would lend itself better to Linda which has a release state function than X-plane which doesn't seem to / the same utility also tested the DSD button box fine) Still curious about the pulses and if anyone else is seeing drops / misses in X-plane (the same hardware works fine in P3D / Linda and FSUIPC)
  10. If you don't have any sode jetway issues with the current GSX level 2 - is it still worth downloading the above ?
  11. Thanks - installed BetterPushBack -works pretty well
  12. thanks - Lol I've arrived! - spent about 3 hours yesterday getting all the custom scenery add on libraries - that was a challenge (to track some down) - watching the sale on X-org to see what else to pick up - nice 50% discounts theres some great features in X-Plane (and new 11 interface - last one I used was XP8) - awesome to be able to map different controller layouts by aircraft just got the ProjectFly plugin working - and BetterPushBack, SAM, AviTab, XCamera etc etc - there should be a X-over guide for anyone coming over from P3D ... Some really good freeware scenery too - MisterX- and others (Again once you figure out the dependencies) - KPHL was ported over too - nice (working on GSX like functions next - picked up the Rotate MD80 half price - will apply FlyTheMadDogX experience and see how it goes) (and of course the legendary Zibo 737)
  13. So far I've found "SAM WorldJetways" and "Ground Handling Deluxe by JarDesign" - is that pretty much it at the moment for GSX-like functionality in X-Plane 11 ?
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