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  1. julian46

    Any good CYYC afcad for p3dv4 only?

    Thank Ziggy - installed - working well - Post #62 has the most recent download in that thread
  2. julian46

    Flightbeam KPDX is out!

    Purchased and installed. I had to use the troubleshooter to disable 4 Orbx Pacific NW BGL files (just ran the FlightBeam mgmt tool) - before I did this the Sode Jetway was about 10ft too high (see pic) https://imgur.com/a/30IFUt7
  3. julian46

    Flightbeam KPDX is out!

    Any advantage purchasing from iBlueYonder VS FlightBeam direct ?
  4. Sorry where do we find the built in function() list ? SOLN: If you click on "Edit Actions" on the bottom right - it will show a list of all the functions. The names are the same ones we see in the drop down list when assigning to buttons (with underscore to represent spaces) eg: function AB_ALT_plus () for "AB ALT plus"
  5. I simply use on press and on release for this in Linda. Works great and easy pic - LindaConfig
  6. julian46

    Shift Mode Beep

    thanks Andrew ! - the files were missing in my P3DV4/sounds folder - copied them there and beep working (mid flight - just paused it)
  7. julian46

    Shift Mode Beep

    I've been using Linda on three addons (PMDG737ngx, AeroSoft Airbus Pro 64bit and QW787) - its worked really well for me. I notice that on the Airbus I get a BEEP when using Global Shift and a long BEEP when unshifted but not in the other two aircraft - is there a way to enable and or disable the beep? (nice to be alerted when shifting etc) thanks - Julian
  8. julian46

    Use Keyboard key for Linda Shift Key

    thanks Andrew - no worries - I simply found a spare button on my MS FlightStick - great app! - thanks for releasing it - really enhances what we can do with our hardware - I'm amazed how much in the Add ons you have access to and what you can assign (PMDG737, new Aerosoft Airbus Pro)
  9. julian46

    Aerosoft Airbus Pro Thrust

    How did you solve it ? - I am experiencing the same thing - thanks
  10. I can see how to assign a game controller to activate SHIFT in Linda but is it possible to simply use a keyboard combination (on your normal pc keyboard) to activate Shift ? (like assigning SHIFT key to enter that mode) - if so how - thanks - great software.
  11. Thanks kindly - so normally the updates are posted in this forum - cheers
  12. I just upgraded (to the latest version) 2.7.75 Is there a "Readme" or "Changelog" somewhere so we can see whats been changed / improved / fixed etc ? thanks - Julian
  13. I see - thanks for the information Is there a "matrix" somewhere that shows what works (and doesn't) in specific add-ons - like QW787 / PMDG 737NGX etc ? (per simulator base ie - FSX / P3D V4)