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  1. Yes indeed. We're waiting. And very bored. Has anyone got some sort of Time-Matter-Travel Device thing. . . to the 18th?
  2. This is true re; landing fees. Given the choice of Heathrow or the field - I'd probably take the field. £2700/ Hr (and that's without Ground Services and way off down in T4 somewhere near the reservoirs) just doesn't do it for me.
  3. Careful chaps - a Round The World can take over your life - seriously. My last sojourn was in a DA-42 TwinStar (Alabeo) - took me two months over a Winter. Here's an excerpt from the Log. . . (looks like the Honk Kong across the Pacific to LA - the bit heading in to Anchorage - with 100 + Kts tail winds will never leave my mind) Good fun. Do it in something not too fast - so you see everything.
  4. I'll be in C172. Low and slow - more than anything due to my settings - and, I want to see everything. Also, I haven't flown a Cessna yet, real world - only PA-28 variants. I fancy a high wing thing. . .when you look down in a Piper you can't see the ground - just the Hershey Bars.
  5. It's the blatant disregard for FPS that I resented. . . I have a very stripped down version of the PMDG 777F - which is still fun to fly - on account of the audio files - 40% Stabilised To TOGA remains probably the best sound anyone ever heard in FSX/ P3D. Rotate.
  6. No way - I'm a poor man - and I certainly can't stretch to a 2080Ti - I'm fretting, thinking I should go hungry for a month or two and get a 1080Ti - which I can just about - probably - afford. I want this Sim to look good.
  7. So am I Andreas. So am I. Our bodies ready? - YES. But our minds? Are they ready to be blown? Mine is - and I suspect yours is too - with that awesome Graphics Card in the slot. HERE WE GO BABY! Bring it on! (With my; and breathe out. . . and sigh a little. . . 4790K @ 4.2 MSI 780 Ti 16 Gig Ram. . . . 200 Gig SSD) Tell me what it looks like on Ultra - send us a postcard - report back to us - I'll be right behind you on LOW settings. 😛 New Rig Planned for September. . . so all is not lost! Very exciting times as we all manoeuvre ourselves in to position for flight. Remember - Aviate - Navigate - Communicate.
  8. Yeah, Obsidian Ant is really good - when you get used to his voice - which is like a cross between a Radio 1 DJ and a London black cab driver. Love it now I'm tuned to it. He's really embraced the new sim and has done some excellent guides so far.
  9. Over the years of PMDG 737-NGx ownership - now, in the gathering twilight of my old sims - as they prepare to bring me in to land in my favourite aircraft for the last time, before a new SSD and a new OS (still on Win 7 x64 Pro) brings a new version of MFS - I find myself flying the Captain Sim 737-200C/F more than the NGx. It's just more visceral, you're just more there in the cockpit twiddling Nav Radios - waiting to get in range of VORs/ ADFs, etc feeling afraid you'll lose your way - no magenta line to see your way through. Getting lost in a synthetic environment is almost worse than getting lost in London. At least in London you're never more than 100 yards from somewhere doing really great falafel.
  10. Shack! You're back. We were all worried sick that something may have distracted you away from the Satellite V Real World thread . . .like some new video game or something? 😉
  11. People would be great. But please Asobo, not like Orbx where the five people walking about airside at your departure airfield are magically there when you arrive at your destination 300 NM to the north.
  12. Well, that's a fully loaded statement if ever I read one. 😉 Go on then, what will be first? For me? Harrier VTOL will be occupying my mind fully. If you get VTOL you get helicopters.
  13. I know we've talked about it before but I wonder if Manfred's masterpiece C47/ DC-3 will ever make it in to mfs2020.
  14. There was great little freeware addon for FS9/ FSX/ P3D called Wildlife which did exactly that. It looks positively antiquated now of course but it shows it's been done before and could well be again. Birds, mammals, whales, the lot.
  15. The baby elephant has got lost again. Took me four attempts to find the little fella' on that FSX Mission.
  16. $139.99 eh? Is that with or without the lousy frame rates? Study-level aircraft my word not allowed. I wonder how many people own the PMDG 737, 747, etc, and have the faintest idea how to use it to perform a VOR/ DME Arc Departure?
  17. Bring it on! I love an unruly aircraft with a mind of its own.
  18. Saw in one of the vids that 'Progressive Taxi' is available which will give you blue arrows on the taxiways to follow like the old yellow arrows in FSX.
  19. Yes, Inertia looks to be the starting point for finessing things. Chock's posts are valid - as is my own experience of taking aircraft (Pilot NOT flying) through rough weather. The wings just don't flick about like that. Come on ASOBO - you're so close. . . close that gap, and make it good.
  20. Yep, well illustrated, but the camera's moving too - so is hand held. So I guess that's what we've got in the sim. It all looks pretty good to me. Pretty life-like.
  21. Didn't take them long to do, did it? Hopefully, that means it's a fairly straightforward process to make and drop scenery in the sim. I say 'fairly' hoping I won't be deluged with a load of; "Do you know what's involved in making scenery, etc" as I do.
  22. Qui, Mon Dieu c'est vrai; les Niagra Falls c'est horribelement. Quelle dommage. Mais, les Alpes c'est vraiment magnifique!
  23. What I meant was, it's perhaps a little difficult to explain to newcomers - who are expecting shiny new tubeliners and Cessnas - that all these older wonderfully diverse aircraft of old have been available for many years, patiently crafted by passionate developers. Do they know the sheer joy of catapulting off Javier's Nimitz in the FSXBA Hornet on a dark, wet night... A couple of posts above mine here is one by rcbarend - who, I think it no exaggeration to say; single-handely brought true VSTOL capability in to FSX and P3D - allowing the Harrier, The F-35B and a host of other incredible aircraft to fly correctly. I'll certainly be wanting those in the new sim. The Airbus A320 just has the sound turned down after you've flown either of them.
  24. It's really hard to explain why legacy aircraft and legacy FD are important in the new sim - especially to newcomers. Unless you've laboriously earned your right to land and take some chow here. . . which you will do. . So dive in to some of the most incredible digital aircraft simulations made to date. (And they don't bounce up and down on A/P. . .;-)
  25. Agreed Chock. We're basing are observations on a moving target. I won't be recording "in-sim" but I have in the past with OBS and stutters were definitely introduced on the video side not the sim side. Aaah, time - he will tell.
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