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  1. The problem when Microsoft/Asobo raises the bar to "the world", now many people are going to be pointing out the fact that there is some overlapping satellite imagery in a desert in Mongolia, or that a car drove through the grass on the side of the road on a rural road in Wyoming, or that there is a cloud overlaid on terrain just south of a remote village in Africa. At the end of the day, this is a FLIGHT simulator. These things are minor nitpicks that will easily be improved over time as the data and imagery in the cloud is constantly updated. The fact that we have numerous levels of volumetric clouds that cast accurate shadows on the ground and on each other, plus a modern graphics engine and flight dynamics, is more than enough for me to give this a spin ... pun not intended.
  2. It's crazy that I've been called out before for saying things like "in-game", which to some in our community seems to imply disrespect towards flight simulation. I'm both a commercial pilot and software engineer and I honestly don't care if you call it "in-game", "in-simulator" ... whatever works for you and how you use the product. But this is looking very impressive.
  3. Boeing/Airbus partnership and, finally, in-game shots of airliners!
  4. The email. Where is it? Where is it Microsoft?! Ok, relax ... breathe. It will all be ok.
  5. Microsoft PM me, I'm that commercial pilot guy / senior software engineer with the gaming rig. I'll tell you anything you want! 😋 edit: and I can prove all of that.
  6. I really want in. Not only am I am I a CPMEL but I am also a senior software engineer. I'll take all the bugs, glitches, and anything else that's wrong and file proper bug reports with them. No problem being disappointed with some of it. From reading the review of people who saw the pre-alpha, I will be blown away I'm sure, bugs and all.
  7. I really hope I get in. I've been on AVSIM for decades now, always reading about the latest addons for Flight Simulator and contributing to the forums. I'm a commercial pilot and have a beast of a system to run this thing. Please, Microsoft, email me that invite! 🤣
  8. https://i.imgur.com/7dJOpRw.gifv Car going through the trees on the middle road. LITERALLY UNPLAYABLE. /s .. just waiting for the lift of the embargo and the alpha for these comments to be rampant. And the developers wondering why they added cars in the first place. "But how is the flying?" ... "IT'S GOOD BUT THAT TRUCK DISAPPEARED".
  9. So this is confirmed, if it already wasn't. https://www.asobostudio.com/careers/mission-designer-flight-simulator-72
  10. You'll notice another issue above the nose of the aircraft, where they have to overlay airport layout data on top of the satellite imagery. The underlying satellite imagery bleeds around the taxiways. In addition, the overlaid taxiway ends abruptly when it hits the satellite imagery on the ramp. This would likely be very jarring when taxiing at ground level. None of this bothers me, as this simulator is so far beyond what we already have that I'll take it, warts and all. But these are some of the little issues that are actually some of the most complicated to handle on a global scale. While we may not care about funky textures on the sides of some autogen building when flying over it at 5,000 feet, we will notice screwed up ground textures when taxiing around an airport.
  11. I wonder how they are, globally, going to handle issues like I've circled above. Aircraft from the sat photos on the ground. Surely this must be a problem on the roads with cars ... they would have to overlay all the roads with the "driveable" roads that allow the 3D cars ... how can that be done for every road on the planet? And how can they prevent aircraft images showing up randomly on airport taxiways and aprons (as in the image above) for all 40,000 airports?
  12. What happened to this poll? VR was very low compared to seasons and ATC and then out of nowhere it is now tied?
  13. Ok, stay with P3D simply due to seasons (?) while the rest of us bask in what appears to be shaping up as a revolutionary flight simulator, miles beyond the old ones. That's sort of why I really don't get it.
  14. I get it as a "nice to have" but the urgency that some people are seeming to give to it, that's what I don't get. I'm sure it will get in eventually ... but as it does not really affect anything other than how things look (as I mentioned above) ... it can wait. I would put VR and helicopters WAY above seasons, and those won't be there at launch.
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