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  1. This is my big concern reading about these LOD issues, that somehow Asobo is reducing it in order to meet some performance metrics for Xbox.
  2. Are you flying at high altitude like this? The reason this likely occurs is due to the METAR switching between stations. MSFS automatically "smooths" the layer so it fades in like this, however this will likely occur when flying between areas of less cloud cover to areas with higher cloud cover. This is because the METAR is a global effect, not a local one. REX can correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. That's at best a bit of a stretch, and at worst a pointless jab at AVSIM users. If you were staring out the window, you'd see it "pop in", at your desk you aren't staring out your window watching it. In flight you often are.
  4. As a software developer I'm really curious what the fix from Asobo looks like here. The only thing I could think of is some sort of priority queue to determine which scenery gets loaded. How else can they do it if two directly overlap?
  5. I'm finally in, day 1 sign-up. i7-9750H GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 16 GB
  6. I'm a former US ATC and a software engineer 🙂 I was referring to the ability of software to properly mimic what is easy for humans.
  7. This is to be expected. The TTS system won't be able to pronounce things like "AMZG", "CRZY", "WYPT" as "amazing crazy waypoint". Natural to us, not quite to software.
  8. I have no complaints about the quality but you are right about the "popping" in the distance. You can see the night textures in the far distance are getting swapped out for higher-res textures as they get closer to the camera. I would expect this however, and it doesn't really bother me.
  9. Nothing this round either, has anyone yet confirmed getting in with the 16xx cards?
  10. I disagree, I think it is much more life-like and vibrant than our current generation of simulators, which all seem to be very "flat" and dull in comparison.
  11. It's easy enough to find this stuff without having to post it. A Reddit post from 5 hours ago links to all sorts of stuff.
  12. Agreed. At this point it's almost like looking at a second PC for Flight Simulator, which I'm sure is what they are leaning towards. Remove Windows, driver updates, CTDs and just let me fly.
  13. I have a 1660TI and zero confirmations of anyone getting in with a 16xx card. Strange. Still waiting for anyone to say they are in with this card.
  14. Is anyone in with a 16xx NVIDIA card? I'm just asking because I'm not, and there was a thread elsewhere from a bunch of 16xx card users who also were not in, and were suspicious.
  15. I'm a software engineer and a US commercial pilot, I looked forward to being able to help out with alpha issues prior to the simulator being launched. Maybe next time? Who knows at this point.
  16. I've been in since June. I am in the 16 GB club but those invites seem to have gone out now too. My guess is that it's a completely random allotment and some of us are just very unlucky. Intel i7-9750H, 16 GB RAM, 1660TI + peripherals. I would seem to have made the specs, I'm not sure what the selection criteria is. I should probably just have signed up as a developer since I've written (free) add-ons for every version of Flight Simulator since FS95. 🤔
  17. I can't tell by reading if it seems like everyone is getting in now from AVSIM, or if the disappointed remain silent. Nothing for me, signed up day 1, i7 16 GB 1660TI. Microsoft, since you frequent these forums, it's "EternalNY1" on the XBox tag. Let's make it happen. 😉
  18. Microsoft says they are sharing their building footprint data with OpenStreetmap. Has there been any confirmation that user-submitted buildings on OSM may be used in the simulator? This would allow for proper building heights where the algorithm otherwise wouldn't be able to tell from a top-down view. I'm thinking of areas that do not have aerial 3D photography, it's hard to know the heights of buildings gathered from an algorithm that only sees rooftops.
  19. https://www.navblue.aero/who-are-we/ Seems these are related to real-time flight tracking.
  20. Microsoft appears to be sharing their building footprint algorithm results with OpenStreetmap (OSM): https://github.com/Microsoft/USBuildingFootprints Does this mean manual, user-submitted buildings directly on OSM could be used in Flight Simulator automatically? Meaning the world is being constantly updated, both in and out of the sim?
  21. Because if it runs on the XBox One it will run (and be much nicer) on the XBox Series X?
  22. I'm curious what high-speed, low-level flying looks like in terms of pop-in textures/buildings. For example, on approach with an airliner, or low-level flying in a fighter jet. How well does the scenery engine handle flight at speeds above GA VFR?
  23. So are professional auto racing simulators, farm simulators, city simulators, space simulators, etc. Who else do you propose to make them?
  24. Who exactly is supposed to write the software? A bunch of pilots, or a group of extremely talented 3D-engine software engineers? I think they can figure out the "it involves aircraft" part if they can create what we've seen so far. I've been a software engineer for over two decades, and a commercial pilot for about as long. Commercial flying is honestly rather simple in comparison to writing software of this caliber, I'm sure they can figure out the "flying" part of it rather quickly.
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