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  1. Not sure about the real one actually uses, but the TBM 850 is borderline needing to move to flows.
  2. This one was impressive. Even if the 37 was actually a 10 it is still wrong. Must be a runway with a bend in the middle I suppose, or maybe crescent shaped. Maybe it is something like this:
  3. There is a wish list thing with 800 or so votes dating back to 2021 - but it cannot hurt to add your vote as well ... https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/aircraft-specific-control-profiles/153199 Meanwhile this looks interesting (though you need the paid version): https://sonicviz.com/project/aircraft-manager/
  4. The only time I CTD lately seems related to State Saving where a particular livery on an addon will seem to CTD for a bit on load but usually eventually come good. No rational explanation for it.
  5. I regularly fly it from the runway just for a quick circuit or day trip without making use of the walk around and failures and other in depth features. It is seriously immersive and lots of little features and sounds you barely notice add up to it feeling way more "realistic" in ways that are hard to define. Yes, the often misquoted statement that the "Spitfire was easy to fly" is only true in the sense that compared to things that killed you if you were not paying attention like the Gloster Gladiator or something like an I-16 it was benign, that does not mean it is a 172, There are plenty of people who genuinely cannot afford the higher priced addons and need to assess the opportunity cost or need to justify it with a use case, for example to "mum" whose credit cards is being used. nagging mum for a batch of microtransactions or cheap DLC over a period of time is definitely more likely to be successful than trying to get an addon worth almost as much as the game that was a XMAS present, We are not talking about those simmers. I was merely commenting on people who, from their own comments, seem to own multiple cheaper addons, but on sort of principle, refuse to buy addons up around the price of the original game. In the real world, the argument "I simply do not have finances to afford a Porsche and cannot justify it" is perfectly valid but saying "I could add half a dozen Lada to my car collection for the price of that one Ferrari, hence it is overpriced" is just plain silly. .
  6. It is well worth the price. I am always surprised by people that refuse to buy quality planes as they "cannot afford it" and then proceed over a few weeks to buy a whole stack of throwaway cheap stuff they never fly that adds up to more than that quality aircraft "they cannot afford" .
  7. MSFS is less about learning the flows on every airbus and more about scud running VFR at treetop level dodging squalls of rain trying to spot the runway.
  8. Marketplace does not necessarily mean immediate XBOX access but it is a step in that direction.
  9. Do you get terrain spikes in daylight hours in the same locations ?
  10. There was one in development early on from a developer based in Novosibirsk that released the XPlane version. However they seemed to have stopped working on it. Possibly due to all the other Rotax LSA like the Sting 4 that have come out since - or maybe the war - no idea. This is the original thread on it: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/wip-light-sport-taf-sling-lsa-rusky-group/413710/28
  11. You engage the 850 HP/120% torque mode by moving the flap lever forward after flaps are retracted. The 850 position has nothing to do with flaps and I assume they did that to physically lock out engaging it with flaps extended. Note that 850 mode is not permitted during takeoff and landing.
  12. Good to see you got it working. Sounds like it may have been an issue with the Windows USB ports or drivers, but no way to know for sure.
  13. There are generic brake issues cropping up recently which effect some aircraft more than others. One of the worst for this is the Flight Design CTLS - it is almost impossible to taxi he thing these days, you are continually toggling parking brake on/off to clear the stuck brakes and keep it moving. On a recent livestream everyone flying it had issues.
  14. At the time of release there were no Fenix, no PMDG, it was pretty much the only choice other than default for airliners. Overall it was pretty OK for the time, not study level but not super basic like Carenado either, and it filled a gap. Since then things have moved ahead at quite a pace and the CRJ has not really kept up. The one to get is probably the 550/700 as most real world CRJ are the smaller ones. The 900 series came afoul of the crazy US airline scope clause which limits regional jets to 76 seats.
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