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  1. Probably that you "operate" an airliner by flows procedures and autopilot rather than fly it .. no idea. The Kodiak and the Caravan are both multi million dollar aircraft, I quite am sure the designers had good reasons in both cases for making them the way they are.
  2. Absolutely. If you then go for a Pimax or Varjo Aero instead of a 2D screen expect to double those problems. In my case 1440p on a 32" screen with an i9 9900K and a RTX3070 is actually pretty optimal. A 3060ti would probably perform as good and also some current 12th gen i5 apparently perform in game around the same as my older i9 . Hence1440p is a good match for 12th gen i5/i7 with a 3060/3070 and importantly, all of those parts, 12th gen i5, RTX 3060/3070 and a 32" 1440p screen are all relatively affordable right now. In terms of a budget versus performance 4K is potentially going to need a 12th gen i7/i9 and minimum RTX 3080 to handle higher settings whereas1080p is going to work on almost anything (but will look bad on bigger screens up close) so in that sense (money) 1440p with something like 3060/3070 may be indeed be a "sweet spot" cost wise . But only in terms of bang per buck. The 1080p is still an acceptable option on a low budget as it actually looks fine on smaller screens Meanwhile there are distinct benefits to going with a VR headset of a TV sized 4K screen if money is not a huge issue for you. TLDNR -- what constitutes optimal or a sweet spot depends on your available budget.
  3. So hearsay ? That same logic applied to Social Media leads to the conclusion that Putin is saving us from Deep State paedophiles and the moon landing never happened. Some facts and screens shots would be useful. Also - assuming you spent on average 2 minutes per post it would take you 2 months to read 74,000 posts if you did nothing else 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If true that is not very healthy.
  4. Are you talking real world or flight sim ergonomics. It seems to me in the real world placing the glass closer to eye level and the switch gear lower and closer to the yoke and your hand is actually more ergonomic. How may cars do you see with switches on top of the dash and speedo and gauges down low ? There are not very many. Maybe in a flightsim having the switches up where you can see them is better, but not in the real world.
  5. Diamond aircraft like the DA40 are fitted with a FADEC that gives single lever manifold pressure and prop controller. It is badly implemented in MSFS 2020 . There is a DA40 "improvement mod" kicking about that does help a bit.
  6. I have exactly those two screen sizes and a 3070. The game is noticeably better on the 1440p 32" screen, especially in HDR. 1440p on my 3070 with a 9900K has CPU and GPU relatively balanced and gives me 40 to 50 fps with Ultra and a few things like LOD wound up past ultra,
  7. You might have to compromise on LOD 200 at some airports. It only takes a few seconds to drop the LOD when approaching an airport that has issues.
  8. Increase things that use GPU and reduce settings that use CPU main thread to try and get a better balance.
  9. If it is really glitched, which can happen, there is a mouse emulation app that comes with TrackIR that you can run . This works reasonably well as a work around if the game is not recognising the camera.
  10. This thread sort of reminds me of my younger days playing table top Dungeons and Dragons where people would argue for days about the real world physics behind magical enchanted great swords.
  11. Iris recently conducted a poll on their Facebook asking users if they preferred a PC9 or PC24 next. Clearly the PC24 won. They also advertised for an experienced MSFS flight model dev to help speed up development.
  12. I bought it, for ten bucks why not. The latest patch improved the look of the instrument panel a lot, so the dev in putting in the work. There are still a few minor visual issues such as looking left or right, the stars/stripes/paintwork on the engine nacelles on some liveries is definitely jagged/mismatched and if you happen to look up (which you rarely do to be honest) the cabin roof in some liveries is still a touch weird. However the dev seems keen and I am sure he will address all this in due course.
  13. The relevant number to look up is not the maximum frames it is the minimum the monitors can handle without resorting to gsync/freesync .
  14. My personal experience is renders scaling mainly effects cockpit gauges, glass screens and text label readability inside the cockpit. For me, even quite high render scaling makes little if any difference to the scenery outside.
  15. In the real world you would fit ferry tanks. https://www.airmodsflightcenter.com/ferry-tank-installations
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