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  1. If you are getting the warnings all the time it may be because you have not adjusted your barometric pressure and the system is getting your altitude wrong. Hit B when you spawn. Regardless, just set the warning volume to zero in General Options -> Sound .
  2. For those that dislike the Red Upholstery that JF seem to love so much ... someone has redone the Warrior interior in blue: https://flightsim.to/file/18204/jf-warrior-ii-blue-grey-upholstery
  3. There is going to be some whining and complaining about stutters in multiplayer if they ever enable downloading 3D models and liveries of multiplayer aircraft you do not own. Still as long as people are aware of the performance hit, giving them the option is fair enough.
  4. Heaps on YouTube - just search for " MSFS DA40 " and choose one. The glass cockpit is a G1000 so also search YouTube for "MSFS G1000" . Note once you get the basics worked out download and install the free "Working Title G1000 mod" it adds lot of useful features.
  5. You wouldn't be saying that if you had to clean the mud out after every grass strip landing 😄
  6. I just had a nice snooze for half an hour sitting in my warrior in the sunlight the engine ticking over 😄 Nice little plane isn't it.
  7. Long term, being still the basic trainer in so many flight schools around the world, it may end being their biggest seller. I have both and they definitely fly differently. The Arrows on approach with full flap needs a good fistful of power or you drop like a rock and cannot recover. The Warrior on approach still drops like a rock with flaps and no power but then hits ground effect and sweetly flares and gently settles on the runway.
  8. You forgot the "this glass is disgusting I am going back to P3D" crowd.
  9. They need to firstly turn of generic models in the sim settings. Then they need to own the same aircraft Then to see your livery they need to own that as well. Which is probably a good thing as otherwise multiplayer will be swamped by 13 year olds flying 747s covered in swastikas, badly painted male parts and offensive comments.
  10. Flight for MSFS. FPS is for First Person Shooters like PUBG or Fortnite.
  11. Precision slows the profile down. Generally you would use that if you are trying to use virtual cockpit mouse controls and the normal profile is too jittery. Or maybe trying to finesse a landing. The normal profile is great for combat sims where you are wildly looking about trying to see who is shooting at you, or doing aerobatics where you need good SA, or just looking around at scenery- but sometimes you may just need more precision. Generally personally, I just turn the tracking off completely in these situations, but sometimes it can be handy to just have less extreme head movements.
  12. Possibly see if you can tilt the camera up a touch more to get the green dots in the "Camera" window, closer to the middle of the display. No idea about Xbox, though there should be a way one would think. You can also centre the display by mouse clicking the F12 on the TrackIR window, though that is not much use if you are only on one display and using Xbox controller.
  13. The trick with bottom mounting is where the sensor is on your head. In the case of the cap clip at least, it needs to be more forward and pointing downward. Just apply common sense. For example the cap clip on a cap is not going to work with bottom mounting as the cap peak will block the camera seeing the top rear sensor, especially if you try and look upwards. basically the camera needs to be able to detect all the reflectors or LEDS throughout your likely head movement. In my case I mounted the cap clip to my headset but tilted it downwards slightly and I also wear the headset it is attached to with the head strap slightly forward on my head. End result for me is the cap clip is about 30 to 40 degrees off horizontal pointing down towards where the camera is located.
  14. We flew a RG/CSU Skylane SP from Dubbo NSW to the Sunshine Coast in QLD via the Gold Coast back around 2000, did not seem all that much better than a generic 172 really, few knots faster, used a bit less fuel. We took it because the other 172 available was not IFR certified. Carenado seem to be converting and throwing on the marketplace roughly one plane every 6 to 8 weeks like clockwork. The most recent being the C170. Most seem to be remakes of former Alebeo products. Current list of ALL payware aircraft available: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/list-of-all-payware-aircraft-for-msfs-updated-7-22-21-59-releases/374123
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