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  1. Yeah, I am not sure why I missed these up until now!
  2. Don't forget to check out his other videos. Just don't get too sucked in like I have over the last couple of days!
  3. For those that haven't seen these videos. Awesome narration, music and very well shot. Worth a watch..
  4. I have been here (I seem to remember) since the late 90's off and on, and I can't remember ever seeing a 'downvote' option. I wonder if this forum gets a little too contentious as it is. Folks calling others noobs and downvoting gives them yet more 'ammunition'. I know they would use it. We've have already seen similar. On topic - the more I think about it, the ability to walk up to your aircraft and perform a walk around isn't such a bad thing. The ability to bypass this would suit everyone too. I realize (as others have pointed out) that Asobo have enough 'core sim' stuff still to fix, but it is well withing the capabilities of other developers to make something like this. Orbx did it for for free for a previous sim.
  5. Actually, the fascinating question is how many more times you will write a reply on this thread complaining about how long the thread is?
  6. If people want to talk about it why shouldn't they? You can just ignore the thread and stop clicking on it..
  7. Like this thread is stopping progress. If it doesn't interest you, then you are free to move on. Like I said, I don't particularly care for the idea, but ideas are ideas, regardless of whether you like them. They cause no harm to MSFS and its progress.
  8. You used to enjoy the DC6, Bob. What happened? Isn't that an older aircraft?
  9. This isn't a level D sim. This is MSFS. In real life pilots have to do a walk-around. Real life is even more realistic than a level D. I can give or take a 'walking' feature, but it isn't unrealistic to think of a mode that simulates walking - correct camera angles without messing around too much etc.
  10. That is true, but there are obviously multiple developers of various skill-sets and types. I am sure someone will knock something together at some point without effecting the timeline of simulation and environment development.
  11. Yeah, not sure why folk are getting upset about it really. It isn't as if Asobo are going to put everything on hold because someone mentioned they would like the ability to walk around. Someone will probably develop it outside of Asobo. Orbx did a version, but apparently they aren't interested anymore. I guess they want to be simmarket these days. Myself, I could live without it, but see the attraction to actually walking around instead of floating everywhere.
  12. I keep a little can of Avgas next to me while flying. 'As real as it gets'! I wouldn't recommend this.
  13. Didn't Orbx have this feature? I thought they called it 'Bob' or something similar.
  14. Yes, Simmarket distribute products. It really depends on personal preference where you purchase it from.
  15. I would expect that any modern hardware (within the last decade or so) would work with 8.33 khz. It isn't a modern change really..can't remember how long ago, but they have been cramming frequencies in that space for a while now. Ryan is probably correct as usual.
  16. Yes, still reading! I'm so happy it worked out for you. Sounds like you are going to have a lot of fun with MSFS and your new machine! Now comes the hard part..stop messing with it! I know you want to, we all would, we all do. It runs perfectly yet we just overclock this, tweak that lol! Looks to me that you have a machine that will serve you well for quite some time. Thank you so much for the update. I loved to hear that it worked out for you. Certainly inspirational for me when I get the components together for my new build! Happy flying my friend. Rich.
  17. You normally get a few days. I hope they make a payment before then!
  18. What happened to Boeing saying they couldn't because they didn't like dirty planes..LOL!!!!!
  19. Better weather/clouds etc. It is fundamental. A more complete and realistic atmosphere is more important than anything else. It is the environment of flight. Improved ATC/AI would be nice.
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