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  1. I'm pretty pumped about 11.10 as well!
  2. Not that I really need another Piper to fly in X-Plane, but I'll likely pick this up simply to show support and encourage them porting more of their library. I could think of a few aircraft found there that I'd love to see in X-Plane, but since they're likely focusing on their in-house developed aircraft, I'd be most excited about seeing their Hawk make it across. There's a distinct lack of such aircraft in X-Plane. But really, anything they might choose to add is good news.
  3. I've been doing much more driving in VR than flying (both Dirt Rally and Assetto Corsa are superb), but lately I've been using DCS and have been quite impressed with it in VR.
  4. We had an '02 Civic that we just recently sold after putting nearly 250,000 km on. Never had a single issue with it. Great car. It had been my wife's commute car for the last 4 years and she finally decided she wanted something newer, so she's now driving a Nissan Nismo Juke. A bit er.. unique... but she likes it, and it's sporty enough that I don't mind driving it on occasion. However, I'll be much more sad when the day comes to part with my '07 Toyota FJ. It's absolutely been my favorite out of any vehicle I've ever owned. 185,000 km's and it still feels every bit like a new vehicle; a testament to proper Japanese quality. The fact that they were hand assembled in Japan really shows - there's not a single squeak or rattle in the whole truck, and I'm a bit hard on my vehicles. I've taken it all over in all conditions, through some pretty rough country. Being ten years old, I get the thought from time to time that I should upgrade, but they stopped importing them a couple of years ago. As a result, the last ones imported in 2014 are still fetching close to the same price as they were brand new. Our company vehicles are generally domestic though, and some of the experiences we've had... you could never convince me to buy a new domestic truck or SUV. I doubt I'd even accept one for free, some of them have been that bad.
  5. I do hope that this situation can be resolved. These days I rather prefer this outlet for my X-Plane news and knowledge, perhaps because it tends to be smaller than the alternative; I know most everyone that posts here, plus it has active and knowledgeable input from a few X-Plane addon developers that tends to not get buried and lost. I know the moderators do a difficult job; I don't envy them in the slightest. I've even admired the fact that they seem to strive to be impartial when some of them have their own ties to specific organizations or payware companies. It does have the appearance that this seems to affect the X-Plane community more than any of the others - quite unfortunate. Many of our X-Plane resources are hosted on payware sites, so perhaps it's unavoidable? It's perhaps also an unavoidable conflict when you have sub-forums for competing payware platforms (LM, Laminar, Dovetail, etc), but advertisers present for primarily just one of those platforms. Not sure how that can be overcome, while being fair to the advertisers and the forum members at the same time. Fingers crossed that they can come up with a solution. I feel this place has been a great resource for a small & personal X-Plane community; I'd be sad if that were to wither away. (And I most definitely feel that will be the case if a solution cannot be found.)
  6. Looks much like it has the Rutan Long-EZ somewhere in it's pedigree. Which isn't a bad thing at all!
  7. Looks quite nice, to be honest. I haven't flown a 172 much in a sim since A2A released theirs in FSX, but this is quite tempting.

    Hmmm... Will be skipping the sale altogether. I was thinking about buying a few airports, mulling over which ones to buy previous to reading this thread. Sadly, without Paypal that will be a no-go. Paypal is where any 'mad-money' I've earned is deposited, therefore it's where I spend from. I have no interest in linking up a bank account to move money out of there either. So while I understand Orbx's decision (sounds like the current situation is pretty poor), it does mean that I'll have to save my money for other things. Which is alright I guess; I've kinda got my eye on a Pro Flight Controls Puma, and unexpected sales like this tend to play havoc with such ideas.
  9. Read a post on Helisimmer today - it seems that in 11.10 they've solved the ground texture 'juddering' that's been around forever. It seems the issue became quite urgent with their focus on getting 'VR ready'. This news alone has absolutely made my day.
  10. Just to add, the T-38A Jet Trainer & the Advanced Series: T-38A have also joined the P3Dv4 compatible ranks in the last 24 hours.
  11. Decided to pickup Aerofly FS2 last night, so yep, now I've experienced my first flight(s)! The sense of immersion is quite wonderful for sure - it's amazing to simply look around while you're in the air. Being rather new to VR, I do find I have to be a bit careful in flight as I finding I'm a bit sensitive to motion sickness. I managed to fly a bit of aerobatics in the Pitts, but I sure can't do it for very long! The sense of speed is incredible too - hugging the ground in the F-15 is mind blowing. Oh.... and the sense of immersion that the HUD lends in both the F-15 and the F-18 is pretty amazing as well! In regards to other games, Space Pirate Trainer is an absolute blast (pun intended) to play, and one of my other early favorites is Eleven Table Tennis, of all things!
  12. Ooooooh yea, I know exactly what you mean. Once you know the magic behind the facade, it becomes hard to see anything else. For example, knowing the workings that might behind a accurate looking cylinder temperature gauge (speaking in MSFS here). When you simply see the gauge in a panel, you don't think anything of it; you take it at face value and enjoy its presence. But when you know exactly what's being done to display those numbers, the sense of immersion is completely gone. On another example, I'm a huge de Havilland Canada history buff. I have a ton of printed material, ephemera, models, photos, and over the years have collected or tried almost every freeware & payware flight sim rendition of every DHC aircraft made. However, being involved with MilViz (I've done their website/e-commerce stuff for some time, but I wrote the manual for their recent DHC-2 & was involved with its development) has had the result that even though one of my all time favorite aircraft has been recreated to great detail in the simulator, I have a hard time flying it for enjoyment.
  13. Great article! I guess we all have our own list of atmospheric aircraft. Ironically, one of my choices would be the vFlyteAir Cherokee 140 Original...
  14. No flight sims yet. Will be on my list, but my controls are all hard-mounted to a wood 'sim-pit' framework in a spot that won't allow for general standing VR use, so I'm going to have to think of a way around that. Time for a new desk / simpit designed with VR in mind!
  15. Just wanted to tell... well, anyone, because my wife is going to get annoyed really fast what with me going on and on and on... I know I'm speaking to the already converted here, but it's safe to say you have a new member among your ranks. I took advantage of the 'Summer of Rift' sale and, after swearing for so long that I'd never be interested, ordered myself the Oculus Rift + Touch bundle. Took delivery of it yesterday, spent a bit of the evening setting it up and then a few hours playing with it. My mind has been blown. This thing is absolutely brilliant. I spent a loooooong time in the starter demo with the robot in the trailer, simply launching toy rockets and giggling like a child. One of my first downloads was Steam Labs and the part where you can stand on the mountain top and look all around and over the edge took my breath away. I'm not great with heights and looking down actually made my knees a little weak. I haven't tried out any full games yet, but everything I've done so far has really impressed me. I can also see it's limitations - the resolution leaves a bit to be desired, and I may have to order up some of those prescription lens inserts since my glasses aren't really usable inside the headset - My left eye is quite near sighted and although the rift is surprisingly usable for me without glasses, my left does add a bit of blurriness that I suspect could be improved. But limitations aside, I've quickly switched from a VR skeptic to a VR fan. The sense of immersion is incredible. I'm quite excited to load up some of my racing / driving games, perhaps dip back into Elite Dangerous or Subnautica, or give a try to some of the VR specific games available. Anyhow... just wanted to share!