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  1. Just to officially clear up any misconceptions... Chuck's statement that "There will be plenty of action from MV in 2020" means that we will have plenty of action in MSFS 2020, not that there will be plenty of action in the remaining 3 weeks of the year. 2021 will be a fun year and we are definitely looking forward to it, but our apologies if anyone has gotten their hopes up a bit early! Thanks, Jim (MV Production Manager)
  2. Found this topic while searching for the same info, since out of the box I couldn't make it work either. (also bought one on Prime Day) Turns out, the trick is to exit the background Stream Deck software that's running in the system tray, and restart it using the 'Run as Administrator' option. Works great then.
  3. They've come a long way with it for sure. Part of me wishes for more though - the GA side of things could really use more love. But then the other part of me that enjoys NOT being addicted to WED is rather hoping they stop there.
  4. I can't say I've used my Rift a lot for flight simming so far - perhaps a few hours worth here and there. However... you mention Dirt Rally... now THAT's the game that really blew me away! Assetto Corsa was a pretty good experience too, but the lack of resolution compared to a monitor is a little more noticeable, whereas DR has you spinning the wheel and looking through turns so rapidly that you don't really 'see' anything else. Some of the dedicated VR games are a load of fun too - lightweight for the most part, but still a good time.
  5. er... the 35% performance loss is due to patches being applied at a kernel level to prevent a potential route for data execution. However, the performance loss is really only in certain areas (primarily virtualization) and is of no real concern to those of us using our PC's for gaming, simming, or general use. So... patch is applied, possible security breach is fixed, no performance loss in our games. Hence why I stated that there's no real cause for alarm here. After all, the point of your linked video isn't so much to raise awareness of the bug, as it is to raise awareness of the effect of patching the bug.
  6. Sensational headline, but no real concerns for PC's being used in a gaming/simming environment.
  7. Tried this out last night - To be honest, I wasn't expecting much, but I came away quite impressed at what they've done. I took several flights in the new ultralight and was very pleased. I've heard comments about desks and whatnot getting in the way, but I think the advice on Ben's blog about putting away the hardware to try this out was very wise - pushing the chair back a few feet from my desk and purely just using the touch controllers worked very well. I thought that the method they've implemented for the yoke was going to feel weird, but it became very natural after a few, and quite comfortable to use. Also noteworthy was that I found it to be extremely effective in that it was very easy to smoothly pull back on takeoff, as well as being quite easy to nudge the yoke to maintain altitude or heading. I've a couple of VR flight games that use the touch controllers for control and I don't find them nearly as intuitive or comfortable. I think it's important that LR not only opened up native VR, but also that they created the interface to use VR without requiring any hardware whatsoever. The fact that I have enough hardware scattered around my basement to build a real plane, and yet I'm itching to jump back in without using any of it (well almost, still need to use rudder pedals) says a lot to me. My 'suggestion' list, for what it's worth: - Have a toggle for turning off and on the green highlights. I really like controlling the yoke with my touch controllers, but I don't really care for it being green all the time. - Nudging your view around with a thumbstick would be great for positioning yourself in the cockpit. When not using rudder pedals it's easy to just shift your chair a bit, but not so much when you are using any hardware. I end up peeking under my goggles and using the keyboard, which is by necessity not exactly in reach.
  8. Oh, how can I resist commenting on this thread... I've made my dislike known previously regarding FTX regions, but after another year to think about it, my disdain was misplaced - I strongly dislike MSFS scenery in general, all OrbX has done is to put some polish on what was already there and make it look more palatable. That said, I wouldn't really be all that thrilled about FTX regions coming to X-Plane, if that was ever in the works. But since it sounds like they are simply going to try and bring airports over, now that I can whole-heartedly endorse. I do most of my sim flying in western/northwestern Canada & US, and there are many of their small airports that are really, really nice, spread out for short hops or longer jaunts. Regardless of the debate between payware/freeware/installers/no installers, however, what the entry of Orbx would bring is more users. It doesn't matter what TYPE of users those may be, more users means more money in the pockets of Laminar, which ultimately gives Laminar more freedom to pursue their vision of X-Plane. And THAT I can get behind!
  9. Well, seems like a good time to jump on the beta wagon. My most important wish has come true - no more ground shakes. Fantastic!
  10. Very interesting! I bet the hardware requirements are going to be extensive...
  11. I always consider that any aircraft / helicopter is never going to be 100% perfect. What you're paying for is what the respective team of developers has been able to accomplish, with the realization that most teams are comprised of just a few individuals who are doing the best they can. Testing on add-on aircraft is usually done on the goodwill of people volunteering their time in exchange for very little, perhaps a copy of the aircraft being tested - and is far from perfect in catching all bugs, especially bugs that might be only be considered to be a bug when compared to the real world aircraft. Besides, we all have our acceptability limits and it differs from person to person, nothing wrong with that. But the more uncommon an aircraft is, the more I'm willing to flex a bit it being a perfect replication. I'd rather have a slightly imperfect Do228 than yet another 172...
  12. Dan's conversions usually get the nod from me. I find that the Carenado fleet in XP are much more polished than the MSFS originals. It's worth noting that they kept the GTN bezel, which means that the RXP GTN will work in it. Once the beta is over, I may pick it up.
  13. Wow... there's really some stunning images in that thread on the Aerosoft forum. Really nice stuff!
  14. Interesting. If I had to vote, I'd say the ones that people are saying are XP, are indeed XP. Those clouds look a whole lot like default XP clouds to me. And that thin white band on the horizon looks like XP as well. If it's not XP, then someone has put in a lot of effort to make their P3D install look like XP, including the parts which I don't necessarily think are its best assets.
  15. The Reddit thread is not exactly a source of knowledge... unclear as to what has actually transpired here. The lack of communication outwards from the org does not inspire a lot of confidence. However, in my notes I had given that site a unique and different patterned password anyhow. And since I only ever use paypal for that kind of store, there's no credit card data there. The good thing that resulted was that I've been meaning for awhile now to give the really important sites I use a password change, and this just prompted me to do it. Relevant xkcd comic: https://xkcd.com/936/ Password generator based on that comic: https://xkpasswd.net/s/ Haystack calculator: https://www.grc.com/haystack.htm Safe != Hard to remember...
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