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  1. Oh, how can I resist commenting on this thread... I've made my dislike known previously regarding FTX regions, but after another year to think about it, my disdain was misplaced - I strongly dislike MSFS scenery in general, all OrbX has done is to put some polish on what was already there and make it look more palatable. That said, I wouldn't really be all that thrilled about FTX regions coming to X-Plane, if that was ever in the works. But since it sounds like they are simply going to try and bring airports over, now that I can whole-heartedly endorse. I do most of my sim flying in western/northwestern Canada & US, and there are many of their small airports that are really, really nice, spread out for short hops or longer jaunts. Regardless of the debate between payware/freeware/installers/no installers, however, what the entry of Orbx would bring is more users. It doesn't matter what TYPE of users those may be, more users means more money in the pockets of Laminar, which ultimately gives Laminar more freedom to pursue their vision of X-Plane. And THAT I can get behind!
  2. Well, seems like a good time to jump on the beta wagon. My most important wish has come true - no more ground shakes. Fantastic!
  3. Very interesting! I bet the hardware requirements are going to be extensive...
  4. I always consider that any aircraft / helicopter is never going to be 100% perfect. What you're paying for is what the respective team of developers has been able to accomplish, with the realization that most teams are comprised of just a few individuals who are doing the best they can. Testing on add-on aircraft is usually done on the goodwill of people volunteering their time in exchange for very little, perhaps a copy of the aircraft being tested - and is far from perfect in catching all bugs, especially bugs that might be only be considered to be a bug when compared to the real world aircraft. Besides, we all have our acceptability limits and it differs from person to person, nothing wrong with that. But the more uncommon an aircraft is, the more I'm willing to flex a bit it being a perfect replication. I'd rather have a slightly imperfect Do228 than yet another 172...
  5. Dan's conversions usually get the nod from me. I find that the Carenado fleet in XP are much more polished than the MSFS originals. It's worth noting that they kept the GTN bezel, which means that the RXP GTN will work in it. Once the beta is over, I may pick it up.
  6. Wow... there's really some stunning images in that thread on the Aerosoft forum. Really nice stuff!
  7. Interesting. If I had to vote, I'd say the ones that people are saying are XP, are indeed XP. Those clouds look a whole lot like default XP clouds to me. And that thin white band on the horizon looks like XP as well. If it's not XP, then someone has put in a lot of effort to make their P3D install look like XP, including the parts which I don't necessarily think are its best assets.
  8. The Reddit thread is not exactly a source of knowledge... unclear as to what has actually transpired here. The lack of communication outwards from the org does not inspire a lot of confidence. However, in my notes I had given that site a unique and different patterned password anyhow. And since I only ever use paypal for that kind of store, there's no credit card data there. The good thing that resulted was that I've been meaning for awhile now to give the really important sites I use a password change, and this just prompted me to do it. Relevant xkcd comic: https://xkcd.com/936/ Password generator based on that comic: https://xkpasswd.net/s/ Haystack calculator: https://www.grc.com/haystack.htm Safe != Hard to remember...
  9. I had posted a line of thought similar to this a long ways back when the Hololens was announced. Ideally, it'd be the perfect marriage - I've seen amazing 1:1 simpits for fighter jets that go to great lengths to replicate all hardware & switches; now imagine if everything above the canopy line was projected via AR. I was subscribed to the Hololens news updates for awhile, and even entertained thoughts of experimenting on my own via a dev kit. This thought went out the window when the price of the dev kits was announced... However, after having used VR for awhile now, I do believe it's at it's finest when it's completely projecting a world that you can feel immersed in. I'm not sure how a partial projection, such as AR, would lend itself to the same sensory experience. It may simply feel more like a replacement for expensive screen or projection solutions. I'm not saying that it could never happen, but I'm much more excited about where the state of VR may be in 3 or 4 years, with (hopefully) much higher resolution screens and (hopefully) much more powerful PC components to drive them. On a side note (but tangentially related)... I find that my Rift has a small gap between the bridge of my nose and my cheeks. At first I found it annoying, but then I realized that it's a bit of a Good Thing, since it lets me 'peek' to see where my touch controllers are to pick them up, or look at the controls if I'm flying or driving, etc. I wonder if there wouldn't be a use for a different facepad that used a see-through component on the lower part, to widen that area you can peek through?
  10. Ironically, I never played the release version of PCars 1. I was an early backer though, and so I had played the betas right up until release. And through whatever strange financing scheme they originally had going, I was getting semi regular deposits into my paypal from the sales of PCars 1, the last being 6 Euros back in June. When it released, I figured out that as a backer you didn't actually automatically get a copy of the finished game, so I never bothered to buy it, since there were other sims that I liked more. And now with my Rift I'm still pretty much exclusive on Assetto Corsa. (Well, and Dirt Rally for when I want to do that kind of stuff.) I do wish the menus and whatnot were better implemented in AC for VR use, but performance wise it's rock solid. But competition makes everything better, so I'm glad to see that PCars 2 has found a foothold as well.
  11. I'm pretty pumped about 11.10 as well!
  12. Not that I really need another Piper to fly in X-Plane, but I'll likely pick this up simply to show support and encourage them porting more of their library. I could think of a few aircraft found there that I'd love to see in X-Plane, but since they're likely focusing on their in-house developed aircraft, I'd be most excited about seeing their Hawk make it across. There's a distinct lack of such aircraft in X-Plane. But really, anything they might choose to add is good news.
  13. I've been doing much more driving in VR than flying (both Dirt Rally and Assetto Corsa are superb), but lately I've been using DCS and have been quite impressed with it in VR.
  14. We had an '02 Civic that we just recently sold after putting nearly 250,000 km on. Never had a single issue with it. Great car. It had been my wife's commute car for the last 4 years and she finally decided she wanted something newer, so she's now driving a Nissan Nismo Juke. A bit er.. unique... but she likes it, and it's sporty enough that I don't mind driving it on occasion. However, I'll be much more sad when the day comes to part with my '07 Toyota FJ. It's absolutely been my favorite out of any vehicle I've ever owned. 185,000 km's and it still feels every bit like a new vehicle; a testament to proper Japanese quality. The fact that they were hand assembled in Japan really shows - there's not a single squeak or rattle in the whole truck, and I'm a bit hard on my vehicles. I've taken it all over in all conditions, through some pretty rough country. Being ten years old, I get the thought from time to time that I should upgrade, but they stopped importing them a couple of years ago. As a result, the last ones imported in 2014 are still fetching close to the same price as they were brand new. Our company vehicles are generally domestic though, and some of the experiences we've had... you could never convince me to buy a new domestic truck or SUV. I doubt I'd even accept one for free, some of them have been that bad.
  15. I do hope that this situation can be resolved. These days I rather prefer this outlet for my X-Plane news and knowledge, perhaps because it tends to be smaller than the alternative; I know most everyone that posts here, plus it has active and knowledgeable input from a few X-Plane addon developers that tends to not get buried and lost. I know the moderators do a difficult job; I don't envy them in the slightest. I've even admired the fact that they seem to strive to be impartial when some of them have their own ties to specific organizations or payware companies. It does have the appearance that this seems to affect the X-Plane community more than any of the others - quite unfortunate. Many of our X-Plane resources are hosted on payware sites, so perhaps it's unavoidable? It's perhaps also an unavoidable conflict when you have sub-forums for competing payware platforms (LM, Laminar, Dovetail, etc), but advertisers present for primarily just one of those platforms. Not sure how that can be overcome, while being fair to the advertisers and the forum members at the same time. Fingers crossed that they can come up with a solution. I feel this place has been a great resource for a small & personal X-Plane community; I'd be sad if that were to wither away. (And I most definitely feel that will be the case if a solution cannot be found.)