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  1. Looks quite good, what I’m curious in is with the new cloud textures, I take it you’ll still get the 2D rotation effect going through then? The rest of it looks phenomenal!
  2. NOAA and FSE would be your best bet to stay in the freeware section.
  3. 4 hours late it would appear! Woops! No worries! on this page you should see the different versions listed, just download 1.06. I uninstalled the latest one on my system and then installed this. I did have a slight issue with clouds not drawing at first, so i removed the key and then reactivated it, all worked well afterwards! cheers
  4. I rolled back to Xenviro 1.06 and am happy with it so far. I’ve got most of these addons; UWXP: alright but very repetitive clouds, the 2D spinning of clouds passing is far more noticeable than other plugins, also have issues with overcast and seeing through it from above, tried the fixes and no good. But the dev is active and takes criticism really well. X-enviro: the latest is fairly buggy, always had loads of issues with terrain blending/ on the opposite end, 1.06 seems to have next to no issues with the blending? Skymaxx: pretty reasonable, looks alright but large performance hits. Found it and RWC to be pretty inaccurate with depiction. FSGRW/NOAA: FSGRW works amazing, if I had to pick between free NOAA or FSGRW, I’d go FSGRW. It updates repeatedly and predictably. The only downfall is a split second redraw but as far as I’m aware, FSGRW has more stations/interpolation so less drastic of a change. at the moment xenviro 1.06 seems to be working fine for what I want, which is mostly accurate depictions of fog, IMC etc. UWXP comes up right close but the issue with the clouds constantly turning in front of me and gap of overcast is really limiting it for me. It’s depiction of fog is pretty good though, but the visability mist is a bit exaggerated even on lowest settings. My opinion is that if you can, spring for FSGRW and UWXP. Unless you’ve already bought Xenviro, in which case roll back. I also noticed you mentioned you have SMP, you can tie it and RWC into FSGRW.
  5. NickJZX

    Where are the addons?

    IXEG’s 737 is great too. I’ve got countless hours in that, great for shorter routes and a bit more flexibility than the 737-200 when it comes to routes due to the FMC. Also the FJS 732 is phenomenal, great texturing, great sounds and flies amazing.
  6. NickJZX

    QW787 in 4.3

    On 4.3 here, did an 8 1/2 hour flight with it yesterday no problems! Cheers
  7. NickJZX

    QW787 P3Dv4 - first impressions?

    So Just tried a first flight, really good actually. Some minor problems but nothing crazy. Maintained speed at cruise, climbed to cruise no problem. I noticed that it didn't show a restriction for one of the Altitudes, It showed an altitude below the restriction, fine. It did miss one other restriction, but I manually entered it in as I've had to do in other aircraft. Hit TOD, came down on VNAV with no issues, had ILS set for RWY 12 at Edmonton. I noticed that on tight turns, in this case coming from BEMIG to MIPOT and then onto the approach it did over shoot, maybe it was my configuration, not sure. Was doing 190IAS Flaps 1. Brought it over onto course, it flew the approach for the last 3 nm. Did a go around, found that in the hold it's not one smooth turn but it almost turns, levels off and then turns again. Flew out to MIPOT once more, turned in at 4400 and let it fly the approach down to 200 and then took over. No issues, brought the jet right over the runway. Some small issues for now, if I find anymore I'll make note and send them off. Other than that it was quite enjoyable to fly.
  8. I thought the IXEG 737 was fully compatible with XP11. I've used it consistently for flights on VATSIM with no issue whatsoever. I haven't run into any real issues with the plane although maybe I'm not looking as in depth as others. I do have the FF 767 which is a total blast to fly as well.
  9. Does anybody have this? How is it, I’m looking at it mainly as I’ll be training on one and I’d love to get something somewhat accurate. I know the Carenado/Alabeo devs don’t have the greatest rep for flight dynamics in P3D, is it better in XP11? Thanks!
  10. NickJZX

    Orbx Airports

    Love Palm Springs too, can get a 37 in there no problem and it also has a smaller runway beside the main for other aircraft. Eagle county is a blast too, the approach is quite fun. The areas around both of these airports look amazing.
  11. Phenomenal, I’m very excited to use this! Thanks!
  12. Ah ok so this is an issue with others. I get these issues in the Orbx NZ regions, PNW, NRM and SOCAL. Though I’ve not flown SOCAL in a long time. I use the HD trees and Global as well. Good to see it’s a common issue, was starting to wonder if it was my hardware which would’ve sucked.
  13. NickJZX

    Top 5 addons in your opinion

    It depends for me on a couple, but baseline non aircraft: ASP4 Chaseplane Navigraph Depending on the flight add: commercial: PMDG MJC dash 8 General aviation: A2A 172 Realair Turbine Duke V2
  14. NickJZX

    Future of Online Flying

    Flew with a group called the F99th for about a year, it was really good fun. They were on DCS. It depends on the groups you're looking for and how serious you want to go. But getting together with buddys and jumping on blueflag was great, go and take out objectives. We'd hang out in a group of 4, 2 guys great at air-air and the other 2 good for air-ground. The mirage was great in this aspect as you could self escort (albeit to a limited degree). We'd sometimes have 2 A-10's buddy lase for 2 Mirages with GBU-12s and that was quite cool to watch on a TGP. There's a voice service for DCS called SimpleRadio which simulated VHF and UHF radios, allowing you to communicate with different flights, AWACs and other various players, however most people tend to fly with others on teamspeak. If you have DCS and are interested in flying online, you can PM me and I have a couple friends who'd be willing to fly with as well! Not DCS or BMS related but, I only just started dabbling into VATSIM the last couple weeks after joining Canadian Xpress. I don't think I'd have ever taken the plunge into it had I not joined a VA. There seems to be a level of intimidation to the whole thing. However a couple flights in and listening to comms and it's starting to become familiar. I normally fly between Edmonton/Calgary area and Vancouver due to the relatively low amount of traffic to get used to. However I've found the controllers to be extremely helpful and I've started to wonder why I hadn't tried this before. I'm sure in some cases VATSIM can be improved, I myself haven't experienced tons of issues as far as voice goes, most times it's pretty good. Usually it's the pilots that are kind of hard to hear. A new codec would be excellent and I'm sure would help lots of people out there and maybe help people join when they can start to understand controllers and other pilots.