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  1. Did you make a LUA script for the fog be gone and if so would you share it? I am inept at this Lua stuff and therefore go into Data Refs every flight to change that number. Skip
  2. Thankj you for the reply. Can you tell me if it works on most of your hanger ? Skip
  3. Does anybody have any experience with this product that I linked in my previous post? Any and all comments are appreciated. Skip
  4. https://flyrealhuds.com/products/#hud Found this product. Let me know what you think. Skip
  5. Are there any HUD Plugins either freeware or payware available for Xplane 11 that will work for all aircraft?
  6. Running the latest version of XP 11 Beta and I am getting crashes when I start to change settings while the sim is running. For instance, I was trying to adjust some settings in XP Realistic and all of a sudden the sim slowed to a crawl before crashing. It is not just XP Realistic that does the crash. It can be almost any value that I change when the sim is running that makes this happen. I thought I had read before about this bug in XP but cannot remember the exact details. Does this sound familiar to anybody else and what might the cure be? The log was not helpful for this latest crash. Thanks, Skip
  7. I have since replying to your question also experienced the jagged lines you are referring to. Sorry for the wrong info. Skip
  8. Being a relative newcomer to Xplane 11, could you tell me if this program is comparable to the Live Traffic program that I just learned of in a recent post on this forum? I find your posts are very helpful to me on a wide range of topics. There are others that post in this forum who, as you, seem to know what they are talking about. The Live Traffic program seems to be a very intensive undertaking and many folders, which I am trying to steer away from after coming from MFS and P3D. "Live schedules" are not important to me, however some airport activity would be welcome. Skip
  9. Would like the same info abt sound issues. I have real interest in realistic engine sounds especially. Lately, it has become a deal breaker for me. Skip Ciman
  10. I find myself, more and more, flying XPlane 11. I have spent Thousands of dollars like others, on FSX and P3D add ons. Some have been worth the money, some have not, and I am talking scenery , aircraft or utilities. But until I saw Xplane 11 with default scenery and some free add ons like Misterx airports and some payware aircraft, have I been more satisfied with the looks and performance of my sim. Being a mostly vfr flyer, both Ga or military, Xplane delivers a more realistic experience for me. I will give the new P3D a trial run because of my loyalty for a number of years to this platform, but unless the newer sim comes a lot closer to what I consider essential for me, the more realistic scenery, performance etc.I will stick with Xplane as my sim. I have stopped buying add ons for P3D and now only consider Xplane 11. Skip Ciman
  11. That's why I walked away from P3D and FSX. Paying over and over for the latest and greatest scenery, only to be disappointed as Colonel X has stated. Skip
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