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  1. Bought last October of 2020 new from EVGA. Original packing. Ship to lower 48 Only. Skip
  2. Did you have a problem with your MS account? I am having problems such as your's with the last update and I cannot get another download from my store account. No one answers the phone at support also. Skip
  3. Not being familiar with that part of the globe, MSFS scenery is fine for me right out of the box, I will not recognize any difference in mesh or anything else. Come around to my neighborhood and maybe a new mesh might force me to reach for my wallet.
  4. Still fly X Plane because of the aircraft in the hanger and flying in the True Earth areas with Aerosoft Shade X is a lot better than the default. Lighting, trees and vfr flying gets me into MSFS. Keep them both is my vote.
  5. No Thanks. Got these promises in every other sim to enhance scenery and ended up spending a lot of money between FSX and P3D. Pilots Mesh, et all. And now these sims are in the rear view mirror. This scenery out of the box for MSFS looks fine to me, so no more will I go down that garden path known as add on mesh, scenery, airports, whatever.
  6. Your taking my reply out of context. Read what I replied to. Sorry Ray, I am a huge fan of Concorde and was just trying to equate Mach 2 plus aircraft to the discussion.
  7. That is why I have downloaded DCS. I decided that all things military, I will not purchase in MSFS, because of the quality of models and especially engine sounds in DCS are far superior to what is being offered in MSFS. And you can shoot and drop bombs.
  8. Don't know if this was linked earlier, thought it was interesting and on point.
  9. Not only would I look forward to the Concorde in MFS, but also a B-58 Hustler and SR-71. Enough of the Airbus and Boeing airliners.
  10. DDU is just part of the process.
  11. Did you at least watch the whole video? I too have used clean and custom install before, but never did I get to decide what parts of the driver I would download and load..
  12. Saw this today on You Tube and gave it a try with good results in the war on FPS. Short video that makes a lot of sense.
  13. That is the case for me. Samsung 27" 4K supports 30 and 60hz refresh.
  14. Been following along other threads to overcome the latest performance obstacles due to Asobo releases and have tried most of the suggested remedies, the latest being removing the overhead menu bar. I too, had a very well running sim before the last Asobo upgrade. My system is a 9900K with 32 gigs of 4250 ram, m.2 hard drive, 3090 EVGA running a Samsung 27 inch 4k monitor at 30 fps or 60fps, what ever worked for the flight and I was using basically Ultra settings with the exception of a few personal preferences. With the latest suggestions from other simmers implemented, I found I had to still roll back my ultra settings first, most are on high now and the big 3 are 100 / 150 /150 . Even traffic and ships are rolled back. With this done, I was any where between 29 to 43 fps. Not bad. Today I installed Shut Up Windows 10 from O&O software, free download, and I had an additional gain in fps. My developer fps counter went from main thread to gpu bound and now rotates between the 2 based on location. This is not a huge find but one that might help some. I few fps here and there and pretty soon it starts to look like a usable sim again. I was always bound by main thread and the Shut up program has killed enough back ground services to get me gpu bound which is my strong suit I would say. Give it a try see what you think. Skip https://www.oo-software.com/en/shutup10?x-clickref=1101lfshdJLz
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