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  1. skipph

    MilViz T310R

    Would like the same info abt sound issues. I have real interest in realistic engine sounds especially. Lately, it has become a deal breaker for me. Skip Ciman
  2. I find myself, more and more, flying XPlane 11. I have spent Thousands of dollars like others, on FSX and P3D add ons. Some have been worth the money, some have not, and I am talking scenery , aircraft or utilities. But until I saw Xplane 11 with default scenery and some free add ons like Misterx airports and some payware aircraft, have I been more satisfied with the looks and performance of my sim. Being a mostly vfr flyer, both Ga or military, Xplane delivers a more realistic experience for me. I will give the new P3D a trial run because of my loyalty for a number of years to this platform, but unless the newer sim comes a lot closer to what I consider essential for me, the more realistic scenery, performance etc.I will stick with Xplane as my sim. I have stopped buying add ons for P3D and now only consider Xplane 11. Skip Ciman
  3. skipph

    Holy smokes!

    That's why I walked away from P3D and FSX. Paying over and over for the latest and greatest scenery, only to be disappointed as Colonel X has stated. Skip
  4. skipph

    Trying to make the P3D vs XP11 Decision...

    I have come thru the ranks of sim progression just like many of you have for at least 25 years and even did tours in Aerofly, XP-10, and DCS. Bought all kinds of addons in the thousands$. But when I loaded up XP-11 and Added some Mister X airports [freeware], I could not believe my eyes. I would just taxi around KBOS, my home base, and be in awe of what I was seeing for freeware, with spectacular lighting, AI and quality graphics and no loss in performance. I no longer am investing in P3D V4 platform. For what is lacking in XP-11, I will happily wait for the addons to roll in and will enjoy the Aerobask Sky View and the FF320 etc.flying over some of the best graphics I have seen at all altitudes out of the box, bar none. What's a config file? Skip
  5. Thanks Gents for the timely suggestions. Ended up with both the 300 and 550 and downloaded the Gulfstream also. Have yet to try the 550 and Gulfstream. Have had a few flights in the 300 having bought this bird first. Model does not seem as well done as my Aerobask Skyview, perhaps an age difference in design, but it is real fun to fly none the less. Once again, thank you for the great responses. Skip
  6. Hello, As a return user of XP-11, Started with X-10 and left, I am totally impressed with this sim right out of the box. Coming over from P3D all editions, from FSX all editions, I cannot get over the looks and performance of XP-11. A short time ago, I read a post in this section asking of suggestions for GA aircraft of the faster type. That led me to the G-1000 by Aerobask and I could not be happier with this prop plane. I would like some suggestions by the community for a business type jet with at least the quality of the G-1000. Looking forward to many more hours on Xplane as I have just about given up on the P3D, FSX merry go round. What I like initially abt X-11 is the scenery out of the box with AI that does not seem to hurt performance. There are other things I would like to comment on, but I will leave them for another day. Will look forward to suggestions and thanks for reading, Skip
  7. I had originally downloaded the new version with no luck. Tried another download after your comment and had success finally. Thanks, Skip
  8. I have owned and operated PTA since buying in June. Now I have lost the active status on the program and it will not reactivate. Need some help. Skip Order Number # F8CDC580-55B3-11E7-ADB9-71960EC1D22D
  9. skipph

    TIR 5.4 Question

    Yes I have several times now. Are you telling me that I should see your entry in the list of games? Skip
  10. Bought Chase Plane after P3D V4 release and have never got it working with TIR 5. I have gone through some of the most recent posts on this problem and no solution has worked for me yet. Delete the 2 files, Delete settings file in Natural Point[ from the TIR forum], Turn off global. I have noticed that on the TIR5 screen, that up in the top left corner, it gives the title, the profile etc. And my title says FSFX, which I would guess is Chase plane but when I scroll down the list of titled games that TIR supports, there is no Chase Plane, FSFX,or Old Prop listings for supported games. Could this be my problem as my camera does not track only 1 green led lit? Thanks, Skip
  11. Personally, I Have stopped buying any and all aircraft and sceneries and also addons such as atc, clouds, and other utilities because I feel that the sim experience has come to a stale type wall and every new area or aircraft released are just more of the same ole same ole. And I have bought and supported developers offerings for years in the thousands of dollars. Bring on 64 bit and all the newer technology and to hell with all the older generation of addons. If you want to run your hanger of FSX or P3D addons then have at it with FSX or P3D 3.3.5. I am ready to move on, credit card in hand, to a more modern version of a flight sim that takes advantage of the newer hardware and software. It was fun while it lasted, but the time has come to proceed to a new generation type sim or I will find another hobby to spend my money on. Thanks for reading,Skip
  12. skipph

    Understanding Scenery Order

    Could you tell me how to move lines in Notepad? What keyboard commands are involved in moving whole lines? Sorry to be so clueless but I cannot seem to find the right combo. Thanks, Skip
  13. Hi Pete, I said way back when that I would be following this thread as I have had similar observations with long pauses and was reading all the suggestions and today decided to run the Glowing Heat B-58 at around 1000 feet terrain following up the West coast doing abt 700 knots with Orbx S.C. and Orbx N.C. which is the test I have been using and it was not until I had unchecked Orbx Vector that I finally saw my long pauses just stop happening. OK on the driver issue find. Skip
  14. Pete, I have the same observation as you, so I will be following this thread closely. Skip
  15. skipph

    PROATC-X v1.7 Released

    I tried to register again and was corrected about password parameters after the fact which led to another banishment to the penalty box for another hour, like all I have is time to fart around for this BS. Please state all the parameters up front and stop harassing the paid customers. Skip