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  1. I guess you did not read the original post correctly. I got this page to register, but Orbx did not provide the key on original invoice, so form gets thrown out. Did you get a key?
  2. Thanks for the reply, Does the key appear automatically when you reg. for Axis? I did register for Axis and got no key filled in automatically. Maybe if this was your situation, you might want to reconsider your response.
  3. Bought this program through the Orbx store and it worked well until they went to the Axis format and that is when it all went wrong for me. I cannot log into the program anymore and when it asks me to register for the Axis format, the program wants a key to register, but Orbx did not provide a key on the original invoice, not needed initially, but now it is for Axis. Has anybody run into this problem and if so , did you get it resolved? Put in a ticket to support, but they want a key also. I would be wary of this purchase as I cannot get a positive response from Orbx or Rex. Tnx , Skip
  4. Having nothing but aches and pains since the move to a new "streamlined" version that has just screwed the pooch in my install. Very disappointed with Rex and support.
  5. I have not decided on a flight recorder for 2020 and having used the FSX version which is not included with 2020 was wondering if there is a possible clone or near clone that works in 2020. The experimental version in 2020 is really confusing and gave up on that one. What are you using, free or pay ware? Does not matter. Just want a program that makes sense to a new old timer. I do not need production type programs, just one with fly by and tower views etc. Thanks for any comments, Skip
  6. Been down this road before with the recent XPlane version. This plane needs a lot of polish.
  7. There is a good YouTube video on this subject that advises you to open up device manager and disable your network adapter and this gets you out of the "loading loop". Then turn on the display adapter after getting in the sim then go to settings in sim and turn on data settings to your normal positions. Search loading loop on You tube and the video is there.
  8. Pretty sad to see the forum has 0 posts either plus or minus. Are you the only cheerleader? I would consider buying the 650 except for certain persons associated with the product.
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