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  1. Not a rw pilot, but did fly the PMDG MD-11 and loved it. Bought the Rotate version on early access to give support to the developers in Xplane and after a rough release and several updates, the Xplane version is starting to mature in a positive manner. Still needs work, but Rotate has a history of making things better with time, take the case of their MD-80, which is a real solid plane after a rough start. Hope this helps. Skip
  2. Used abt 1 year. No problems. Original owner. Warranty left with EVGA. This has the water cooler attached. Very quiet and runs cool. $1100.00 Skip
  3. It means your video card is stretching it's legs, especially at 4k
  4. If the mods don't take that comment down something's wrong.
  5. I think my answer is more accurate. And I have all the ortho I need. i
  6. Why slew the flight from takeoff to landing? Because the in between scenery is the weakest link in the presentation. We do not have a problem with Xplane airports or planes, just what is in between.
  7. Well, I was hesitant to buy this version, so I watched a few streams and videos put out by my particular favorite sources and there is a mixed consensus from all. Not surprising to say the least. So I purchased the download and flew a couple of circuits at a local airport that is familiar to me and I just could not get over what I was seeing for vfr scenery. XP-12, vanilla flavor, is just horrible for low and slow, and I mean I was not expecting the quality of MSFS, but neither was I expecting the low quality of scenery that was on parade in front of my eyes. It was not even close to being a fair representation of the scenery in real life. I know there are other plus factors to 12, but I do not see the pluses making up for the minus things that are important to me. But I paid my $60.00 to support the effort and maybe Laminar can turn this part of the sim around before this goes to final release. I really want this XP 12 to succeed as I have a lot of recent addon purchases in 11 as well as future planes that I want to use in 12. Come on Laminar! P.S. The new beaches around the ponds and lakes look like word not allowed. Not every body of water has 100% beach front around it. What are you thinking?
  8. I skipped the 700, will skip the 600. Maybe buy the 800. I have only bought the F-14 in 2020. Real picky on this sim after the FSX, P3D, etc. addon days. Really looking hard at the Fenix though. The EFB and all the features to bring along Simbrief, Navigraph and all calculations to get a flight going is really what I have been looking for. In no hurry to fill up the hanger in this sim. Skip
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