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  1. A good place to find answers would be their forums.
  2. As the topic says. Available through the OPS Center applet.
  3. Open Central, click on settings (gear icon upper right corner), click auto updates, disable anything you don't want to update automatically. Or uncheck "enable auto updates" and central will not update anything for you.
  4. No doubt she is..... Only skin deep. 😗
  5. Hate to say it. I purchased the first day it was out and I was enthusiastic about it. But now I have to call it as I see it. It's an abandoned project. There is no reason to believe it will get any further attention from the developer. I would not recommend it if you are particular about accurate systems. The G1000 doesn't do what a G1000 is supposed to do.
  6. I haven't switched just yet waiting to see how this plays out, but I wonder if it helps at all not loading the entire scenery library like we used to do in 32bit to avoid address space issues. Could DX12 be allocating space for all scenery to allow for faster loading, or do these OOMs occur with clean installs also?
  7. Don't know if anyone replied to you already but with the 2.1 release auto-throttles were simulated, but many in the community did not agree with this since this model did not have auto-throttles IRL, so I imagine that SPD-P might be a pitch mode where the AC will try to maintain speed with elevator pitch and the user will have to control power manually to desired climb or descent rate (more realistic).
  8. It's been "Live" for over a month now, but I agree, I'll be getting this update as soon as it's released as well!
  9. And it's an early access BETA. Wow these guys are truly special.
  10. Navigraph has a new simlink version If you're not prompted to update you can download the latest version from their website. Worked fine for me after the update.
  11. You had the approach nailed, I was just waiting for you to kick the rudder in and drop the wing then "cut to settings page", I figured then it didn't end as planned! LOL
  12. One of the better demo videos I've seen. Nice job.
  13. This video should help answer most of your questions regarding leaks air v. liquid and nzxt coolers. I would consider a more open case. The 710 looks a bit restrictive. The LianLi 011 dynamic strikes a good balance between aesthetics and performance there is also the Fractal Meshify S2.
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