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  1. If you are building your own, I'm assuming that you would be interested in overclocking at some point, and if so airflow will probably be important to you. With a full atx board, it's tricky to find a small case with good airflow. Two that can work for you are the Cooler Master HAF XB EVO ATX, or the Fractal design Meshify C. If you dont mind an open air design, in a dust free enviornment the Thermaltake Core P-3 on its side could also work.
  2. jalbino59

    A320 Family - Aerosoft or FSLabs ?

    I know this is not going to be a very popular response around here but here's my experience. I own the new AeroSoft Pro (31x and 32x packages), I do not own the FSL packages. AeroSoft promised a simulation based on actual everyday operation of these airplanes. They promised a new connected flight deck, they said that their offering was tested by type rated pilots, and that the bugs were minute items that most would not even notice. I wasn't interested in emergency procedures or failures so I decided to go with AeroSoft. The decision was mine and I'm not happy with my decision. If I had to do over I would get FSL airbuses. I'll leave it there.
  3. Thank you for your answer Stuart. That certainly explains the many .wav files in those folders, and it should have been a hint! Regards! Jose
  4. Hello all, I have been able to get MCE FO to interact with RC4 using the modified rc4 winwood 50,51 and 52 folders and files provided in the package. However, I can't figure out how to change the voice to match the FO I'm using in MCE (unless its William or Lorna). Let say I'm using Trav as my FO voice in MCE, and I want hear Trav's voice interacting RC4 as well, can you explain how I would make that change. Thanks again.
  5. jalbino59

    anyway to adjust brightness on G1000 units?

    Click the "menu" button on the PFD (pilot flying display) and use the FMS outer an inner dials to select the display and brightness level to your liking. Note that the lower the brightness the more banding will be noticeable on the display.
  6. No problem, thats what I thought. Thanks
  7. Hi, Are you at liberty to clarify for me, will the navigation database for the G1000 be update-able? I've already purchase the other developers product, but I won't hesitate in purchasing this one as well if it suits me better.
  8. Hello FS++, just checking, is TFDi 717 support available yet?
  9. jalbino59

    Product released!

    Just pulled the trigger on this one, had it all set up in 20 minutes including FSUIPC assignments and Chaseplane views. Loaded a sid and a quick flight plan super easy. Good G1000 in this one, navigraph data updated easily, smooth performance with my mediocre system. Hope the autopilot modes work as well, but yeah, really happy with this purchase.
  10. jalbino59

    ChasePlane version 1.0: where is it?

    Congratulations Keven. I'm currently on the experimental track. If I go stable will I loose any functionality as of today?
  11. Very nice! Having a proper perspective makes all the difference! Thanks for the video.
  12. jalbino59

    Product released!

    Just what I was looking for. Thank you @Pidder.
  13. jalbino59

    Jetways not animating in P3dV4

    They decided to combine both levels into one installer, (I prefer level to version to avoid confusing myself), giving users the option to unlock level 2 features for the additional fee. They always provided a fully unlocked version of GSX at no charge for use at their own airports and they've continued that with this iteration so there is really no change there. I imagine the reason they did this was to allow them to push updates via the live updater for either level at one time. A more thorough explanation of the update process would have worked better and helped them to deflect some of the blow back they've caused on themselves. Unfortunately these guys are a bit sensitive when it comes to accepting any constructive critique.
  14. Hello, do you think this fix for the SR22 could be adapted to work on other Carenado products that display the same behavior. Is it just a matter of editing the panel.cfg. I compared the original to the ones you provided and I think I noticed only one small change? Thanks again, been really enjoying the SR since I began using your fix.
  15. jalbino59

    Product released!

    Thank you, please let me know if it works with a flight plan once you get a chance to check.