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  1. Just sent the information requested. Thanks
  2. Hello guys, as the title states, the license file has been copied over to my MCE installation folder, but MCE refuses to read it at startup. What can I do?
  3. jalbino59

    Q787 P3Dv4.2 Captain flows

    Hi, In the installation notes the dev advises to run the app wizard so that the flows can be copied over into the correct folders, but you don't have to go as far as voice training.
  4. Sorry in advance for sounding un-informed, but what exactly is the "Gold" release? Is it an update to the Ultimate edition I already own?
  5. 1. Graphics cards have gotten very expensive due to the high demand. What's important is the resolution your looking for. AT 1080P, GTX1060 6GB should work fine with fairly high settings, A GTX1070 for max settings AT 2k-4k or VR, GTX1070 should work fine with fairly high settings, A GTX1080 series for max settings 2. Memory is still relatively cheap, get as much as you can fit on your motherboard. 3. As long as you can get updated drivers for all your hardware Windows 7 is still ok. I'm happy with my processor, but since you can't find any Z97 boards around anymore, I'm not sure what to do if mine goes. And thanks for reminding me I'm due for an GPU upgrade myself.
  6. jalbino59

    PilotEdge and MCE

    This might be the issue, you should leave this setting at its default, Scroll Lock, in the PilotEdge Client Then In FSUIPC assign the command "PTT Transmit On (SB3,RW,AVC)" to your yoke button. and "PTT Transmit OFF (SB3,RW,AVC)" to the same button when you release it. The commands are in the list. Also, make sure you have repeat this command unchecked. You can use the same button you currently use for MCE. Lastly, you will have to assign that button to each FSUIPC aircraft profile you intend to use on PilotEdge.
  7. jalbino59

    PilotEdge and MCE

    Hi Chuck, My settings are as follows, In [FEATURES].....PilotSpeaksToAtc=0, In [GAMEPAD]......UseWithVoxATC=1 //(set to 1 if you want to use the same joystick assignment with VoxATC. It will ensure FO doesn't listen to your speech while the joystick button is held down using VoxATC) Those are the only 2 variables I changed, I still use RC4 offline and PilotEdge online, no conflicts. But the cause of my problem had nothing to with MCE. I used FSUIPC to set up button for PTT as PilotEdge recommends. For familiarity, I used the same one assigned in MCE, no problem there. I then assigned that button to all my GA aircraft profiles in FSUIPC, but I forgot to assign them to my Commercial and Jet aircraft profiles and that's where I had the problem. Once I did that, everything worked like it should, and I have a crew to help out with the bigger planes. I don't if this will help you, but I hope you get your issue worked out. Regards, Jose
  8. jalbino59

    PilotEdge and MCE

    Disregard guys, user error. I figured it out.
  9. Hello, Has anyone here used MCE on the PilotEdge network? I believe they use a squakbox client but I cant be heard on the com with when MCE is active. I'm sure its a configuration issue. I'd appreciate any help.
  10. jalbino59

    Headset recommendation

    I have the first version. I think they call them the cloud core now. Great sound and excellent mike. Going on three yrs now. I got them because they remind me of David Clark H10s but in black.
  11. I'm also experiencing the same issue. Is there a fix or work around?
  12. Can anyone tell me how to request and obtain the required invitation code to join the support forums, please? Thanks