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  1. jalbino59

    Consistent NTDLL.DLL CTD's since update

    If you got the crash just entering or about to enter Canadian airspace from one of the nat tracks, it may not have anything to do with your installation. It may be related to this ongoing issue https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=129041.
  2. Hello @DrumsArt, Yes the MCE FO will handle all atc communications for you. Just speak, "you handle the atc", "your radio", "you have the radios", and it will interact with RC4. If you want the radios back, you can request that in similar fashion. I've been using MCE and RC4 for quite some time.
  3. Very nice, I've been using RC4 for a couple of years now, I never heard of this mod until now. Looking forward to trying it.
  4. jalbino59

    Carenado Seneca V

    Works fine, thanks again.
  5. jalbino59

    Carenado Seneca V

    Thanks Bert! I'll give it a go.
  6. jalbino59

    Carenado Seneca V

    Greetings all. Can anyone point me to a configuration GNS430's for the Carenado Seneca V, using the v2 guages. I'm afraid auto-detect / no bezel doesn't size the gauge correctly, and I'm absolutely clueless as to which value affects which dimension in the panel.cfg. Thanks!
  7. jalbino59

    DA62 G1000 Navagation Data

    The answer is no, the navdata has no effect on or change the functionality of the G1000 in the Vertx DA62 at all.
  8. jalbino59

    CS 757 III v1.3

    I'm not trying at all to be argumentative with you and I hope you don't see it as such but the Oxford dictionary defines the word "berate" as a verb meaning to "scold someone angrily". I don't think the term applies to the intent stated or implied in the posters call to action.
  9. jalbino59

    I-fly 747-8 just released.

    Edit: I almost forgot, my initial response to your post, while agreeing with you that it was, quoting you, "a little off topic" was nevertheless sarcastic, and I apologize if my attempt at humor offended you.
  10. jalbino59

    I-fly 747-8 just released.

    Mr. Murden, First. My intended "contribution" by opening this topic was to let the community at large know that there is another viable option now available for those, who like myself, currently lack the resources to invest PMDGs fantastic software. That was it, nothing more nothing less. Second. A very wise man once said, and I paraphrase, I only debate my intellectual equals, everyone else I teach. In that spirit I will inform you (teaching is a bit over the top when it comes to the minutia being discussed here) that the iFly provided configuration tool allows 3 different settings to tune VC for better performance as well. Before you ask, I have no idea what if any performance gains you can get from using it. But a quick glance at my hardware configuration, located near the same place you saw my name, would seem to indicate that 30 or so FPS would be about the best I can expect and I can easily provide good and smooth performance with either title (PMDG and or iFly) and therefor wouldn't justify the additional cash outlay, for the excellent PMDG offering, in my case. Again, I wanted to inform the community at large about another good option. Not just those with the resources and willingness to part with what many of us consider large sums of money. So then Mr. Murden, looking over your post to assure myself that I have answered every question in your response, I will now say I won't either engage in a debate with you or respond to any further taunts or statements directed to me, from you, at all. Regards,
  11. jalbino59

    I-fly 747-8 just released.

    Really? You think?
  12. jalbino59

    I-fly 747-8 just released.

    Can't answer that yet since It's just been released but here's a link to a pretty in depth review of the last version
  13. jalbino59

    I-fly 747-8 just released.

    Ifly just released SP3 which includes the -8. How about that.
  14. jalbino59

    Vertx DA62 DME/ADF

    I did not know that, I'll have a look at it, thanks for the info.
  15. jalbino59

    Vertx DA62 DME/ADF

    Hi guys. Question, does this really have adf modelled? where do you tune the freqency?