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  1. Dynamic Lighting issue at LatinVFR KMIA

    Thanks, I'll give it another shot
  2. Dynamic Lighting issue at LatinVFR KMIA

    Is anyone getting a virus warning before downloading the patch?
  3. Prepar3D V4.2

    Thank you Oliver, I will update, and again sorry for misplacing the post.
  4. Prepar3D V4.2

    Greetings. Are there any changes forthcoming for your add-on organizer, or is the current build p3d 4.2 compatible as is? I'm using v1.17 currently. Edit: Sorry, I should have ready the topic a bit more carefully. Didn't see this is for your payware titles initially.
  5. CS757 Panel State save?

    I asked CS about this as well as the fuel and payload options in the FMC. The developer replied, these options are not active at this time. They are still a work in progress and have no function at this time.
  6. Which is the most recent MCE version for 64bit? I'm currently on, is that the latest?
  7. Great, thanks again, will be cool to have William back on board!
  8. KATL AFCAD or Freeware Scenery for v4?

    Worked great for me too! Thanks again.
  9. Hi Gerald, some things must have changed because MCE no longer actions any commands other than radios frequencies and transponder codes with the new CS release.
  10. KATL AFCAD or Freeware Scenery for v4?

    Thanks I downloaded all the files. I'll look for the video and give this a try this evening. Thanks for the help.
  11. KATL AFCAD or Freeware Scenery for v4?

    Hello, can I have a quick how to on re-setting the flags?
  12. CaptainSim 757 Released!

    Yes you’re likely correct. Just checked a few cockpit videos and I didn’t see one. Thanks.
  13. CaptainSim 757 Released!

    Is it just me or has anyone one else wondered why there is no annunciation to let you know the spoilers/speedbrakes are armed for landing?. They deploy normally, and the handle moves to the armed position. But I don't see the status on the EICAS?