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  1. I'm assuming you're using an Nvidia card. What driver version do you have installed? I had to roll back to 512.95 drivers to resolve that problem.
  2. I believe modern GPUs are likely to be the most power demanding component. Here is a calculator I use when choosing a PSU, https://outervision.com/power-supply-calculator, Just plug in your devices and it will give you a recommendation I always go 100W beyond recommended for my own comfort.
  3. TGP is an acronym for Total Graphics Power. The amount in watts the GPU alone is capable of demanding from your power supply.
  4. I see the six radio buttons, and I tried clicking the calculate and draw button but nothing happens. I'm sure it's something on my end I'll clear my browser cache and try again. In the meantime I don't want to take you away from your activities so I'll just say thanks, Happy New Year, have fun but most of all be safe, and stay healthy.
  5. Hi, I just tried to use the calculator but for some reason it didn't draw out the table. I'm using the cpu in my sig that has 6 cores/12 threads but when I click the draw button I don't get any results displayed.
  6. Would like to see how that works with taller and wider CPU coolers, also doesn't DDR5 memory carry a voltage regulator chip on the stick how would moving the chip to the adapter pcb affect MB stability. Nice find though.
  7. Works for me, but I feel your frustration, hope it works out getting back your refund. Maybe AeroSoft NavData Pro will work out better. I tried it out it has a really nice interface though I don't know if all addons support it in cockpit EFBs. You may want to research that aspect before buying it if you decide to give it a try.
  8. The 30% of survey respondents that voted for these titles thought it was worth mentioning. But maybe I'm reading that wrong. Not a question of winning or losing, I just found it interesting. Maybe they could have asked P3D 64 bit and left the others out or combined them with (FSX/P3D 32bit) since they are essentially the same. But 2020 numbers are undeniably strong, never said they weren't. As a matter of fact I'm within 2 more strong updates of buying and setting up 2020 myself. Here are a couple of more questions I find Interesting questions not included in any survey (not singling out this one). Q1. When 2020 was first released, all who were paying attention noticed that many social media platform "influencers" were sent not only the title but a very generous "swag" package (first time Ive ever seen that done for a sim title), and a-lot of publicity for the PC gaming community as a whole (not just sim hobbyist). Was there any doubt this title would do well from the start with that kind of marketing effort? Q2. With many developers either droping, or delaying further development, where are the dollars earned from continued sales of ESP titles going. Most of these developers have not suspended sales of end of life releases as a matter of fact they often sell the titles at a higher price than there 2020 counterparts. So does it seem that revenues from these "dead" ESP titles are actually used to help finance 2020 development? Note, if the moderators feel this is off topic, please feel free to delete the post.
  9. Try (YOUR P3D ROOT FOLDER)\SimObjects\Airplanes\TFDi_Design_717. DON'T choose the data folder, the navigraph data manager will choose that folder and do the rest.
  10. Interesting how P3D is the only title that's separated into all 5 versions. If the inquiry had been P3D (All versions) would the percentages have changed? What if they asked about all versions of x-plane? or FSX for that matter?
  11. I haven't installed 5.3 yet but the setting's according to this video provided an excellent explanation and helped me achieve what I in my case were the best results in 5.2 maybe the new install reverted a previous setting maybe they'll help here. I'm using option 3.
  12. Am I hearing things or didn't they say that this project is in alpha phase?
  13. They are called "left" or "right" downwind departures or arrivals, and more correctly consists of two 90 degree turns (crosswind and downwind on departure / downwind, base and final on approach) rather than one 180 turn. These are standard traffic patterns. Some may call for 180 depending on obstruction but those would be non standard and depicted on charts or described in the A/F D (Airport and Facilities Directory)
  14. Sorry if its already been asked and answered, but can anyone let me know how to change the range in the center display? Thanks.
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