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  1. Great, thanks again, will be cool to have William back on board!
  2. Worked great for me too! Thanks again.
  3. Hi Gerald, some things must have changed because MCE no longer actions any commands other than radios frequencies and transponder codes with the new CS release.
  4. Thanks I downloaded all the files. I'll look for the video and give this a try this evening. Thanks for the help.
  5. Hello, can I have a quick how to on re-setting the flags?
  6. Yes you’re likely correct. Just checked a few cockpit videos and I didn’t see one. Thanks.
  7. Is it just me or has anyone one else wondered why there is no annunciation to let you know the spoilers/speedbrakes are armed for landing?. They deploy normally, and the handle moves to the armed position. But I don't see the status on the EICAS?
  8. I haven't used it in a while but I believe there is a patch on the Imaginesim website that addresses this problem. edit, my mistake, that patch is for the approach lighting.
  9. Well based on the mainly positive feedback here, and after checking to make sure CS was actually responding comments left on their own forums with respect to this offering, I decided to pull the trigger and I gotta say, Captain Sim, I ain't mad at ya. It's a pretty good v.1 release in my opinion.
  10. A question about systems, do the control surfaces move without hydraulics activated like the FSX version did?
  11. LOL, you don't have to rush very fast to beat CS to the market these days. But I have to agree, competition is good.
  12. Sorry, did not intend to mislead anyone on this forum Dan is correct, the folder for the airac updates for PMDG products is the root p3d folder. In my case though, the data manager did not find this automatically. Again I apologize for the mis-information.
  13. The default install location the FMS Data Manager uses is incorrect. Redirect the install to <Your Install drive>:PREPAR3D\PMDG. This should correct the problem.
  14. Thanks, reinstall was painless. Saved the fltsim.xx lines from the aircraft.cfg and texture folders also, so my liveries were all intact as well.