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  1. For your case I would recommend the Fractal Design Torrent or Torrent compact. They're both high airflow cases and the 2 180mm fans up front could run a little slower to make your build quieter especially if you decide to air cool. Also the power supply installs at the top so that heat source is dissipated more easily without adding heat to either the GPU or CPU.
  2. The registry edit takes care of masking the v4 installation for you. You can install the plane wherever you like. I have it outside P3D folder altogether.
  3. Happy to amuse you. It seemed simple to me but then again that's me. Hope it all works out for you.
  4. I never said they had an update. I said they have a v5 installer but that was also incorrect. The v4 installer may work by pointing it to your v5 root directory, if not it should definitely work with the same registry edit. I own both and chose to install the Vertx. It's still selling on their website. But back to your original inquiry, both are compatible. Enjoy whatever choice you make.
  5. Carenado has a v5 installer available. Vertx can be coaxed into v5 with a pretty this simple registry edit.
  6. Not at all my guy. The sixth one down the one with the bus right after VR looks fantastically real.
  7. Great looking shots, thanks for sharing them. BTW, Atlanta's ICAO is KATL not KALT😀
  8. In your case, since it's similar to mine, I would say none that cannot be overcome. In my troubleshooting I found that the character encoding for the addon.cfg file in two locations were incorrectly set which seemed to have caused some flightbeam sceneries (KDEN, KIAD, KSFO, LFBO are the ones I have) not to work (not necessarily caused by GSX). Also, the need to place custom aircraft gsx.cfg files in the alternate location, inside aircraft root folder rather than appdata-roaming-virtuali-airplanes causing some aircraft customizations, (CS titles in particular), not being saved once the sim is exited (again not necessarily caused by GSX, since the manual mentions this as an option, but in my case it was mandatory rather than optional to fix that issue.) The program is fine, but it requires quite a bit user troubleshooting to make it work right. Those are 2 examples I had to correct. l don't think that level of troubleshooting should be required in an RTM product.
  9. Depends on which version of P3D. v5 seems ok if installed on it's own. V4 still open issues, simultaneous installs v4/v5,MSFS in any combination still open issues.
  10. Yep lets keep supporting and apologizing for these developers that break things we pay for. Yep, lets bite our tongues and not call out bugs and lack of action to fix them. Yep let's keep castigating users for not being patient for fixes promised with no deadlines as to when these fixes will actually come. Yep we get what we deserve because we get what we allow. Tin hat conspiracy here but its my speculation these things are being done intentionally to force adoption and increase sales on the "new platform", remember the one that was supposedly set to improve our choices in whichever platform we choose to use? Competition is better for the consumer? The 3 great 64bit platform choices we had seems to have disappeared now hasn't it? why is that? FSDT is not alone here we all know it. Imagine the results we would get if P3D/MS/LR simultaneous install users decided to uninstall MSFS until developers addressed AND FIXED the issues on P3D AND VICE VERSA? and the same with LR. How would MS, LM or LR feel about that?
  11. Let's not exaggerate, last I checked the home subscription for real nav is 39.00 for 4 airac cycles. The higher prices are for the professional products meant for use on FAA approved simulators.
  12. Thanks. I installed the new drivers. The exterior lighting is working great in version P3D v5.3 HF2.
  13. Anyone using P3 v5.3? That’s where I first noticed the issue q
  14. I believe modern GPUs are likely to be the most power demanding component. Here is a calculator I use when choosing a PSU, https://outervision.com/power-supply-calculator, Just plug in your devices and it will give you a recommendation I always go 100W beyond recommended for my own comfort.
  15. TGP is an acronym for Total Graphics Power. The amount in watts the GPU alone is capable of demanding from your power supply.
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