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  1. Cjr60611

    Carenado S550 Citation II For X-Plane 11

    Oops! Just worked and I'm flying this beauty! So far, so good. Easy of the FPS, GTN integrated and pretty good dynamics. Well done Carenado!
  2. Cjr60611

    Carenado S550 Citation II For X-Plane 11

    Love me some business jets but Carenado's store was broken last night. System wouldn't let me buy it. 🙄
  3. Every time I try to go back to P3D I realize how expensive it is to add nice effects and scenery. As an XP convert I have a hidden desire to keep XP on the outskirts of the simming community. This way those that hate XP stay with P3D, FSX, Aerofly and FSW and continue to send loads of money to developers that sell mostly mediocre products. I say keep that money pit over there! XP is a beautiful sim that keeps getting better because the community is so dedicated, knowledgeable and helpful. I have XP running more realistic and efficient at 1/10th the cost of FSX and P3D (I speak from experience). I hope the XP community doesn't lose it's niche when all these developers realize there is an untapped market and start selling us unfinished and overpriced products. Indeed, XP devs sell stuff that is not always ready for prime time but, truthfully most of the add-ons I have are either free or I created myself (Ortho XP). I've never been so happy with a sim!!! "XP word not allowed"
  4. Traveling for business and can't wait to get home to start simming again! Been looking for videos of the AE CRJ. Thanks for posting!
  5. Cjr60611

    Because i love it (XP11)

    Beautiful shot! Where were you flying?
  6. I too have had some issues with Flight Factor products in the past. BUT, and this is a big "BUT", I find the key to this X-Plane platform is communicating with the community. EVERY problem I've had with anything in X-plane I've been able to resolve by searching the community forums, contacting developers and posting questions. This is what makes XP the best sim available, there is universal support as opposed to just developer support. Because X-Plane offers such an open platform, users have become quite versed in manipulating and fixing problems. I didn't experience that in FSX and P3D so at first it took time to get used to it. It took me time to realize this fact and there were moments I became very frustrated, like you. The key in X-Plane is use all the resources you have at your disposal to fix your problem. XP community will help you - every time.
  7. Cjr60611

    XP11 is simply the best...

    Great shots! Love to have your problem of excess! What are your rig specs?
  8. Cjr60611

    gtx 1070 upgrade

    I don't think you'll have any complaints with the GTX 1070. My only wonder is if the i5-4690 will bottleneck the GTX? But, that just a question, not a statement! There are others on this forum that can speak to those issues better than I can.
  9. Cjr60611

    Klax Arrival xp11

    Beautiful shots! Did you use reshade? And, what scenery pack do you have? Your LA looks a lot better than mine...
  10. Cjr60611

    Fed Up

  11. Yes, that is what I have been reading as well. Thanks for the advice
  12. Thanks for the insight! Not too familiar with CPU and GPU timing so I will investigate and follow your advice and look for the bottleneck. Thanks again...
  13. Thanks for the feedback! Didn't know that!
  14. Just had a baby so the funds are tight and I have about enough to upgrade my RAM from 16GB to 32GB or, I can purchase another GTX 1070 SC to run SLI on X-plane 11. Lots of information online about this topic but I'm feeling like the XP community can offer the best insight as my CPU is solely for XP simming. My specs; ASUS Z87-A 16GB RAM Intel i7-4790k NVIDIA GTX 1070 SC 500GB Samsung SSD I'm averaging about 20-30 FPS in most urban areas (KLAX, KATL, KMIA) and I'm not looking for large increase in FPS. Rather, I would like to see the FPS stabilize around 30FPS, if possible. Would two (2) GTX 1070's allow me to do that with my system? Or, should I just upgrade RAM? Any advice would be appreciated! PS - Don't want to upgrade MoBo at this time so that is not an option...