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  1. I find this update fabulous. I have minor adjustments in setting the peripherals but other than that flying is an absolute delight. Thanks for this update and I wish others are enjoying the latest MSFFS as well.
  2. All appears well. I uninstalled and reinstalled little navmap, got MSFS going and voila the previously grayed out items can now be worked with. A false alarm with a good outcome. Regards, Rolf
  3. I noticed that I could not activate Henryk's Global marine traffic. AI ships were for greyed out. I then also noticed that I could not save flight plans for export to MSFS 20 in my case. The other export options are also greyed out. I have been looking for the option to fix this but no luck. I feel certain I missed the item that would fix this dilemma and would appreciate some help. Thank you. Rolf
  4. The problem I have is that "show Simulator AI and multiplayer ship position and data on map" is greyed out along with a whole lot of others. Yesterday when I started little Navmap it was set in a dark mode. Today it is in a light mode with out any changes made by me. Yes, I have Neilsons Global Ship traffic (GAIST MSFS V2) in my community folder and I also loaded the scenery folder. I must be missing something. Rolf
  5. Hi All. Success at last but I am at a loss how it happened. I did follow Elcaro's suggestion, found Joy.cpl and went through the exercise and all buttons and items responded. Perhaps that corrected something that was amiss. I also re-updated the latest version of Nvidia driver 471.96 which I had previously rolled back. Thank you all for your help with his exercise . All suggestions will be kept in mind going forward. I suspect that challenges will continue to happen as MSFS keeps improving. Rolf
  6. Gentlemen, I appreciate your assistance. The AI Autotrim was off. Joy.cpl gets me to C:\WINDOWS\system32> and no further. The buttons on the Longitude respond but sporadically. I can't figure out how to get it to the number such as 3.2 . Again I tried assigning every category of elevation and it will not respond in planes. I even rolled back the latest Nvidea driver update. but no Joy. I am sure there is an answer but maybe not before the next update. Thanks again. Rolf
  7. Once i assigned the trim, and saved it and go back to resume to see if it works there is no response on the trim portion of the wings. I tried all options and essential options relating to Trimming but no luck,. I also deleted all assignments and restarted MSFS, and still no success. I am trying to use the #2 button on Saitek X56 Throttle which has worked before.
  8. I have spent the last two days tring to set trim on aircrafts, both MSFS default and Cessna Longitude v1.8.5 as well as the TBM930 0.6 improvement mod. There are no other files in my community files other than the two planes above. I have a Saitek /Logitech X56 HOTAS. all other settings appear to work fine but the Trim is proving to be impossible to set. I have tried all essential options but no luck. It worked fine a few days go. the only change is that I installed the latest NVIDEA driver 471.96. I can't imagine that would be problematic. Any ideas to solve this will be welcome. Thanks in advance. Rolf
  9. Great. I should have thought of that. Thank you. Rolf
  10. When starting a flight with the TBM & Bonanza it appears in skeleton form. I have been away from the flightsim computer during part of the summer and had an issue like that before that was fixed somehow. Unfortunately i don't recall how. I wonder if i picked the wrong TBM/Bonanza in MSFS when choosing the planes. How do you differentiate between Mods and Default when choosing planes in MSFS. I look forward to some guidance on this item. Thanks.
  11. I lost mine. Ah well. Good idea for me to do it again and maybe tackle some new settings in the Camera settings.
  12. I just noticed that the problems affects the interior cockpit view of the Bonanza and TBM 930 only so far. The Longitude, Baron G 58 and DA62 appear fine. All this after the recent update. Rolf
  13. When starting flights and having the cockpit view on, the plane appears as a skeleton. Once I have the exterior view all appears fine. Any idea what I am doing wrong?
  14. This worked for me. Good Luck. Rolf https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4402187356690-Redirected-to-the-Microsoft-Store-page-for-Gaming-Services-or-Error-0x80073D26-or-0x00000001-occurs-when-you-try-to-install-update-or-launch-MSFS
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