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  1. Thank you. That is such a beautiful region to fly in. Ill have a look at it again.
  2. Gentlemen, the problem has been solved. The Culprit was an addon named San Juan Island. This folder had 20 some airports as subfolders. I did not have problems like this before however after going through the isolation process this package ended up being the problem. I am certain there is a way to make it work however that will have to wait until tomorrow. Martin, I have not tackled the Addon linker as the FS starter, nor do I use FUIPC 7 yet with this sim. So much to learn. I am tankful for the help you Gentlemen offered so soon. Have a great rest of the weekend. Rolf
  3. I am running the Addon as Admin and MSFS not as Admin. Gentlemen I will try the disabling suggestion and report back. Thank you very much for the suggestion.
  4. I installed the Addon linker and following the guidance offered by bad2000 (YouTube). It appears to have been correctly installed. With the addon working and a number of airports selected I started MSFS 2020. The small 1GB update had previously been installed. MSFS continued the process of loading until the loading line was done and then no further activity. I went on to other activity and on return still no movement. It was still stuck at the New Activities (Statue of Liberty) page of MSFS. I would appreciate any help dealing with this issue. Thank you. Rolf
  5. The above replies explain it well. Thanks to LNM we can get a t least a good number of airports to choose from when planning a flight. Thank you all. Rolf
  6. Gentlemen, I think I am not doing it right. I just downloaded ENGM (Oslo) from https://flightsim.to/ again to see if I was doing it incorrectly. In my previous attempt it did not show up. This time it did. The difference appears to be that I included the whole folder once unzipped instead of just the airport folder. I tried a second time with KBLI and again it worked. It appears that the error was mine. The comments regarding Alex from LMN being very supportive is totally correct. I did ask for and received his assistance within minutes of posting the question. I misinterpreted his answer. My thanks to you for your imput. Rolf
  7. I am looking for a map that shows all Installed airports, be they payware, freeware or MSFS airports. Little NavMap shows some, however not all show up on their map even with the 'force map to show add-on airports' activated. It does not appear to pick up all the airports in the community folder and differentiate them by showing them on the map with a yellow circle. Thank you. Rolf
  8. I noticed that in MSFS 2020 not all airports are shown on LNM. Some are and some not. They maybe payware or freeware. Is there a setting I am missing? It is so handy to be able to identify airports as departures or destinations be the pay or freeware airports. Thanks, Rolf
  9. Not downloading the bin files was my error. After doing that the installer found the files and all went well until the end and then I also received the error. I ignored and I checked the scenery in MSFS and I am totally impressed. They did a fabulous job. Thanks for the help. Rolf
  10. I will give that a try and see what happens. Thank you.
  11. I bought it but I can't install it. after the .exe process it request that I install the disk #1. It was a download. Not sure where to go from here? Rolf
  12. I did not know that. I assumed it was part of the package. I lost the Bonanza 36T for a while from the Hangar and that was corrected by deleting third part liveries I installed. This made me believe that I had a similar problem on hand. I appreciate your help on this. Regards, Rolf
  13. The C 182T does not even show up in my Hangar as an Airplane available in MSFS2020.The Cessna 152 (2), 172(2) , 208 B(1) and Cessna Citation CJ4 are available. That is curious. Rolf
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