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  1. Next time sounds good. Rolf
  2. I also use Little Navmap. It works great. Rolf
  3. i used Opus for years and loved it. In the last little while I gave up on it because it became far to confusing to follow all the changes. The discussions in the forums became far to too technical and frustrating for someone who just wanted a great wheather engine. I changed to AS 4 and am happy I did. I am not certain wether they have sorted out the P3D v4 problems but then again I have not followed their forums lately. I have more time to fly ;) Regards, Rolf
  4. Alex, I am sorry but I am not sure what to look for and where to find it. If you can give me a hint I can see if I can dig it up. Regards, Rolf
  5. Alex, it appears that it uses its own flight format system. Universal 1E FMS. Someone (Traveler Pilot) has been working on an FPR converter that will allow flight plans to be imported into the Q400. It is still in beta I believe. I hope this is helpful. thanks for your interest. Regards, Rolf
  6. Alex, i am away from my computer but will get back to you once I did some more research. Thanks for your interest. Rolf
  7. Hi all, with the recent improvements in flightplan exporting capabilities, is it now possible to export flight plans to non-gps systems such as the Majestic Q400. If so, how. Your help will be appreciated. Thank you. Rolf
  8. Alex, the mountains were missing and you are right. I was flying in New Zealand, Northern Norway and Iceland. Thanks for the prompt response and this great product. Rolf
  9. At the bottom of the elevation profile I used to get a reflection of mountainous terrain to reflect safe altitudes. It no longer appears. Is there anything I forgot to do? Thank you., Rolf
  10. Hi Thomas, I was thinking about being able to use this in Little Navmap (LNM). I can't use LNM with the Majestic Q400. I can not find a GPS option instead of the FMS in the Q400. However were I to use Flightsim commander it wouldl automatically bring the plane from the point of interception of the ILS approach at 3000 ft to ground level at touch down. This issue is not a big deal since I would be landing the plane from the point of interception anyway however I thought I would throw it out there. For the purists who say I should learn all about the Flight Management System I agree, however that is my next challenge. Kindest regards, Rolf
  11. Thank you for a great product. I have yet to figure out how to have the altitude change can be triggered to descend when on an ILS approach to correspond with the approach. I have taken the Altitude Hold button off and that just causes the plane to loose altitude but without control. Thank you. Rolf
  12. Hi Alex, CYSJ is a Simaddons Airport and the "Adowe" Fix is about 20 nm east of the airport in the Bay of Fundy. The "Fixes" can be seen in the Flightsim Commander 9.6 map. I tried attaching a picture of that item without any luck. I look forward to the next revision but no hurry on my part. Thanks again. Rolf
  13. Hello again! I recently flew from Toronto CYTZ to Saint John N.B. CYSJ. Due to wind conditions I needed to land on Rwy 32. Typically I would aim for Adowe > Dugvo > Gablo and that would get me to Rwy 32. The heading of 320 would be set and all I need to concern myself would be the speed and altitude until I had the airport in sight. In FSC 9.6 they show Adowe as a fix on the map along with other fixes to get me to 32. I have not been able to see any such fixes on the LNM map although Adowe is identified as a transition point for rwy 32 on the approach information for the destination airport in this case CYSJ. I thought I looked everywhere, but then who knows. Maybe I am missing something. Kindest regards, Rolf