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  1. Hi Alex, Thanks once again. All is well. Your help is much appreciated. Rolf
  2. A really curious thing happened to me. I thought I was very familiar with Little Nav Map but after activating Little NavMap today all is fine with the exception that he Main Map is blank and after trying all kinds of options the world Map that should be there is no more. I have no doubt that there is a simple solution to this problem and that I just missed something. I am certain that I forgot to do something embarrassing simply. Any help will be appreciated. Rolf
  3. Hi Cees, Thank you for your offer. Curiously after a few days it showed up in my e-mail and all is fine. Probably something else I needed to learn. Maybe the request went back to you for approval. Thanks again. It is an excellent document and I look forward to the P3D v.4.1 update. Rolf
  4. It is truly a great aircraft. I have the latest version P3D v4.1 but like an earlier reader, I can not download the link. I end up in Google Drive with access prohibited. Even attempting to delete Google Drive does not work. Any idea of how to work around this would be great. Thanks a lot. Rolf
  5. Alex, Thank you very much. I will try that out. Rolf
  6. In the past I was able to use the ILS approaches allowing me to accurately land on the appropriate runway. The altitude did not work but that was not a problem since I could manually descend. I can no longer use the ILS approaches. When pressing "approach" the plane turns in directions other than the funnel indicates the direction it should take. I use Active Sky 16 and more often than not weather is such that I have to descend to 1500 ft before the runway is visible if I am lucky. I am taking this hobby one step further and have started trying to understand Sid's and Stars. It also occurs to me that Navigraph and FS Aerodata may play a role in the problem I have. I have been trying to find instructions on how they affect the ILS approaches but no luck so far. Any guidance in helping me understand this concept will be appreciated. Thanks a lot. Rolf
  7. Alex, It does. Thank so much. Fröhliche Weihnachten und Grüsse von Kanada. Rolf
  8. Alex, Thank you for giving us the option to transfer the flight plans into the Q400. The plans transfer directly into the :\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Airplanes\mjc8q400 /nav/routes - which is great. Once I enter the the FPL in the FMS and choose the flight plan of choice, it shows up as "No Link". I tried several different FP's but no luck. Do you have any ideas what may be the problem? Thanks a lot. Rolf
  9. Gentlemen, Thank you for pursuing this. While researching this issue I noticed that the developers of Majestic Q400 welcome interest from others to develop a way of importing Flightplans into their FMS. I look forward to being able to do so. Rolf
  10. Hi Alex, Now that the Majestic q400 is compatible with P3D v4, have you been able to provide us with a way of exporting the flight plans to the Majestic? Thanks a lot in advance. Rolf
  11. Rolfspan

    Anyone has / had OpusFSI?

    Next time sounds good. Rolf
  12. I also use Little Navmap. It works great. Rolf
  13. Rolfspan

    Anyone has / had OpusFSI?

    i used Opus for years and loved it. In the last little while I gave up on it because it became far to confusing to follow all the changes. The discussions in the forums became far to too technical and frustrating for someone who just wanted a great wheather engine. I changed to AS 4 and am happy I did. I am not certain wether they have sorted out the P3D v4 problems but then again I have not followed their forums lately. I have more time to fly ;) Regards, Rolf