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  1. Hi All, Occasionally I find that my main monitor fades out to black after 30 minutes of flying and nothing can be done to get the VCockpit view back. The sound is still going, Little navmap shows the planes progress but nothing can be done. , I have 3 Monitors with the main one being a 40" 4K Philips Monitor with the other two being used for Little NavMap/ KAcars, Active Sky, ProjectFLY etc. The plane I used is the Vertx DA62. Here my computer details. It does not happen often but it sure is annoying. My settings are pretty much to the right in most cases. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Windows 10 Pro 64 bit - I7 7700K CPU @4.20GHz - GPU GTX 1080- - 32.0 GB RAM - P3D v4.5
  2. Hi Alex, I did as suggested but it still flickers although not as often. Maybe there is something in my settings. I'll keep experimenting. Thank you for your help. Regards, Rolf
  3. When flying and following LNM the monitor flickers constantly. There is a suggestion that it might have to do with weather symbols and it might help if symbols are turned off at airports. Where do I find that? If there are any other suggestions that could stop flickering i would find that helpful as well. Thank you. Rolf
  4. Alex, This time it worked. I must have missed DATA somehow. All is well and your help is appreciated. Rolf
  5. Hi all, On the "New Map" topic, I could not unzip the "the File" with z7 although Winzip worked. Then I found maps/earth/ and 8 sub folders starting with Google-Maps-sat. No data file. I then added the full maps folder to the LNM folder and no change in options. Then I tried the earth folder only and again no change in options. I am definitely missing a step since everyone is so pleased with what is being offered. Any help will be appreciated. Rolf
  6. I followed some of the suggestions and stopped when the problem disappeared. I think eliminating a few items helped. I did remove the weather Icons and put them back on after starting a flight and now all seems to be well. I thank you both. Rolf
  7. Björn, I am trying to find the procedure to disable the weather icons. Can you please point me in the right direction? Thanks, Rolf
  8. Hi Alec, I am having problems having LNM respond in the smooth fashion that I have been used to in the Map. Trying to move the map has become problematic. LNM responds smoothly when it is the only app being used. As soon as I activate P3D v4.4 it starts stuttering and it does not respond where directed to move on the map. Occasionally it is smoother than other times while P3D is on but it is totally different. There appears to be some conflict. I did install the optional maps (Google) perhaps that slows things down. All tis is very recent and after the update although I m not suggesting that the update is the cause. No one else appears to have this problem. Any ideas on how to fix this would be appreciated. Thanks, Rolf
  9. Finally for once just a quick question. What format would we use to export the LNM plan (PLN?). Little navmap was mentioned as a the tool for that action. Thanks. Rolf
  10. Alex, I have great news. I reinstalled the Majestic and all appears well. All the old flight plans disappeared and we are starting with a new slate. The new LNM plan I put in is properly reflected in the FMS and that is great news. The only hiccup is the fact that the APU is attached to the plane in the plane selection section twirling around. That is something that I will check out with Majestic. Thanks for you patience and help. Fröhliche Weihnachten Rolf
  11. I deleted the cyulkbos flight plan and tried again. Still no luck and I can't get past the crash once PLT is pressed. Recently, I purchased a 1TB SSD Drive (G) to transfer everything P3D V4.4 to the G drive from the C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4.... to G:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4.... adding an X C:\Program Files\Lockheed MartinX\Prepar3D v4.... to make it inactive. I installed your update after deleting the old Little Navmap in my J (SSD) drive where it was before. I reinstalled Little NavMap to my J drive. I renamed the P3D/orbx scenery files where necessary. I reloaded your scenery library and all went well. The other planes I have use the PLN format and they work fine. In fact even the Majestic worked great for a week or so after the changes so that did not appear to cause the problem I have now with the Majestic. On the day in question I flew from CYSJ to CYUL with the LNM plan waited at the airport ready to take off when I was interrupted with everything running. After an hour I was free and loaded the CYUL > KBOS plan and that was it. I am tempted to uninstall the Majestic and reinstall it. What do you think? Rolf
  12. Today being December 14th., Release should be around the corner. I am looking forward to this purchase. Rolf
  13. Sorry that I was not clear in my answer. In order to choose a route I need to get into the FMS and follow this procedure - Accept/ FPL/ and copy PLT Route. As soon as I press the PLT Route button, P3d V4.4 crashes and disappears. This means I have no options to go to the other flight plans because P3D is gone. Normally once you press PLT it lists all of the FPR flight plans plans in the FMS to choose from and your on your way. Regards, Rolf
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