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  1. I haven't noticed any change. How are you measuring the reduction or is it a feeling (controls feel more crisp....)?
  2. A wonder if people would be so understanding if their new electric cars had issues as frequently and as fundamental as MSFS2020 has had. MSFS2020 was marketed as a 'finished' product. A software package that was ready for sale to the public. It was not marketed as a "beta" product. Asobo and company are professional programmers, not hobbyists, so it is reasonable to expect their product to be fully debugged before it is provided for use by the consumer. Yes, I purchased MSFS2020 and have enjoyed the eye candy. However, at the end of the day I want and expected a professionally produced product. I don't believe that is what I received.
  3. Has any of you who have flown in the current update seen an improvement in the aircraft ground handling, specifically, the handling during takeoff and landing? The problem has to do with the extreme over reaction of the aircraft to attempts to keep the aircraft straight at speeds over about 30 knots while on the ground. Additionally, have you seen an improvement in the ability to trim the aircraft for pitch stable flight?
  4. Always good to be first and alone.....thanks for your time.
  5. MSFS is working as normal. I did update the Nvidia drivers, however, I reinstalled the previous driver after I had the issue and the issue was still present. Don't use SteamVR, I am using the Microsoft Store version of MSFS.
  6. Started my VR today and when I attempted to display the desktop while in the VR housel alI got when I selected the desktop app was the standard window showing a couple quarter moons and zzzzz. Never had this occur before. Any ideas??? Same thing happens when I try to display Adobe or Edge. I can display the calendar and calculator. I am using the most current version of OpenXR/WMR. Nothing has changed on my system since I was lasts able to display apps as expected.
  7. Seems to have fixed my random CTD issue. At least for this morning anyway. Have flown for about two hours since updating the driver with of CTD. Previously, a CTD would occur within ~5 mins of any flight. One can only hope the driver update fixed it for good.
  8. Interesting development today on random CTD in MSFS2020. I updated my Nvidia driver to the latest release (released today) and have spent the morning flying with no CTDs. I can only hope the driver change fixed the CTD issue. Anyway, good for now.
  9. I am getting CTD without error as well. Just started with last update. CTD is random, but happens more than not. It happens about 5 minutes or so into a flight. Very frustrating.
  10. You are able to remove the doors, I haven't tried to open them.
  11. The 47g is a really nice addition to MSFS. It is truly a handful in realistic mode. But, as you said it is a challenge. Very enjoyable.
  12. I am using LNM in my VR cockpit via the Webserver mode. I have the map refresh set at 1 second and the map set on user aircraft. When I fly I see the aircraft moving on the map, however, as if I fly such that I am off the edge of the map the aircraft image disappears. Is there a setting to have the map scroll to keep the aircraft centered? On the regular map (not one projected by the Webserver) the aircraft stays centered with no problem.
  13. ppgas, thanks for the reply. I was aware of the customize html you referenced. My problem is I don't see a process for actually assigning/changing the default icon used for the user aircraft. I generally fly a helicopter, however, LNM only should an icon of a fixed wing as my aircraft. Perhaps I just don't understand the instructions in the html. Either way, if you know how to do this would be kind enough to share the process?
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