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  1. Seems to have fixed my random CTD issue. At least for this morning anyway. Have flown for about two hours since updating the driver with of CTD. Previously, a CTD would occur within ~5 mins of any flight. One can only hope the driver update fixed it for good.
  2. Interesting development today on random CTD in MSFS2020. I updated my Nvidia driver to the latest release (released today) and have spent the morning flying with no CTDs. I can only hope the driver change fixed the CTD issue. Anyway, good for now.
  3. I am getting CTD without error as well. Just started with last update. CTD is random, but happens more than not. It happens about 5 minutes or so into a flight. Very frustrating.
  4. You are able to remove the doors, I haven't tried to open them.
  5. The 47g is a really nice addition to MSFS. It is truly a handful in realistic mode. But, as you said it is a challenge. Very enjoyable.
  6. I am using LNM in my VR cockpit via the Webserver mode. I have the map refresh set at 1 second and the map set on user aircraft. When I fly I see the aircraft moving on the map, however, as if I fly such that I am off the edge of the map the aircraft image disappears. Is there a setting to have the map scroll to keep the aircraft centered? On the regular map (not one projected by the Webserver) the aircraft stays centered with no problem.
  7. ppgas, thanks for the reply. I was aware of the customize html you referenced. My problem is I don't see a process for actually assigning/changing the default icon used for the user aircraft. I generally fly a helicopter, however, LNM only should an icon of a fixed wing as my aircraft. Perhaps I just don't understand the instructions in the html. Either way, if you know how to do this would be kind enough to share the process?
  8. I want to set the default user aircraft icon to a helicopter instead of an airplane. How do I do that?
  9. I bind the VR cockpit view position key binds to buttons on my joystick. With that I can move all around the outside of the aircraft with no problem. I can get as close as I want to any part of the aircraft, no zoom needed. This also allows me to move outside the aircraft when flying to get a good look at the fuselage while in the air. Pretty handy.
  10. That is odd. I have had a G2 for several months and use it with P3D and MSFS2020 with no tracking issues.
  11. I have owned the Rifts CV1, used it for years, I purchased and return the Rift S, improvement over CV1 wasn't worth the cost, and, I now own and use the G2. The Rift S was not as comfortable as the G2 for me. I have found the G2 to be very comfortable for my head shape and well worth the small tradeoff concerning the FOV. Each person defines acceptable comfort differently, but, again for me the G2 is much more comfortable than the previous Rift variants. As you know clarity is excellent. Hope this information is helplful. Good Luck.......
  12. Go to their Discord channel for help. Very friendly and helpful folks. By the way, the helicopter project is coming along very well.
  13. P3D is not WMR compatible and the G2 is an WMR headset. Therefore, you need to use SteamVR and WMR for SteamVR to see P3D in VR with the G2. Once you get those two apps running you will have an option in P3D VR menu for SteamVR along with HMD Emulator. You would select SteamVR. Do a search in P3D forum for use of HP G2 for more deals.
  14. Those using the HP G2, do you have the mouse dot visible in the VR cockpit? I can see the dot on screen, but, not in the VR cockpit.
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