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  1. I have a partial Obutto R3volution cockpit that is free for pickup. The cockpit does not have the seat or the monitor mount. All the other accessories that come with the R3volution cockpit are present. I purchased it new several years ago and have replaced it with a motion platform. The cockpit is in Lacey Washington. I will not pack and ship. The cockpit is made of steel and would require considerable effort to properly package for shipment. If interested leave me a message with contact information to arrange for pickup. Detailed information on the cockpit is here: http://obutto.com/gaming-cockpits/r3volution-gaming-cockpit/ Regards, Danny
  2. DannyR

    Oculus Dash

    1.27. Danny
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    Oculus Dash

    Thanks Dave for your comments. I placed a thread on this subject in the Oculus forum as well. Danny
  4. I use P3DV4.2 native VR, Oculus Tray Tool, and Oculus VR with Dash. I use the Dash function to project a small window inside the cockpit to display the gps. Lately, this window has started to randomly loosing the gps display and going to a blue screen. I can restore the gps display by stopping and restarting both the Tray Tool and Oculus VR programs. Anyone seeing this as well? Any ideas how to fix it? Danny
  5. Thanks, but, I already found what I need. Regards, Danny
  6. Thanks, Jim. I had not and did go to EBay. Regards, Danny
  7. Here you go: http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=129391&p=179202&hilit=helicopter+autopilot#p179202 Danny
  8. I have moved my nvidia graphics drivers back one version and tried a couple of fixes recommended by microsoft, but, with no change. Also, updated my keyboard drivers with no change. Really odd. Danny
  9. Same upgrade here. I wonder if there is an issue with keyboard commands after the Windows 10 update? Danny
  10. Very similar. Puzzling.
  11. I have shift control 9 set in the keyboard commands to toggle GPS terrain. Sometimes it works sometimes not. I have checked duplicate assignments. Danny
  12. Just started having issues with keyboard commands not working consistently. Particularly for GPS control. Anyoneelse run into this? Danny P3D4.2, windows 10
  13. You can get information from here: http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=129391&p=179202&hilit=helicopter+autopilot#p179202 Danny
  14. I just purchased and installed the DOFReality H3. Still getting accustomed to to it, but, early on I am really enjoying the movement. It was just under $2200 total shipped to the US. Danny
  15. Has anyone gotten the AP to respond to keyboard assignments? I would like to get keyboard assignments setup so I can control the AP using voice control. Danny