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  1. My freezes have occurred even without AS active. So, AS may be part of the problem for some, but, at the moment I don't see it as a problem. I just want to fly the sim and enjoy the hobby, not tinker with config files and tweaks.
  2. Glad to see someone getting a completed flight in V5. I have not been able to complete a flight since updating to V5. The performance is very good. However, somewhere around an hour in to my flights the sim freezes, just stops responding. No crash, just stops responding. I have tried downclocking, uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, run DDU, disable Object Flow, etc. Same results. I really like V5, just hope LM can get the bugs out of it in the next HF release. Danny
  3. Anyone having trouble getting the scenery detail to load? I can't seem to get the detailed roads and ground textures to load. Both are very blurry.
  4. Morning Vic. Yes, even after doing a refresh in the Debug, there are no clouds in P3dV5 when using the latest beta of AS.
  5. Installed latest Beta version and it still doesn't show clouds when using EA in P3dV5. Still have the hazy to the horizon.
  6. I can't get a clear sky presentation with Active Sky and P3dV5 with EA on. There is a heavy haze instead of clear skies. Anyoneelse seeing this?
  7. I can confirm that the Task Manager doesn't show the correct GPU use, at least for me. The Task Manager on my system indicates GPU use of around 4 to 5%, while, GPU-Z should GPU usage anywhere from 60 to 90+ percent depending on the moment. Danny
  8. Anyone been able to get a truly unlimited visibility weather scenario in V5? I set the weather to clear skies and my visibility to unlimited, but, I still have a hazy covering the horizon. If I set the enhanced weather to on I get unlimited visibility, but, as soon as I turn it off, I get the hazy on the horizon again. Danny
  9. Anyone seeing AI traffic? I have AI for aircraft and boats at 75 percent and see nothing. Danny
  10. Another VR issue: When in VR the cockpit image moves/warps as you move your head. Danny
  11. Is there a way to migrate the addons that I had in P3dV4.5 via the Addon-organizer to P3dV5 without having to do each individual addon? Danny
  12. Mine block the zip as well. I overroad the block, downloaded and installed with no issue. Danny
  13. Yep, I got the same indication. Danny
  14. V5 installed and running. I fly exclusively VR, so, my comments are based on VR flight. 1. The oversized cockpit issue while in VR is back. 2. Presently installed Orbx stuff via Central. Having to install each scenery individually. Will take some time. Installing all scenery into xml. Will report back how that works. 3. Setup controls using the default P3d controls interface, until FSUIPC 6 is available. It works, just not as crisp as with FSUIPC. Danny
  15. Any idea when V6 will actually be available for purchase? It is listed, but, can not be purchased as yet. Danny
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