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  1. Hello, I've recently moved from FS9 to FSX and have the sim running pretty good. Everything is gorgeous and working fine - except for Xpause, which is not pausing my sim at when I tell it.....or at all for that matter. I used FSPause regularly when flying in FS9, so naturally I d/l Xpause for FSX. It loads my flightplan, recognizes the waypoint I choose, I turn on both pause and alarm for my action at the designated point and while the alarm sounds at the right time, the sim will not pause.....not matter what I've tried, which includes: re-installing Xpause / trying to pause at different points / making sure "pause on task" button is checked in FSX / FSUIPC is installed (altho not the registered version). Again, it seems to want to work as the alarm sounds just fine - just wont stop the sim. I'm not sure what else to try. Has anyone else experienced this, or have any suggestions? I relied on FSPause for my longer flights and would like to be able to do the same in FSX. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Chris
  2. ...for the Project Opensky 747-200 series. I'm looking for the special schemed logojets "Investing in Pacific Trade" and "Select 3-Speed Service" I had both at one time and I'm almost positive they were here at AVSIM before the hack. Thanks, I appreciate it. Chris
  3. just a quick question regarding AI models. i see that EvolveAI now has Embraer models for download. there are quite a few different models out there now, sometimes for the same type of aircraft. how do i know which are the better framerate performers? i have over 2,500 AI planes loaded, so good framerates are essential.would EvolveAI be a better fit than CDAI's models? are Aardvarks the best available? should i replace my CDAI Embraer's with EvolveAI's? any insight is appreciatedthxchris
  4. i'm currently running AS2004.5 B193 and i just purchased the ASv6/ASG full version. from reading some of the other threads, it sounds like i run the unwrapper 1st and then uninstall the old version. is this correct?once the old version is uninstalled i can then remove any residual files?i'm also running FS SkyWorld2004. i believe this can also be removed?thx!lookin forward to getting this up-n-running!chris
  5. my video card crashed on me this weekend. since i wasn't in the market for a new one when it happened, i've been somewhat "out-of-the-loop" in knowing whats available now. i want to replace an ATI 9800pro 128Mb card, and i would like to upgrade, but i think i'm limited to around $200. is there any chance of getting a better card for that much? if not, what are we talking $$ wise?if anyone could give me some insight and info, i would greatly appreciate it.thxchris
  6. ChrisJake

    Green trees in winter?!

    Luis, that did the trick!thankschris
  7. ChrisJake

    Green trees in winter?!

    ok...i've believe that Flightsim Brasil's Key West scenery is the culprit. here's what happens:when i un-install the scenery, ALL of my trees disappear and my autogen starts flashing white. when i put it back in, my autogen returns to normal and i get all of my trees back....except for fall and winter trees.i have an email into them, but in the meantime would love to hear any ideas as to how to fix this. it appears the installing the scenery changes or replaces something and uninstalling it does NOT put whatever it changes, back to the way it was before.thankschris
  8. ChrisJake

    Green trees in winter?!

    thanks, Philip. thats what i'm assuming too. i've narrowed it down to it happening in a 2 week period, but unfortunately i add/remove things from my FS more than i actually fly it! it could be 1 of dozens of things that caused it.i'm starting the slow process of trying to figure out which it may be.chris
  9. ChrisJake

    Green trees in winter?!

    yeah.....thanks for your help. :-roll
  10. ChrisJake

    Green trees in winter?!

    yeah, at least i think they are. i dont see ANY bare trees here at all. here's some screenshots of all 4 seasons in the order of spring/summer/fall/winter've looked in the texture folder and i DO have winter textures in there, but for whatever reason they are not being displayed.thxchris
  11. ChrisJake

    Green trees in winter?!

    um, no. i tested this is the northern US, Canada, and Denmark. snow is on the ground...winter textures look great....but i have green deciduous trees.chris
  12. ChrisJake

    Green trees in winter?!

    i just noticed that my deciduous trees are in full bloom in the middle of winter! going back and taking a look at my screenshots i see that this change took place sometime between Jan 30 and Feb 12. i'm also missing my fall trees! i have to believe that i installed something that did this...but i have no idea what. i tinker with my FS practically daily.i've tried re-installing gerrish gray's treesv3 but that didnt change anything. can anyone suggest a way to get my winter and fall trees back?thankschris
  13. ahhh...i see. altho, i didnt notice it before changing the cloud textures? i'll play around with the settings you mention.its actually a pretty cool effect....if only there was some way to randomize it, rather than having it square off.thanks, Damianedited for spelling
  14. hello all...not really sure if this is an activesky issue or possibly a FSW cloud issue. figured i'd post it in this forum where possibly both Damien and Chris Willis could see it....anyways...over the past 2 days i've installed both the activesky2004.5 update AND FSW's new high-cloud-performance clouds available over at now, when i'm at altitude i noticed that i'm over a nice smooth, flat layer of overcast but there are thin-lined, "taller" clouds that form the outline of a square. kind of makes it look like a checkerboard. from the AS2004.5 update, the only default setting that i've changed was to "extend TS levels" (i think thats how it read). when installed FSW's clouds, i used their DXT3 textures rather than 32bit.can anyone offer any ideas? thxchris
  15. yeah...most of the guys can be found somewhere around FS. i made some friends in their forums. you remember the 2 guys that frequented the forums at PFG? one was from Las Vegas and the other was from Texas...but their names escape me right now.btw...bobk from PFG can be found over at the meridian VA site. great VA!chris