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  1. rcbarend

    Wilco Tilt Rotor help!

    Why do I even bother to apperantly waste my time in replying in this thread ???? (see my first reply). Since the OP doesn't seem to read it, c.q. answer the questions asked. The best (and I dare say: only) source on helping to solve any (perceived) problems on VSTOL/hover in the Wilco BA609 Tiltrotor product was right here. Being me, as the creator of it. I'm out … Success …. Rob
  2. rcbarend

    Wilco Tilt Rotor help!

    Yes, many ...LoL A few questions first: 1. Are you using the BA609 Tiltrotor as is (like you got it from Wilco) or did you install any VSTOL addon later (like RCBvcb40.zip) ? 2. Does it do a true vertical takeoff with nacelles set at 90 degrees (== Full Flaps set) ? (if so , means that FSUIPC is working properly). 3. You say "forward movement is pronounced" Can you quantify that (a few Knots, 10-30 knots, or higher) ? Also, you say "the article says that fsuipc calibration is needed for ths AC" Not sure which article you refer to, but fsuipc calibration in NOT needed (that would require a registered version of FSUIPC). What IS needed, is that your controller (joystick, or whatever, axis) are calibrated properly. Like with any aircraft. FSUIPC just helps doing those calibrations, but can be done in other ways as well (and not specific for this Tiltrotor). Lastly: Observe the pitch/bank attitude and windspeed / direction, while the aircraft is "drifting"...… The Tiltrotor will only hover "on the spot" (in the simplest case) when windspeed is zero, pitch/bank attitude is zero, and nacelles at 90 degrees. In any other case, you can still make it hover "on the spot", by using stick input (elevator/aileron axis). - "Elevator axis" input controls pitch attitude. - "Ailerons axis" input controls bank attitude. Even in windy conditions (and full Realisme set in FSX), you can compensate the wind to obtain a hover on the spot. Example: if there is a 10-knots wind coming from 2 o'clock direction relative to the aircraft, you can compensate it to hover on the spot, by: - Pitching down a little. - Rolling (bank) to the right a bit. Does this solve your problem ?? Rob
  3. rcbarend

    Groundhandling in P3Dv4

    Not really. I'm not sure how you conclude that the Redistributables version is the problem (there may be other problems), but besides that: Each version of Microsoft VisualStudio has it's own, independant set of C++ libraries; meaning that if you have the libraries for VS-2017 allready installed, you SHOULD still be able install the C++ libraries for VS-2015 without any problem. I suspect that something in the Windows Registry tells your Windows install that these 2015 libraries are allready installed; so it may be corrupted (either the Registry or the Libraries themselves). Sorry I can't help further, since I'm no Windows expert. Rob
  4. rcbarend

    Best/most popular FSX add-ons?

    Hi, Euhhh …. Why wait with expanding your experiance beyond the default stuff, untill you have spare cash to spend ?? With ton's of great freeware addons available ?? That aside: "payware" doesn't necessarily mean it's "better" then available "freeware". A good example being Maryadi's freeware MV22 Osprey addon. Besides, some really out-of-the-ordinary addons are only availble as freeware. All depending on the type of addon's you are looking for …… Just saying that you don't have to spend any cash PerSé, to enhance your flightsim experiance .. Rob
  5. To further clarify, an example of an addon designed for FSX-Accel that won't work properly in FSX-SP2. Dino Cattaneo made a great simulation of the LM F-35B (an older version of it is freeware for FSX-Accel). By itself, this aircraft flies fine in FSX-SP2, except for one thing: setting the STOVL mode (based on the FS Tailhook function) is programmed using a FSX variable named TAILHOOK HANDLE. Although the Tailhook function itself allready exists in FS since FS2002, the used associated variable TAILHOOK HANDLE in the gauge code is available in FSX-Accel only (and not FSX-SP2). Hence this addon won't work properly in FSX-SP2. Just an example of an "under the hood" addition in Accel compared to SP2. Rob
  6. I completely agree with your last statement. But that is not what I (and another user in this thread) try to clarify…… Which is: If you install SP2 instead of Accel, not only do the new products (like new aircraft) that came with Accel don't work by just copying them into SP2, but a lot of third-party addons designed for Accel (and not related to these new products in Accel) won't work either. Maybe the confusion comes from the word "products".
  7. Hi Jim, As a designer, I can assure you that the difference between SP2 and Acceleration is more then a few added aircraft/boats/scenery and features like Sling hoist operation. Besides additional functionality in the FDE, Accel also has quite a few added Events and Variables; which makes some third-party (freeware or payware) addons designed for Accel, not to work properly (if at all) in FSX-SP2. Including some gauges I created. Some examples of added Avars in Accel are FOLDING WING HANDLE POSITION, TAILHOOK HANDLE and SURFACE RELATIVE GROUND SPEED. Although SP2 was released to the public after Accel for obvious commercial reasons, I strongly believe that Accel is just a continued development on top of SP2. The build numbers of the FSX.exe file supports this statement: - FSX-SP2: Buildnumber 61472 - FSX-Accel: Buildnumber 61637 Meaning that SP2 isn't a dumbed-down (and free) version of Accel. It suggests to me (unlike what Microsoft has always claimed), that the final SP2 product build was created by the development team before they finalised Accel; just made available after . Which would make sense by the way, both from a developement and commercial perspective. Regards, Rob
  8. rcbarend

    FSX groundhandling Brakes sounds

    If you are referring to my Groundhandling V6 addon: You can easily reduce the volume of the Brakes sound. Open the file XMLsound.ini with a tekst edittor like Notepad, and find the line Sound10=./Gauges/RCB_Groundhandling6/GH11_Brakes.wav,-1000 Replacing the value -1000 with -5000 or so, reduces the volume of the sound to be in-audible. Rob
  9. Hi Jevon, Very nice to read this thread and everything you accomplished to enhance this aircraft. And a real pleasure working with you on a few of the enhancements; not often I give support with my xml codings to someone that clearly knows what he wants AND give such detailled and clear (problem) descriptions as you did. Cheers, Rob
  10. rcbarend

    Groundhandling in P3Dv4

    See my reply to your same question in the P3D forum on flightsim.com Cheers, Rob
  11. rcbarend

    Groundhandling in P3Dv4

    I don't know the FSL 320, but what most probably happens then is that the FSL320 doesn't allow the Pbrakes to be set freely. Which would explain the "oscillation" you see: my gauge sets the Pbrakes and code in the FSL320 resets it again. Repetitively. Nothing I can do about that, sorry. Rob
  12. rcbarend

    Groundhandling in P3Dv4

    What 2D Window number are you using in "Window**" ?? As far as I'm aware, the max. is 19/20 or so in FSX, but maybe higher in P3Dv4. Also check if you added the Window** under the Window Titles section, and that ** is unique in the panel.cfg. Rob
  13. rcbarend

    Auto Gear Control

    Try my freeware GPWS gauge then, available at : http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/local_links.php?catid=213&linkid=23354 Works for P3Dv4.*. Which will warn you for gear and a lot of other things, and includes Altitude callouts. Cheers, Rob
  14. rcbarend

    Auto Gear Control

    No, there isn't. But could be done in a very simple XML gauge you can add to a panel.cfg If you PM me your EMail address, I'll mail you such a gauge and how to install it. Rob
  15. rcbarend

    Question regarding Dino Cattaneo F-35

    I don't think your system is the problem. I have the freeware version (V2.30) running smoothly on a PC (FSX-Accel, Win7) with system specs less then yours. Rob