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  1. Hi, Juan (user jjgp101) confirmed that the GHV6.1 update works fine in P3Dv5.1 Means that (with this update) installing GHv6 outside the P3D folder structure (instead of in the main ...P3D\gauges\ folder) works Okay. Rob
  2. If anyone is interested: I have a small update (V6.1) available as beta. Besides some small fixes (like some aircraft tilting over at pushback start/stop), you can now install the GH package in any folder outside the P3D folder structure. That is: where P3D can find addon gauges. So it's easier to install new P3Dv5 versions without the need to re-install the GH6 package. (solves the problem reported by user Emile, posted above) If interested, send me an EMail (see the README of GHv6 for my Email address). Rob
  3. Just do a search for file rcbgh-60.zip in the Avsim library. The download description says it all; and for details: download it, and read the detailed README please. Rob
  4. Ok, thanks for the confimation. So that also includes proper soundplaying during Pushback ?? Rob
  5. Did anyone try to use my GroundhandlingV6 addon in P3Dv5 ?? And if so, does it work Ok or not ?? Thanks for any reply. Rob Barendregt
  6. Sorry for the late reply (missed the post). Since you see a black window opening, most probably one of two things is wrong: 1. Some error in the panel.cfg definition, like a missing Window**= under WindowTitles 2. The panel.cfg is Ok, but the gauges cannot be found by P3D. Are you sure you have a folder ….P3D\Gauges\rcb-gauges\ (note the minus sign in the name) with all files in it ?? If you Email me your panel.cfg as attachment, I'll have a look (see the README for my Email address) Rob
  7. Hi, You say that "some" of the sounds fail to load. Do you hear ANY sounds (like the enigine reving / down, Window wipers, etc ) ?? Rob
  8. Hi Stan, No, you're not mistaken. The car will drive only as good as the scenery definition allows it..... Particularly with bridges and "spikes" in the default mesh/scenery elevation….. If you would taxi an aircraft on such spots, you will see the same problem. As a sidenote: AI-generated road vehicles may not have a problem at such spots; but frankly, there's really nothing realistic about them anyway. Just a visual gimmick (IMHO) Rob
  9. Are you sure you are using V101 ?? Because this spontaneous "engine shutdown" (when driving at higher altitudes) was solved in that update. Rob
  10. Yep, drives a lot better that way then with just a joystick. I use rudder pedals, and a flightyoke for steering ... Best regards, Rob
  11. Not sure how you come to this conclusion, but its wrong. The setting of the ParkingBrake (on or off) has NO effect on the ability to shift the transmission lever out-of Park mode in this sim addon. Regards, Rob PS: I assumed your statement applies to this Chevy sim addon. In the real Suburban, or most cars with an auto-transmission, there is a problem named "torque lock" when parking on a hill. Meaning it might be difficult to put the lever into or out-of Park position, because the weight of the car puts too much force on the parking pawl in the transmission. To prevent this "torque lock" problem, it is suggested to apply ParkingBrakes before setting the transmission lever into Park position. And then, before driving away, move the lever out-of Park position before you release the Parking brake. But this detail isn't modelled; hence my comment.
  12. A Caution text from the real Suburban user manual: "" Do not try to shift to P (Park) if the vehicle is moving. If you do, you could damage the transmission. Shift to P (Park) only when the vehicle is stopped. "" So also in this Chevy Suburban (both real and in this sim addon), it IS possible; though advised not too .....LoL. Cheers, Rob
  13. Hi, did you fully understand what is ment by "applying the brakes" in the QuickStart guide ?? That's either pulling your stick backward from center (default setting), or applying left-toebrake on a rudder-pedal set (you need to change the panel.cfg then). My guess is, you are Braking by using a key/button assigned to the standard key/button operated "Brakes" function in P3D. In this model, that has no effect. Reason: This "flightmodel" models a fully contiguous and proportional Brakes system; like when using toebrakes, which is based on setting a true brake "axis" in the sim .. Keys/buttons that generate the standard FSX/P3D "Brakes" commands, do not give a proper proportional response: the generated Brake force depends on how fast / how long "Brakes" commands are generated. Which makes it almost impossible to command a steady brake force for a while, like 20% , 50% or 70%. To see if you are really operating the Chevy's 'brake pedal' , open the Speed/RPM 2D window (Shift-1) and observe the left (red) bar in the RPM gauge. Which visualises the "brake pedal" force. Regards, Rob
  14. First question being: which version of the F35 package did you install ?? Second question: have you installed (at least the free, unregistered version of) FSUIPC ?? Without that, the F35B will behave like you describe …. Rob
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