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  1. rcbarend

    FSX groundhandling Brakes sounds

    If you are referring to my Groundhandling V6 addon: You can easily reduce the volume of the Brakes sound. Open the file XMLsound.ini with a tekst edittor like Notepad, and find the line Sound10=./Gauges/RCB_Groundhandling6/GH11_Brakes.wav,-1000 Replacing the value -1000 with -5000 or so, reduces the volume of the sound to be in-audible. Rob
  2. Hi Jevon, Very nice to read this thread and everything you accomplished to enhance this aircraft. And a real pleasure working with you on a few of the enhancements; not often I give support with my xml codings to someone that clearly knows what he wants AND give such detailled and clear (problem) descriptions as you did. Cheers, Rob
  3. rcbarend

    Groundhandling in P3Dv4

    See my reply to your same question in the P3D forum on flightsim.com Cheers, Rob
  4. rcbarend

    Groundhandling in P3Dv4

    I don't know the FSL 320, but what most probably happens then is that the FSL320 doesn't allow the Pbrakes to be set freely. Which would explain the "oscillation" you see: my gauge sets the Pbrakes and code in the FSL320 resets it again. Repetitively. Nothing I can do about that, sorry. Rob
  5. rcbarend

    Groundhandling in P3Dv4

    What 2D Window number are you using in "Window**" ?? As far as I'm aware, the max. is 19/20 or so in FSX, but maybe higher in P3Dv4. Also check if you added the Window** under the Window Titles section, and that ** is unique in the panel.cfg. Rob
  6. rcbarend

    Auto Gear Control

    Try my freeware GPWS gauge then, available at : http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/local_links.php?catid=213&linkid=23354 Works for P3Dv4.*. Which will warn you for gear and a lot of other things, and includes Altitude callouts. Cheers, Rob
  7. rcbarend

    Auto Gear Control

    No, there isn't. But could be done in a very simple XML gauge you can add to a panel.cfg If you PM me your EMail address, I'll mail you such a gauge and how to install it. Rob
  8. rcbarend

    Question regarding Dino Cattaneo F-35

    I don't think your system is the problem. I have the freeware version (V2.30) running smoothly on a PC (FSX-Accel, Win7) with system specs less then yours. Rob
  9. rcbarend

    Groundhandling in P3Dv4

    Hi Wolfgang, Pushback and Taxispeed exclude eachother. Disabling the Taxispeed gauge won't solve it because it doesn't do anything (other then displaying the actual groundspeed) when the Button isn't lit (so if you haven;t clicked it) .. But to make sure, just disable the Taxispeed gauge in the panel.cfg. It won;t help though, I'm sure .... As to something applying "brakes": Taxispeed doesn't give brake commands anymore. (unlike previous version), Now, since you have this "stuttering" problem with only these two aircraft, and not others, I suspect their code may use a simular trick as I use: overwriting calculated speed via SImConnect. Not sure, and not sure why, but if so: That WILL interfere with the Pushback "free control" gauge.... Nothing I can do to solve that; sorry. As to increasing the Pushback speed in "free control": there is no parameter, it;s a hard-code value in the gauge. Regards, Rob
  10. First, I must admit I don't have a clue what "Spad.next" is. I seriously doubt that it's easier to solve your problem ("setting Lvars with keystrokes / joystick button presses) with "Spad.next" compared to a small XML gauge with a script for XMLKEYS. But, as an XML programmer, I'm biassed ...Lol And I DO realise that percieved "complexity" all depends on what one allready knows. Success .... Rob .
  11. Hi Tom, Of course you are right. What I was trying to say that even with XMLKEYS, you still need to create an XML gauge that includes the script for XMLKEYS. Or have I missed something ? Best, Rob
  12. Just set your Network connection to "Metered" (connection with datalimit) and WIndows10 (incl. Home) will never automatically download&install updates. Not even for WindowsDefender (if you have that active as Antivirus); but you can update that manually, without initiating other updates. Rob
  13. No other way I know of, other then programming it in your own XML gauge of course. The XMLKEYS class of XMLTools, merely allows you to trap keys and assign events (commands) to it; not write data to an L:var. (as far as I know) Rob
  14. rcbarend

    P3D FIX FOR "Error Creating Child Window"

    I think you and Jim are both right .... From what I know: There's a difference in Windows7 behaviour, depending on used Intel processor: - Windows7 on 5th-generation Intel processors and earlier. Can be installed and is updated. BUT: mainstream support has ended, only security updates untill 2020. - Windows7 on 6th-generation Intel processors (Skylake)): Can still be installed and is updated. BUT: mainstream support has ended, only security updates untill 2018. - Windows7 on 7th-generation Intel processors (Kaby Lake): Can still be installed, but refuses to do any Windows7 updates (including security updates). Which is blocked in the processor itself, but apperantly that can be patched (but patching a processor doesn't sound like a good idea for most PC users) So it's kind of a catch if someone buys a modern PC now and still want to use Windows7. - Windows7: Very stable, but no support on the latest Intel processors. And all support ends in 2020 anyway. And we know by know (recent malware) what the risk is of having no Windows security updates on an on-line PC - Windows10: Works very stable (even for FSX and P3Dv3), UNTILL Microsoft goofs up again with mandatory "updates". Like the dreaded "CreateWindowEx function" problem for some 32-bit applications in the Fall Creators update (1709). Still not solved .....*sigh* Rob
  15. rcbarend

    Groundhandling in P3Dv4

    I have just uploaded the package to the avsim library (file rcbgh-60.zip, ID 365277) Should be available soon .... Enjoy ... Rob Barendregt