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  1. I don't think this is strange at all ... FFB has been a feature in many predecessors of MSFS (from FS98 upto P3DV5) , whatever one thinks of it's realisme. It just shows that MSFS (with all it's great, especially visual, features) in it's current state, is years away from implementing ALL flightsim features in ALL of these previous MS/LM flightsim versions. This is just another example; as there are many more. Rob
  2. HI, First of all, welcome to this forum and thanks for contributing your findings to the flightsim community. That said: I assume you mean with "MSFS" : FSX (original, Accell, or SteamEdition) . Because you wrote your suggestion in this forum. Unfortunately, the term "MSFS" is 'hyjacked" by the new Flightsim version released by Microsoft in 2020. Not to offend anyone, just trying to avoid confusion. Secondly (and again, to avoid confusion) copying the panel.cfg from one plane to another isn't a good idea. What you probably ment to say: copy the Autopilot section of the panel.cfg of the B747 to the panel.cfg of other aircraft that doesn't have such an Autopilot. Right ?? (If such an Autopilot is realistic or not for another plane: whatever a flightsimmer prefers ...LoL). Just want to add, that coping the Autopilot panel.cfg section of the B747 might not be enough. Because a few lines in a.o. the [autopilot] section of the aircraft.cfg, also influences if/how those AP functions work ... Like (examples): autopilot_available= flight_director_available= autothrottle_available= autothrottle_arming_required= Rob
  3. Are you the same user 'blueshark747' who replied in this thread less then a month ago: Some quotes from that post: "" Enjoyment doesn't have an expiration date and none of these sims replace each other. They are all different sims imo. I currently enjoy FSX alongside MSFS both in VR. I feel they are two different sims with two totally different moods,feelings and visuals. FSX has a ton of more freedom and possibility than MSFS currently. FSX still has my favorite fixed wing and rotary aircraft, still runs much more solid in VR than MSFS for now. I still prefer FSX handling and aerodynamics feel over MSFS( "but.. but Blueshark MSFS has more modern actual real scientific modeled wind,aerodynamics,physics systems blah blah") yes we know none of this means the aircraft are actually fun to fly though. In which in my case they simply do not. I'm not a fan of the twitchy bouncy nose trim and several other issues with the vanilla heavy tubeliners in MSFS. So for now FSX is still my go to for serious long haul flights and rotary fun. "" Maybe I can't read English anymore (sorry, I'm Dutch), but I'm curious to know what has obviously changed your opinion. You gave, and I agree, enough arguments why MSFS in its current state, is NOT a replacement of FSX; depending what one's interrest in flightsimming is. And I don't understand why you think you can speak on behalf of "all simmers" .... Certainly not for me, As a freeware designer who made/published 100+ addons for FSX, and as a user of MSFS too, I won't even start to give many more examples of simming enjoyment possible in FSX, and not (YET) in MSFS. As to your reference to "Market Statistics": Which "Market Statistics" ??? - Sales figures ?? - Hours spent in flightsimming ?? - Hours spent in writing comments in various flightsim forums ?? - Etc ..... Please explain ..... Those are very different statistics ; some of which are completely unknown, If only because many active flightsimmers are not active on flightsim forums, Regards, Rob
  4. The most likely reason is, that you haven't installed FSUIPC (or if you have a version that isn't working properly for the FSX version you are using). In FSX, check the menu line, item Addons. In it, there should be an item 'FSUIPC'. Click it, and read the version number ..... Rob
  5. Works perfect with FSUIPC both registered or not, as far as I know (and for me). Not sure what you mean by a 'green bar' (I'm using Windows7/10 in the classic style). But whatever: this FSUIPC VAS-info is displayed in the top-line of the window frame; so is ONLY visible in Windowed-mode, NOT in Fullscreen-mode Rob
  6. See also the above post on how to edit your posts on avsim. As to 'tweaking the gauge to your aircraft': (like # of flaps positions, Vspeeds depending on set flaps and actual total weight) The default settings are for a Fokker F28. See comment in the gauge code, and README, and how to change them. Of course, it works as-good-as the data you configure in the gauge .... 😉 Rob
  7. I just had a look at my code again, but I'm not using any variables that are specific for FSX-Accel/Steam. So it should work for FSX-RTM, FSX-SP1 and FSX-SP2 as well; I just can't test that myself anymore.
  8. Maybe this http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/local_links.php?catid=218&linkid=23355 is something for you to try. Includes what you are after; has some takeoff configuration checks as well (like min. flaps, spoiler and weight checks). And can be easily configured for any aircraft by editting the XML init values. Rob
  9. Hi, I'm a Win10-Home user, and since I use one PC for Flightsimming as well as many other applications, I really detest the Win10 'uncontrollable' auto-update feature. For obvious reasons; just read the many examples on where Microsoft goofed up with updates suddenly causing something not to work anymore. How I deal with this: I set the properties of my Internet connection to "metered" (i.e. 'connection with a data-limit'); meaning that when Win10 tries to auto-download an update, this will fail so my PC is not affected. This gives me the oppertunity to move to another Win10 version/built when I am ready for it; after carefully following the Internet forums on potential problems that might affect my PC configuration. For me, this way-of-working with Win10-Home worked flawlessly for 4 years now. Upto/including the latest Win10 2004 version. The only disadvantage (for me): the standard Windows Defender (I don't use third-party anti-virus/malware programs) warns me that the protection libraries are out-of-date (after a week or so). But that's easily corrected by initiating that download manually every week, when asked to. Rob
  10. As far as I can tell, it's just a proprietary binary format. So without the source code that read/writes the file, there's no way you can do anything with it. I also doubt the designer will / would document the contents of the .frc file for the purpose you want to use it for. Regards, Rob
  11. First, I am writing this comment as a retired ICT Program Manager , and as a developper of many freeware FSX/P3D addon's. Second, another user (sorry, I couldn't find back the exact posts in this mess of FS2020 threads) tried to explain 'agile SW development' and it's consequences. Now, whatever one's personal opinion is on the quality of FS2020, if you like it or not and why, and how Microsoft deals with it's initial release/'updates'/'patches': The term 'agile SW development' perfectly fits the development/support cycle of FS2020. But If one tries to grasp the meaning the terms alpha and beta testing in Sw development (just do a google search), you will understand why those terms makes no sense in the way that FS2020 is developped / released / supported. Lastly: my personal opinion on FS2020 ? Not relevant.... Except for one thing: I detest the formal name 'Microsoft Flight Simulator'. As if nothing existed before that, or Microsoft is trying to make a clean break with any Flightsimulator involvement before. Which I don't understand; being a flightsimmer since FS95 was released, But I'm a simple, technical guy, not a marketeer ....LoL Rob
  12. If you disable Speedhold , and give Full Throttle, does the aircraft then reaches (or exceeds) 280 Knots in the same flight conditions ?? If so: In the aircraft.cfg, raise the value of autothrottle_max_rpm = 92 Try 100 - 110 or so. Rob
  13. Not sure which Pushback addon you refer to, but IF it is my Groundhandling addon (which includes Pushback): Just send me an Email (see Email address in my Readme) and we'll get this sorted. Rob
  14. ps. installing the new version is more complex then just use the new panel.cfg definition, since the whole package structure has changed. Rob
  15. Cuven, As I asked, please contact me via Email. Either by PM- ing me your Email address, or send me an Email directly. My Email address is in all of my README's. I do support all my freeware, but not via all these PrivateMessage systems; way too complex for me since I can't track all the support for the 100+ freeware addons I ever made and maintain. Regards, Rob
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