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  1. I have re-installed FSX and pilot2atc but when trying to connect to fsx get a message ' Connection Open failed. FSUIPC.FSUIPOCException;FSUIPC Error #2 etc ' Hoping you can help regards Brian
  2. Good Morning Dave Sorry for my ignorance (old age) but as far as I am aware I purchased this program from the pilot2atc website regards
  3. Could some please give me instructions needed for adding apchart to an aircraft panel. eg window00=chart viewer etc. Any help would be much appreciated regards Brian
  4. I am so sorry but it appears I have somehow deleted the email containing my license key regards Brian
  5. I am unable to register pilot2atc. When selecting verify account I get error #403 Verification code not found Any help would be much appreciated regards Brian
  6. Followed your instructions with no success. Think I will have to abandon the idea of installing apchart regards Brian
  7. I extract the apchart.zip file and select Setup and I get the error regards Brian
  8. Ok tried that but no different regards Brian
  9. I am running FS2004 and window 10. When trying to install apchart I get a message ' neither flight simulator 2004, nor flight simulator X can be found on your computer, Installation will be cancelled. Any help would be much appreciated regards Brian
  10. OK Solved. Not sure exactly what it was but suspect that it was due to US language not being set to default input language regards Brian
  11. When selecting ? i get options and when selecting clearance I get options I then select ' ready to copy IFR clearance ' which shows in gold lettering, I then select Sayit and the co-pilot says ' Speedbird 306 ready to copy IFR clearance ' which shows in green lettering. But then there is no response from ATC and the Sayit button is grey and does not turn green when selecting. I am also having the same problems with then PTT button. Please help! regards Brian
  12. SOLVED. downloaded latest Navigraph Airac cycle regards Brian
  13. I have purchased and installed Pilot2ATC but when selecting I get an error message ' Unable to initialize Database. Cannot open database E\PILOT2ATC_2018_x64\DATA\P2ABASEDATA.MDF ' Hoping someone can help regards Brian
  14. Hello Dave Sorry to be a nuisance but I have followed all your instructions without success. When I select practice in Grammar Help I get an error message. I took a screenshot but am unable to attach it regards Brian
  15. I have purchased and installed Pilot2ATC but when selecting connect I only get 'Simulator Connected' and 'Recognition Engine Installed' but no Gramma FSUIPC7 is connected and PWR light is green. When going to Grammar Help and selecting the Practice button then pressing the PTT button nothing happens. The default language is set to US Hoping someone can help regards Brian
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