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  1. @787flyer Wow... I didn't know that, actually I don't fly FMC equipped acft too often... Project airbus don't come with MCDU...
  2. I am using project airbus A320-200(IAE)... and there was no manual with it, can you help me finding that Climb perf chart? PS : FOUND IT! https://www.scribd.com/document/437654376/A320-Project-Airbus-Manual-CFM56-5B4#download Thanks a lot @Chock
  3. I have seen while doing long haul flights, when you carry a lot of fuel, climbing straight away to FL380 isn't possible, the aircraft will stall somewhere around FL340. So I have to wait for like 5-15 mins, and then increase altitude by 1000ft and so on... nd you Slowly reach your Cruising altitude. My question is, Is there any other way to find/calculate what FL is feasible for the current load, instead of waiting for that scary stall whistle?
  4. I don't use fsx flight planner anymore. I use Simple pln maker: https://www.aero.sors.fr/designer_pilot_utilities2.html This amazing freeware lets you create fsx plans by simply entering the waypoint names and even RNAV waypoints. Adding SIDS and STARS is a piece of cake for this software. You just have the charts and enter the RNAV waypoint names in it... Then choose your Cruise altitude and simply extract the .pln file...
  5. @Angels40 Bro I did exactly the same! 😶. @blueshark747 yes pls tell when you finally discover it 😅
  6. No bro. No tower addon, Simple default fsx tower. Nothing like that. But the only difference is that I am not online in Multiplayer. There is a trick to play fsx as ATC and monitor AI traffic sitting in the tower : read this ☝️
  7. @charliearon No bro, that's definitely fsx. Its been a week when I uninstalled FS2004 from my PC. Now the only sim I have is FSX.
  8. Hello Guys! I just found a way to play as ATC in fsx.. in single player, offline.. long method, cant discuss here.... tell me if you still need I'll give the link to that thread. But the problem is: cant see anything through the windows!
  9. The bug is not only with this particular livery... It happens with many other liveries/aircrafts... I one case, switching the cabin lights off would remove the blue cover but it comes back when cabin lights are turned back on... This seems like some missing night DDS file or texture bug... I was searching for a solution like... A way to convert Day textures files to night textures... Or anything that fixes it...
  10. Hi Everyone! Many of my aircraft repaints turns Blue as shown in image when I load them at Night.. How can I fix that.. Everything is perfect in day..
  11. Hello everyone, I am having real trouble compiling bgl's using ADE. Can anyone pls do li'l bit changes to the attached scenery using ADE, whenever you are free, I will be really grateful... You just need to Close Runway 29/11 for landings and Close runway 28/10 for takeoffs. Thanks a lot in advance... Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dz6xjlL9a23uHuX-VTYT1HEiXXF5Fr_m/view?usp=sharing Harsh Sharma
  12. Really glad to see your interest! Scianoir can you pls share the scenery that you use for vabb that has raod traffic... Something is better than Nothing....🤭
  13. Scianoir thankyou very much for that! I'll wait for your observation 🤗
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