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  1. onlineflightplanner.org basically uses RouteFinder. So you can directly visit RouteFinder (http://rfinder.asalink.net/free/). It has the AIRAC cycle option. But that site too is shown as Not Secure... Although until you dont enter personal data, I dont think there is any harm visiting unsecure sites... I have been using onlineflightplanner.or for an year, and no issues yet. Its still your descision 😉. Tip: Do you know Simple PLN Maker? An amazing flight planner! It has very updated Flight planning data incl RNAV wpts... Completely free.
  2. Hi everyone! Every time I load My Flights, I have to reprogram my FMC (Honeywell), which is very annoying, especially for Long flights which are not completed in one go and Flight plan too is verry big... So is there a way to save flights along with FMC state? Thanks in advance! Harsh Sharma
  3. GOOD NEWS! The problem is SOLVED! That PA 320 was the culprit. Thanks Luis and HiBypass, for the hint. I downloaded the DJC textures and used them in the Aircraft_AirAsia_India_Su19 file. And now It is working!🤩
  4. I just want to know if it is just those three files only that need to be compiled into a bgl for AI Traffic to work...? Or I am missing something?.... like i found this additional file in Indigo WOAI Package filename is SETUP.cfg [MRAISetup] AIRLINE= IndiGo CALLSIGN=IFLY VALID=Summer 2013 WEEK=August 15th - August 21th, 2013 PERFECTION=3008 flights included RELEASEDATE=August 22, 2013 IATA CODE=6E ICAO CODE=IGO [Aircraft] IndiGo|IGO|IFLY|AC#1,200,"FAIB A320-200 IAE IndiGo" IndiGo|IGO|IFLY|AC#2,200,"FAIB A320-200 IAE IndiGo Sharklets" Whose purpose (and where to add this information) I never knew... maybe this information is missing in Airasia's package... that is why it is not working....
  5. I was searching for WOAI AirAsia India package but couldnt find as it is a new airline... But I have downloaded (i dont remember the site) these three text files Aircraft_AirAsia_India_Su19 (In this I am using one of my PA Airasia India A320's Title) Airports_AirAsia_India_Su19 FlightPlans_AirAsia_India_Su19 Here's what I did: went in fsx > Scenery > World > Scenery > then make a copy of Traffic_000_WoA_Indigo Airlines_Su10.bgl and renamed it to Traffic_AirAsia_India_Su19.bgl then using TTools, imported above three files to Traffic_AirAsia_India_Su19.bgl which makes my fsx crash. So I renamed the Aircraft Title name with BUG_ suffix in the Aircraft_AirAsia_India_Su19 file so that it dont catch that aircraft and now FSX works. but without AirAsia... Can anyone help? Also Note: In AI_Companion's BGL Analyse section... It is saying 0 Errors and 0 Warnings. I think problem is maybe with my PA 320 Airasia... (works fine when it load it tho..)
  6. But I still don't know if planG has started to support FS200 of not!
  7. Use PlanG. It is an amazing Flight planner... 1. In the Quick Plan option, Enter Desired Dept and Arrv Airports. 2. In the Route section simply write DCT 3. Then Add the VORs and NDBs to plan by right clicking on them on the map. 4. Then Go to View>Plan. And here you can even rearrange your waypoints (VOR/NDB). You can also add ANY point on the map to your plan. Remember to keep Dept airport at top and Arrv arpt at very bottom. Harsh Sharma
  8. Edit: It didnt make any change \\if ya confused! How do you edit already posted replies on avsim?
  9. I tested and, It IS working! 😀. So now you can Change it at your site 😉! But it calls out V1 at ~170 IAS Vr at ~180 IAS in Default fsx Boeing 737-800 (low wt flap 2). Rest Everything is just SUPERB! I also changed (increased) values to 140 and 145 IAS (Low wt flap-2) in the XML file but I don't think it made any change... Tonight I will change it for all the 0,1,2,3 flap settings and lets see if it works...
  10. "Works for FSX-Accel, FSX-SE, P3Dv2/3 and P3Dv4" Mine is Deluxe.... 😔
  11. Hello everyone! JELAIR's Vspeed Gauge is amazing! It calls out 80 knots, V1, Rotate and V2. Is there a way, by editing the XML, I could add few more Callouts for "Positive Rate - Gear UP" and if possible, flaps retraction callouts as well? Audio files I can arrange using TTS etc... I just wanted the XML Code for it! Thanks in advance Harsh Sharma
  12. Thanks a lot SAX702. I was searching for that only!
  13. Hello everyone! I observed that in FSX, at different times, at a particular airport, different levels of traffic can be seen. I wanted to know, is there a way to find THAT particular time when traffic is gonna be maximum! for example by looking at AI Fllight plan text files decompiled using TTools?(I dont even know how to read those!) Thanks in Advance!
  14. Ok I'll try it today... Bro I downloaded it around 6 months back, and now I am unable to find it in library... But I still have the downloaded zip file....and I can share it with you if you want.
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