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  1. Hi. I can't figure out how to install the gauge in the VC...the pop up works so I know its reading it. I put the line in the spot per instructions but no luck. [VCockpit02] size_mm=512 pixel_size=512 texture=$CRJ_2 background_color=0,0,0 gauge00=HoneywellFMC!fmc, 0,0,325,512 gauge01=Bombardier_CRJ_700!CRJ700Systems, 0,0,0,0 gauge02=dsd_fsx_xml_sound!Sound, 0,0,0,0, ./sound/DH_CRJ/XMLSound_default.ini gauge03=GPWS4!GPWS_Masterwarn,500,100,0,0
  2. I needed to have the battery on the default flight..it works now.
  3. I can't get the AP to engage. I hit CMD and the green light goes on for a second, and then it goes right out...so, no autopilot...the INS align and FMC programming all go smoothly...any ideas?
  4. Hi. How do I select the INS model in flightsim? I have the INS model installed but all of the versions in flightsim still have the FMS.
  5. Hi. There is an option to turn on wing views, but I can't figure how to see the wing views...any ideas?
  6. Hi. I have a mountain covering the apron and tower at Virtualcol SKSP. Ive been writing them for a week and haven't heard back. .I was thinking that this may not be a mistake and the area was covered in real life...I researched it and wasn't able find anything about it. BUT...I'm sure Ive flown here before and the mountain wasn't there.. https://www.facebook.com/793605110789754/photos/a.793607480789517/1854715438012044/
  7. Hi. I just lost avionics in climb...generators and ASI are working, but no attitude indicator or autopilot...any ideas?
  8. Hi...When I engage the elevator on the autopilot....the pitch is not held...she actually starts to sink...aileron and alt hold are working fine... I registered fsuipc and things got worse...much worse...air speed gauge stopped working...fuel switches stayed yellow no matter what position they were in...and the aircraft kept loading with engines running...any ideas?
  9. Is there a video tutorial...or a dedicated support forum? (I looked, no luck.)
  10. Is there a video tutorial...or a support forum? (I looked, no luck.)
  11. Hi. Can anyone help me with a missing texture for the Aerea Brasileira C-47A repaint? The author (Daniel Nole) is unreachable...Too bad though...it would be the prefect bird for my Brazil adventure! (just the back floor...the rest is perfect.)
  12. Hi. I deleted the PMDG door key assignments, and now FS2crew is not opening the doors...I'd like to just reassign the door keys, but I don't remember what they were...
  13. Hi. I'm not having any luck tracking this file down. Does any one have it? http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/showthread.php/98812-XC-47C-MAAM-Textures?p=1204653#post1204653
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