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  1. rennman

    Wilco Tilt Rotor help!

    I get yelled at on the feelthere forums when I ask for Wilco support.
  2. rennman

    Wilco Tilt Rotor help!

    the forward movement is pronounced...not just inching forward...the article says that fsuipc calibration is needed for ths AC, but no info on what or how...
  3. Wilco does not seem to have a forum? The Tilt Rotor definitely could use some extra help learning... She wont hover in place...keeps drifting forward with stick centered...Any ideas?
  4. rennman

    Buffalo Repaint for the Seneca II?

    some one just sent it...Thank you so much for offering!
  5. rennman

    Buffalo Repaint for the Seneca II?

    The website i posted is actually up...but the links are dead... My only hope is that one kind fellow who has this already might share it... This is the repainter's page...
  6. Hi. Is there anyone who has this paint? It's featured on this website but the links don't work. Quite the teaser!
  7. rennman

    Displays are dark

    my apologies bryan...she does have brighten knobs, and the fs2crew manual says right off that they will need to be turned up...thank you for your time though!
  8. rennman

    Displays are dark

    Thanks for the quick response...She doesn't have brightness knobs but I came across this... "The MD-11 uses a very advanced and unique system to deliver such high fidelity cockpit lighting and panel view options. FS has a 64 window limit for panels and by default the MD-11 uses up 61 of them. This means that you have to be aware of this and can only attempt to use a maximum of 3 other panel windows associated with other addons. This includes things like FS2Crew, the Active Sky radar gauge, ProFlight 2000 Emulator, and anything else that installs itself as a panel window. If you go over this limit you will lose MD-11 panel functionality and begin seeing problems with the panel lighting. If you are having issues with the panel, especially in the VC, first ensure that you are not trying to use more than 64 panel windows." How do I make sure I am not using 64 panel windows?
  9. rennman

    Displays are dark

    Hi. When using fs2crew the displays are very dark. When not using fs2crew, they are normal. Any ideas? Thanks.
  10. rennman

    Won't hold altitude

    I checked and the installer says 1.2.. which i think is the latest...
  11. rennman

    Won't hold altitude

    I made this video...She overshoots FL320, and when I hit ALT hold she erratic...Let me know what you think. Thanks again.
  12. rennman

    Won't hold altitude

    I'll take her up again and get the exact data...but basically normal cruise parameters. I"ll be back with more precise data.
  13. With altitude hold selected, the plane rocks up and down +/- 500 fpm. I turned off the weather and reset AP...but she won't stay put.
  14. rennman

    How to add simulated turbo in cfg?

    Good deal!...let me mess around a little with it and ill check back in...thanks again.