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  1. Everything works great until "set thrust"...I can still step to the next checklist item with my main button, just no more audio or FO actions after that. Button control.
  2. Thanks for letting me know...in the trash it is then...pity, it came that close!
  3. Hi. I really like this program but I was surprised to see that the landing report didnt tell me my pitch. (it has max overall pitch but not landing pitch) This is surprising considering how many less important parameters its sure to cover. Am I just not finding it, or is this an oversight by the developer?
  4. Hi Bert. Yes I checked and my Kingair is up to date...but its still the same G3X and there is no menu button or any way to change the map orientation.
  5. FS Passengers was the absolute best IMO...It is the hardest sacrifice that I had to make when moving to P3D V4. (There is no version that will work in P3D V4) Ive tried most of the other types, and none compare... Im still looking for a suitable replacement...
  6. the link is not working...id like to get gsx2 working at omdb too.
  7. Is there a way to save the settings file to my computer and then reinstall manually? I don't fully trust cloud!
  8. Are there any mods for the Golden Eagle interior? It just seems too lush! The seat textures dont seem to go with a GA aircraft..more like they should be in a luxury biz jet. Heres a real one that seems more appropriate. (You may need to be logged on to FB to view) https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=674932541302775&set=a.490080919787939
  9. mine doesnt work at all no matter how precisely i hit it...for me there is no way to zoom the map in/out
  10. Why doesnt the WT G3X mod have a menu...the write up says it does...and the picture shows it? I have the same thing...I dropped the mod in and there is no change.
  11. Hi. Im looking for a weather engine (program) that doesn't instantly pop weather changes in and out. This drove me nuts with FS9/FSX and I was never able to resolve it. It would be clear the whole flight and then on short final an update would instantly put me in the soup when I wasn't configured for ILS...or the wind gusts would keep making me go back and forth between overspeeding and normal cruise. I don't really need the most detailed hi end clouds or tons of features...just smooth transitions, or any way to not have the instant back and forth. I was hoping that modern weather programs would not do this any more. Any ideas? Thanks.
  12. Hi. The left engine just lost power at 2400ft. But its spinning outside just as much as the other one so I dont know whats going on. I have failures turned off as far as I know. I didnt run them in the red but yes, outside the green at 38 man. Any ideas?
  13. yes it was the legacy setting!...thank you. But the planes still rise up and down in external camera view...I dont think the plane is actually moving, as the vsi is stable ...I think the camera is shifting?...is there a solution for this as well? thanks again.
  14. Hi. My apologies but Im brand new to this sim.. Every aircraft is unstable...rocking back and forth and dropping up and down...hand flying or autopilot...default and add on aircraft...I have realism set to fsx, but all other setting make no difference anyway. Im sure there is an easy explanation!
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