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  1. Yeah it's very strange. Unfortunately I can't run any other planes in my full size 747 simulator! It'll be fantastic to get this working on it! I use the default 747 model tied into Aerowinx PSX. i will email you the logs now. Thanks again for your help.
  2. Thanks for the advice, unfortunately I just tried with KJFK and EHAM, it gets stuck on the 1st waypoint.
  3. As shown in the screenshot, it gets stuck on the waypoint Hdg-270 when it should be BPK. This happens in P3D and Xp11. https://imgur.com/a/EpyQQIB
  4. PMDG used to sell a bunch of books like the FCOM and FCTM. Do they plan to release them for sale again?
  5. GodAtum

    ATC altitude issues

    Running the latest P3D in Xplane 11. ATc keeps clearing me to the same altitude every few minutes. Suspect it's not reading the altitude from Xplane correctly? GS in Pilot2ATC is shown as 0.
  6. GodAtum

    Upgrading to 2.4

    how do i transfer my license key?
  7. GodAtum

    Upgrading to 2.4

    I am a bit confused because it says: "If updating from a version prior to, you MUST do a FULL INSTALL. No update is available."
  8. GodAtum

    Upgrading to 2.4

    Sorry for the stupid question. How do I upgrade from v2.3? just install it over that version, or a full uninstall and install?
  9. I was cleared to FL130, took off, and when I was at FL110 ATC told me to descend to 6000. Out of EGLL, 27L, on SID DET2G. using latest version.
  10. GodAtum

    Aerosoft CRJ 700/900 Released!!!

    any video tutorials yet?
  11. GodAtum

    ATC not tracking flight but map is

    the lastest version still does not work. It might be the way PSX interacts with p3D, and how P2ATC gets its values.
  12. GodAtum

    ATC not tracking flight but map is

    How do I do that? On the waypoint box on the top left, it still says the waypoint I've passed.
  13. Hi, I'm starting my attempt to try and get my sim working with this software again. As you can see from the screenshot, the ATC waypoint does not update even though my plane follows the map. Any help is greatly appreciated! p2atc by GodAtum2015, on Flickr
  14. GodAtum

    RealAir Simulations Closure

    I;m very sorry to hear the news. I know nothing about business and it may be a stupid question, but how come you dont sell the company to someone like Aerosoft?
  15. always get Speedbird Seven Seven Four Ready for Departure Runway Zero Eight Right; Speedbird Seven Seven Four You are number two for departure.