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  1. I thought I'd experiment with AI generated text to speech to see if one could improve the Windows or AWS ones. Did a simple test and here's the result, what do you think?
  2. You never know with big companies these days, we've been word not alloweded over soooooo many times the last few years
  3. Well it's made me try and take my own life as it's triggered my depression as I'm so confused, upset and scared!
  4. For those who are interesting in replicating this in MSFS: SWA414 KHOU - KGLA. Dep 11:10 CDT IBE2628 KJFK - LEBL. Dep 23:45 EDT. Arr 13:35 CEST (+1) VLG8102 LEBL - LGAV. Dep 16:45 CEST (+1). Arr 20:40 EEST TGW713 LGAV - WSSS. Dep 13:45 EEST. Arr 05:45 GMT+8 JST8 WSSS - YMML. Dep 21:00 GMT+08. Arr 06:20 AEST (+1) QFA430 YMML - YSSY. Dep 09:30 AEST. Arr 10:55 AEST JST3 YSSY - PHNL. Dep 16:30 AEST. Arr 06:00 HST SWA1678 PHNL - KPHX. Dep 08:25 HST. Arr 17:30 MST SWA4346 KPHX - KHOU. Dep 19:10 MST. Arr 23:35 CDT
  5. I was hoping with the last update they might fix the multi-monitor features but they haven't. I have 3 TVs, with left and right at 45 degrees. My seating position is to the left of the center of the middle TV. As you can see below, the yellow line on the right is crooked. On the left you can see how warped the lines look. No matter what offset I change, I can't seem to get it right. Apparently they need to put in a frustrum setting, whatever that is.
  6. What sounds come from above though? Weather, traffic? Has anyone tried FSTL Traffic with surround sound?
  7. Thanks thats very useful info. What exactly is MSFS surround? I'm using FSTL traffic and the stereo sound on that is awful. Also, do weather like thunderstorms come from above?
  8. So I cant use Dolby Atmos for speakers at all in MSFS?
  9. Anyone use 7.1.2 Atmos surround sound? Or is it overkill for MSFS? I can't imagine the ceiling speakers will give much unless a plane flies over you or there's thunderstorms above you?
  10. I think there will be support for both DLSS and DLFG in SU11? There's an interesting video about both
  11. Anyone with triple 4K screens running a 4090? What kind of FPS are you getting?
  12. Looking at all the benchmarks coming out for the 13900K, it wipes the floor against the 7950X. Even with MSFS it gets a noticeable fps increase. https://youtu.be/tPA9B-Dfzac For those of us running triple 4K monitors, this paired with the 4090 could be a lifesaver!
  13. Anyone testing on triple 4K monitors? I have a 3090 and get about 20fps, I would gladly buy a 4090 if it means another 10fps!
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