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  1. the last photo by FlyingFoxFox the ground looks awful and fuzzy!
  2. Thanks for taking the time to do this. I have an Intel Xeon Platinum 8259CL @ 2.50GHz, 32GB RAm and an Nvidia P6000. Sitting in FSDT KJFK V2 with Orbx LC I get around 20 fps on medium settings.
  3. https://software.nasa.gov/software/ARC-17185-1 Might be of some interest to members!
  4. How about CPU ... can anyone confirm if it likes mores cores or more speed?
  5. Can anyone confirm if V5 likes cores or speed more?
  6. I'm not a computer expert so would like to know if V5 has support for SLI before I buy another graphics card?
  7. Anyone know if MSFS will benefit from SLI?
  8. I wonder which is the cheaper system to build? Looks like the AMD is cheaper?
  9. I really want to see how this integrates with home cockpit builds. XP11 is great ebcause multiple views sync up so easily. P3D is a nightmare.
  10. I'll tag onto this thread. As P3D v5 has come out, I decided it'll be a great opportunity to move over to the cloud instead of buying a new PC. I ma using Paperspace P6000 Machine (8xCPU -30G RAM - 24GB VRAM) + Parsec streaming software. Testing at FSDT JFK v2 + Orbx Base + Orbx LC + the default 747. With max settings I get about 10-15 fps. I suspect there is a CPU bottle neck as it's very slow @ 2.10 GHz. VRAM usage is around 6GB.
  11. I am thinking of getting 3 75" 4K TVs for my 747 simulator build. Using Immersive Pro LCD I think I've got it right. The side TVs are at a 65 degree angle due to the room width being 4m. https://imgur.com/GbxDAz2
  12. Will we need to re-buy everything, or will it just work? What about on separate installs of v4 and v5 ... will it only work on 1 at a time with license?
  13. please tell me where it is?
  14. So for DX12, it it more CPU or GPU dependant? I know currently p3D is not great on multi-core CPUs and dual GPUs. Does DX12 fix that so it's more scable?
  15. great trailer with orbx
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