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  1. I already have https://secure.simmarket.com/cloudsurf-asia-simulations-singapore-downtown-msfs.phtml but this looks amazing https://orbxdirect.com/product/landmarks-singapore-msfs Not sure it's worth replacing though.
  2. I think we disagree, your 1st pic there defo is an issue IMO. the runway textures are blurry in the distance.
  3. Your 1st pic still looks awful though, can see the fuzzyness in the distance.
  4. Does your runway look fuzzy in the distance?
  5. I have Anisotropic 16x and Texture resolution ultra.
  6. I'm still trying to solve this. Have noticed this happen on Chewwy's stream too. When taxiing the taxiways in front are fuzzy and only load when I'm right ontop. Tried all on default Medium, High and Ultra, no difference. Disabled Geforce optimisation.
  7. It seems to be, unfortunately its not in development anymore. In the meanwhile, can Pilot2ATC use Actual MSL instead on Ind Alt MSL?
  8. Hi, In P2ATC, the altitude is reported differently . Eg Actual MSL = 36,401 ft; Actual AGL = 29,672 ft; Ind Alt MSL = 0ft ATC keeps bugging me to climb or descend, so I guess it uses Ind Alt MSL? I am using PSX 747 with XView.
  9. I did file a flight plan after i connected with the button turning green.
  10. Hi, i changed it to Center and it responded with radar contact. Nothing then happened for the rest of the flight and I landed without any ATC contact. Was I meant to ask for descent and approach?
  11. Thanks, so would a pilot set the MCP to 3000, or the STAR altitudes?
  12. When my sim crashes (P3D, Xp11, MSFS etc), Pilot2ATC doesn't handle it very well. I relaunch the sim, then I need to re-validate and re-file the flight plan. The assigned ATC box is blank, meaning I have no way of going back on ATC. Not sure what is possible on fixing this?
  13. ATC gives me great stepped altitudes when climbing, but on descent it just gives me the lowest. Like I'm FL390 and it says descent to 3000. Not sure how realistic that is compared to IRL?
  14. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xkpj3z4jvroef5i/KADWBGTL_FSX_30Dec20.pln?dl=0 Using current P2ATC version. It validates OK, but when I click File nothing happens.
  15. I own a fixed based 747-400 simulator and am looking to add more immersion to my flying. Have seen Air Hauler 2, Neofly and OnAir. But can I start with the 747 straight away on any of them?
  16. Chewwy is trying to search for live weather, but cant as he needs to disable live weather to search for an airport. He says that's stupid.
  17. You mean I can fly any plane in Skypark, no matter my level or balance?
  18. I'm wary of these things because I can never start with a 747. Can anyone please confirm if I need to level up for the 747?
  19. MSFS 2020 @ 4K Ultra = 61 fps vs 3090 with 63ps @ 8K Ulta = 23 fps vs 3090 with 31 fps https://youtu.be/UBb8UF9DKfQ?t=56
  20. I currently have a 6700K OC, 980ti, 32GB RAM. I only play MSFS 2020, XP11 or P3D on 3 4K screens. Would my CPU be a bottleneck if I only get a 3090? Or should I get a whole PC with a 10900k? The problem is, if I get the GPU and it's no good, how do I get a system from a PC builder without a GPU.
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