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  1. Thanks for the replies. I've updated to the latest NVIDIA driver today and changed to DX12. Testing at KJFK. I had the terrain LOD slider at 200 with 21 fps. I reduced it to 100 at got 24 fps. Same result with 50. Looks like I'm limited by GPU so a 4090 might help?
  2. The latest MSFS exe download is being shown as a "Bearfoos.A!ml" trojan in Windows 10 Defender.
  3. I currently have a 10900K @ 5.1GHz, 32GB RAM and 3090. I have 3 4K screens and the new multi-view set up. DLSS set to balanced. Running around 20-30 fps with FPS counter saying "Limit by CPU thread". Changing DLSS to performance makes no difference. I assume this means putting in a 4090 won't make a difference and I need a CPU upgrade? Maybe to the next Intel 13900K or AMD 7950X in a new PC?
  4. I've setup 3 screens using the new multi-monitor settings. But as it need to be in "Windowed" mode the title bar is shown. But in some Youtube videos it's hidden. How do I do it?
  5. So release is delayed as a lot of feedback saying its not stable
  6. Unfortunately that's not true. Watching Chewwy's stream most gates need to be customised as the pushback doesn't work properly and the marshalling is way off.
  7. IMO I will wait until more airports are supported. I don't have time to faff around editing gates.
  8. Hi Dave, I was testing out another new ATC software, and was wondering if a checklist feature was on your roadmap? Something like the ability to create custom checklists, have the co-pilot read it out and me respond using voice.
  9. What do people think is the most complete currently? I know from Youtube videos the Simionic one has synthetic vision and status pages like GPS status. Not sure about the Working Title one. The reason i ask is I'm getting hardware panels so will be locked to one G1000 provider.
  10. Can you use the Darkstar on a normal flight outside the challenge? Would love to fly this on Vatsim!
  11. New research has revealed that men are more likely to be 'armchair experts' than women. Experts from the University of Waikato in New Zealand found that men were more likely than women to think they could land a plane after watching a YouTube video. Some 582 subjects were divided into groups, with half shown a three minute, 44 second clip of a pilot making a sudden descent. But the clip was purposefully made to be 'useless' – as you could not even see the aircraft controls – so it gave no extra insight into how to fly a plane. Nevertheless, men rated their confidence 12.24 points higher out of 100 at landing the plane than women after both sexes had watched the video. Scientists from the University of Waikato in New Zealand published the study in the journal Royal Society Open Science. 'Men tend to be more overconfident in their knowledge and abilities than women—even in a high-stakes environment, such as competitive running and diving,' the researchers said. 'This gender overconfidence gap is most prevalent when people are asked to evaluate their performance on a masculine-gender-typed task. 'By contrast, women do not show the same overconfidence for feminine-gender-typed tasks.' Despite men's more obvious cockiness, both sexes were overconfident in landing the plane 'without dying' after watching the video. The authors said having a visual representation could help the viewer better imagine they could really land the aircraft.
  12. How do I get https://flightsim.to/file/853/pushback-helper-v2-0 to work on a networked PC with Wideclient? Other apps connect to Wideclient fine.
  13. I've restarted it about 10 times and still no luck.
  14. So I've set it all up and the Polly app works fine. But when I set the Polly voices in P2ATC, I hear nothing. But I can hear when its set to the Microsoft voices. I'm using P2ATC v2.6.2.3 R2
  15. Using DDR4 3200 CL22, they got an average of 81.58 FPS. But upgrading that to DDR4 3600 CL16 gives 95.77 FPS! I didn't realise that would make such a huge difference.
  16. I'd like to do a flight leaving on New Years Eve landing the same day. I live in the UK. ANA110 looks promising leaving RJTT Friday and landing at KJFK on Friday? But doing it in real time would mean a GMT takeoff at 0120!
  17. At 4K, you are GPU bound. Upgrading to a 12900k would give you a few FPS more and more uniform frametime. The question is if this is worth the $1.5K the CPU, motherboard and DDR5 will cost you. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2021-intel-core-i9-12900k-i5-12600k-review?page=2
  18. I clicked Cancel after it seemed to get stuck and it uninstall my entire game!!!!! 🤬
  19. I already have https://secure.simmarket.com/cloudsurf-asia-simulations-singapore-downtown-msfs.phtml but this looks amazing https://orbxdirect.com/product/landmarks-singapore-msfs Not sure it's worth replacing though.
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