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  1. Great! Thank you very much, this has been driving me up the wall for some time now...
  2. Hi, I am currently having some problems with Istanbul Airport. For some reason I cannot see any ground traffic or parked aircraft around me. I can see the planes that are coming in for landing or taking off but nothing on the ground. The sim is P3D v5.4 for traffic I have IVAO MTL. The version I am on currently is 1.8.1. For some reason PSXT won't recognize the airport as an airport. Scenery is from SceneryTR. When I look into the third party airport folder in PSXT I can see the LTFM file as it was recognized by the software but when I load it up on the sim PSXT doesn't identify the airport. It just states user aircraft on the ground, no airport in sight and then there is no aircraft nearby which is not true as it is a very busy airport and RealTraffic does show what's around me correctly. What might be wrong?
  3. Hi, I have a small issue that I would like to ask. As many of you may know Turkish Airlines is the Flag Carrier of Turkey. Turkish Airlines also has a subsidiary called AnadoluJet that they established back in 2008. They have their own livery for their B738’s. The issue is that they operate under Turkish Airlines codes so (TK/THY), they are only separated by their flight numbers which start with 7XXX. They mainly operate out of Sabiha Gökçen Airport in Istanbul and Esenboga Airport in Ankara. However since they share their codes with Turkish PSX identifies them as Turkish Airlines aircraft and inject them as such to the sim. Would it be possible to address this issue somehow? It is not possible to filter them by registration because it is a mess itself. They have aircraft with Turkish Airlines registrations as well as their own. The only way a person can identify them on radar is their commercial flight number such as TK7XXX. Do you think it is possible do separate them in sim? Best, Omer
  4. Hi Pete, Thanks for the advice, I'll install it when I come back from school
  5. Thank you all for your replies, I will read/try the advice's given...
  6. Hi everyone, Happy New Year to all! I have a question. What is the best Rendiring options in XP with my specs(can be found on my profile)? I'm only runing the x737, nothing else on my computer. Many thanks for your replies... Best, Omer
  7. My computer specs are in my profile, if you guys don't mind checking it and making recommendtions I would be really happy... Thanks guys for the replies btw:)
  8. Hi all, I am a home cockpit builder and I recently upgraded my sim to P3D from FSX and I must say it I'm in love with it. Now I'm updating my computer. I bought 2 GTX780 from Nvidia now it's turn for the processor to get to the next level. My question is, what is the best processor to run P3Dv2 without over clocking? Thanks for the replies. Merry Christmas and a heppy new year to all Best Wishes, Omer
  9. Hi all, I have a question.I have just got XP10 yesterday. I dowloaded XPUIPC but I have a slight problem. I want to assign buttons and joystick axises but I can't find the XPUIPC menu to do it. Doesn't XPUIPC have a menu in the sim like FSUIPC to assign these? Many thanks in advance... Best, Omer
  10. Hi Adi, Do you have news/updates for my problem with the SweetFX? Best, Omer
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