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    Been doing this for about 5 or 6 years love the community more than anything. This hobby has taken a back seat in my life for the moment. I only fly every now and then and most of my time is spent repainting. Working on trying to become a member of the USA Junior National Rowing Team.

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  1. PlainandSimplePaints

    Recommendation for V3

    Yeah, I meant for this to be included in NG3
  2. PlainandSimplePaints

    Recommendation for V3

    Would it be possible to add a visual affect when the HUD is stowed to cover it with its protective cover? For SWA at least whenever it is stowed it has to have the cover to protect the glass from the roof. Wonder if it would be possible to add.
  3. PlainandSimplePaints

    Southwest Airlines Shark Week Liveries Released

    Made all 5 of the Specials can grab them at the link below. They will have the logo on until the end of August. N553WN "Tiger Shark" N705SW "HammerHead" N961WN "Mako" N470WN "Great White" N947WN "Bull Shark"
  4. PlainandSimplePaints

    PMDG 737NGX Livery Availability

    I’ll release the SWA non winglet for you when I get home (actually on a SWA 737 typing this lol) I have like 20 liveries sitting on my desktop but have been too busy to release them. List includes AZ 1, updated Heart Livery for the 800, legacy spirit with no winglets, and CO 1. Also new cockpit textures that are accurate for SWA.
  5. PlainandSimplePaints

    Livery installation problems

    Hello, Im the creator of the liveries your talking about for some reason that feature works for me and no one else. Here is the link to the seperated PTP's Repaints Thank you
  6. PlainandSimplePaints

    Split Scimitars for the NGX

    Thats not SWA, what I was referring too.
  7. PlainandSimplePaints

    Split Scimitars for the NGX

    Miss understood your question, no I havent I'm will aware there isn't much difference if any. They do limit some of the capabilities (atleast for SWA). Just confirmed with a PHX ramper 45-60% have SSW.
  8. PlainandSimplePaints

    Split Scimitars for the NGX

    Yes multiple times
  9. PlainandSimplePaints

    Split Scimitars for the NGX

    Read my above post, Yes a majority have them. I don't even fly my -800 because it just seems inaccurate even my AI have them now lol.
  10. PlainandSimplePaints

    Split Scimitars for the NGX

    Most 737's in the US have them. For example nearly all if not all of the -800's they own have them and they are starting to put them on the -700's and have seen about a quarter of them with them so far which my dad confirms (SWA Captain). This is the largest 737 operator in the world and most of the other carriers have them as I have seen. I haven't seen a non scimitar United or Delta 737 in forever it seems. So saying not many have them is just flat out wrong. I would say a vast majority of 737's have them now.
  11. PlainandSimplePaints

    Aeroflot 777-300er Livery Issue

    -300lr instead of er http://2018-1-29_0-8-23-934 by Plain and Simple Repaints, on Flickr
  12. PlainandSimplePaints

    Clean Cockpit Textures?

    My dad is a active captain for SWA so very often I'm aware they are trashed. But it doesn't mean that their trashed when they come out of the factory and many people like that look even if it isn't what it would normally look like. It doesn't hurt to have the option available does it? Sorry typo, will do.
  13. PlainandSimplePaints

    Clean Cockpit Textures?

    I started doing a project for my own personal use but was wondering if anyone would be interested (with PMDG's permission of course) in this project. It would include a much cleaner look that would mean redoing the base textures to get rid of all the peanut dust lol and taking the scuff off the switch's. Thanks http://Capture by Plain and Simple Repaints, on Flickr
  14. PlainandSimplePaints

    Tail Vaine Placement?

    I've been working on multiple liveries and have noticed the placement of these (idk the proper name) may be off just a little off. Seems they need to be moved towards the tail to almost be align with the tail. Sim http://Capture by Plain and Simple Repaints, on Flickr
  15. PlainandSimplePaints

    SWA Heart Livery

    That one is really old I did a new updated one for the 700 and 800. Prime example the wheel hubs are blue there suppose to be white and the alignment and stuff on that one isnt good.