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  1. ltbatower

    Justflight PA28 arrow !!!

    Yes Istanbul Ataturk Airport 3D
  2. ltbatower

    Justflight PA28 arrow !!!

    No, but I'll try it now
  3. ltbatower

    Justflight PA28 arrow !!!

    The important development here is that these aircraft dynamics are very close to reality. You should pay close attention to throttle control. Especially when the landing gear is down and the flaps are open. Scenery default ltba.
  4. ltbatower

    Justflight PA28 arrow !!!

    If you want to use a real simulator, you should use Xp11. 😁
  5. ltbatower

    One shot: High Final!

  6. ltbatower

    P2006T G1000

    I never liked this plane in real life. My teacher and my friend died with this plane! This plane killed a few people every year except 2013. But I'm thinking of buying this plane. This aircraft is only used safely in simulator! Nice pics thanks...
  7. ltbatower

    Bae Jetstream 32

    Thank you. Sim : X-plane 11 Aircraft : X aviation BAe Jetstream 32. No other used effect. When using this aircraft, you need to pay attention to the engine temperature indicators :)
  8. A very sensitive plane
  9. ltbatower

    DC-3 / C-47

    Thank you
  10. ltbatower

    Md Love ♥

    I did not use. I can not compared :(