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  1. Yeah I know. Didnt think about it when I started. Never had any issues with PMDG and my anti virus suite before. Oh well. Managed to get my ops center working again, updating the 747 currently. Servers are getting absolutely nailed lol
  2. That is very nice indeed. If only my bloody antivirus would stop removing the Ops Center when I try to update the 747... Oh well. Gotta wait until I can get back on the site and redownload any product I guess
  3. British Airways Landor by any chance? Would be absolutely awesome
  4. Christian2920

    Neat 747-8 documentary

    Yeah Thai used to operate the 744 but did indeed swap it for the 77W. On my last trip to London I was boarding a small JetTime 738 and the Thai 77W pulled in next to us. Holy cow that really put into perspective how massive it is. CPH still feels weird with all the MD80s gone and the Emirates A380 at the end of the C pier.
  5. Christian2920

    Neat 747-8 documentary

    Yeah. Its always fun to see people argue about living near airports. I live right under one of the main stars for 22L in Copenhagen. The previous owners of the house used to stand in the garden shouting at the planes (Yes they were a bit weird). Used to get a fair few 747s in the morning with cargo but not anymore. I do get A330s and A340s galore though
  6. Yeah Scandinavian was the first airline to do arctic crossings as far as I recall
  7. Looks incredible. Literally cannot wait. Keep up the great work Robert and the rest of the PMDG team
  8. Yeah would be nice to see $228 million just entering your bank account out of nothing. When you ignore the angry bank manager calling you withing 4 seconds lol
  9. Christian2920

    [16JAN16] The Things They Carry... 747-400 Info

    Cant wait to see the 747 in P3D. Looks amazing so far
  10. When loading the plane for a flight from Stockholm to Vienna (Yes Ethiopian does operate the 777 on that route. Not the -300ER but oh well) I noticed that the Boeing tag on the rear right fuselage says Boeinf 777-300ER and not Boeing
  11. Christian2920

    Farewell to Tom Allensworth

    My deepest condolences to Tom's family and the AVSIM Staff team for loosing such a dedicated person. We can all agree that Tom's departure was way too early and that the community has lost a great person that has done a tonne of good things to get the community gathered at one place. Now there is only one thing left to say. Tom Allensworth you are cleared to takeoff climb to infinity disregard SID profile. Rest in Peace Tom. You will most certainly be missed
  12. Christian2920

    Beta Testers do you have the RTM build yet?

    The impatience is real
  13. Christian2920

    PMDG 777 PILOT banner

    Loving it! Trying again. Never added a signature...