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  1. Does this fsaerodata application have any known adverse effects on other installed scenery applications like ORBX scenery? Have you used this before with acceptable results?
  2. Does anyone know if it is possible to replace outdated Instrument Approach Procedures at specific airports within FSX?
  3. Interesting read, I'm curious as to what other peoples results are. I still havent been able to get P3D usable in VR for me. I'm primarily using xplane. I get too many stutters in P3D in VR. Admittedly I havent spent long triyng to get it work as the lack of touch control compatibility is pants.
  4. Native VR in P3D is not smooth for me at all. Looking around is smooth, but as soon as I take off the ground is just a stuttering mess. Maybe I need to play with some settings but it seems X-plane has a better VR experience right now with the controllers working within the sim.
  5. Hey All, Picked up my rift yesterday and it was my first ever experience in VR. I was blown away. I've been using it primarily for Xplane 11 as I'm able to use the touch controllers to control everything in the cockpit. I fired up P3D 4.4 and although the 3d effect was brilliant the AA was terrible compared to xplane. I wonder if anyone can share their settings that they use in VR for optimum experience in P3D. I'm aware that it all depends on your machine but a good baseline would be great. Also I was able to see a white dot in the view the whole time, but no mouse cursor. how are you guys flicking switches etc in VR?.
  6. I thought if you had an ILS approach programmed into the flightplan the G1000 is supposed to automatically tune the ILS freq and switch the CDI to vor mode upon reaching the initial approach fix?
  7. Hi Mike, Treat yourself!. Yes this addon uses the more modern XML method of installation. So it can be installed anywhere. Also I believe Sean was part of the Real Air development team. Enjoy the Aircraft! 🙂
  8. Is there anyway to keep the airframe and engine hours when updating?
  9. Yes it does have ADF. You have to press the soft key for ADF/DME at the bottom of the PFD. Then a small box comes up in the bottom right hand corner. you manipulate the frequency using the large and small 'FMS' knobs.
  10. I can confirm I was able to complete the troublesome flight with the latest update and everything ran perfectly. No RPM bug! Thanks again for the update 🙂
  11. Many thanks for your reply to my email regarding technical support about the high RPM bug Sean. I will test this latest build and report back as I was able to reproduce the issue 3 times on 3 attempts at the same flight and it happened within a couple of miles each time.
  12. What I've done in the Da62 config tool is turned the engine and prop sounds down. So I've kept them in proportion as default but lowered them and put the g1000 alert volumes up to maximum. This makes it much easier to hear the aural warnings etc. I much prefer it like this. I set engine to engine to 40%, prop 55% and wind 55%. All the g1000 volume sliders to 100%.
  13. I'm glad someone else has mentioned this issue. I'm really enjoying the aircraft its a work of art. But I also had the issue of full take off power only giving me about 40 kts. And when I tried to taxi it felt like it was stuck in mud so to speak (requiring atleast 40% power to move). I am however also using fsuipc. I've re calibrated my brakes axis and everything seems okay for now. And Marc I do believe there is a stall warning tone. Its quiet subtle and not very loud.
  14. Are you using norton internet security by any chance?
  15. I would imagine hes using TomatoShade with the reflection profiles for the Airbus installed.
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