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    As the handle implies, I am Old As Dirt. 77 years at this writing and a non-pilot although I have had many hours in the left seat (helicopters) and right seat in fixed wing. Retired Virginia State Police Worked as Court Security with USMS in the Federal Courts. Completely retired now.

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  1. If this has been mentioned before, I apologize, but didn't see it above. Remember when the World Update 3 United Kingdom was delayed before being released because there was a rendering problem with the new scenery? It was about this time that the dramatic reduction in performance took place. I think they need look no further back than what they did to the sim during that interval to discover the problem. My two cents.
  2. Coming from most everything back to Pro Logic, I have to say that despite MSFS's glitches, it has been one of the most satisfying flight simulators I have ever used. Knowing that Asbro and others are working with a promised (and, for the most part - fulfilled) update schedule, has me attracted, both as a procedural simmer and an admirer of the beautiful presentation of real world scenery, to this masterpiece. I have enjoyed X-Plane for several years after loosing interest in FSX and being suckered into MS Flight (which dumped all my stuff when it shut down and efforts to recover it were met with "time's up" responses - which still have me a little nervous about online downloaded material). I now find X-Plane lacking (only in earth graphics but find Vulkan to be great) and feel like I am abandoning a good friend, but there is a draw to MSFS that quickly overcomes this loyalty. Everyone has his/her own reasons for liking or disliking something, but I am a mature flightsimmer who can overlook some of the comments made by those who are younger and used to a "give it to me now" outlook on life in general.
  3. The main problem I had was dual assignments. Each controller has the option of controlling all the functions and some are automatically assigned to a particular controller by default - sometimes copying the same assignment made to another controller. It is pretty much a given that you will have to go through the assignments for each controller and make sure that the same assignment is not made for two, three, or more keys, buttons, or axis. Takes a little time but if I, at 77 can do it, you can too. Other than the keyboard and mouse, you might find it easier just to remove all assignments for your other controllers and start with a clean slate - making notes as you go along so that you are sure not to assign duplicates. If you had only one joystick, for instance, everything would probably be just fine, but MSFS 2020 doesn't seem to understand that you have several controllers.
  4. The Star would be a great addition. I had the one for FSX!
  5. I fly out of KROA in SW Virginia, USA. I have had these every few miles since I originally downloaded the sim. Some were massive and some were big humps. With this update, I have only a few and not any in the Roanoke Valley where I live. They have become the exception rather than the rule. Makes it a new experience as my attention was always drawn to those imperfections. Looks great here!
  6. If you are flying with anything other than standard barometric pressure (29.92), the autopilot and the altimeter do not agree on the steam gauge C-172. With the pressure set on the altimeter at 30.30 (for instance) and the same set in the autopilot, you will usually overshoot the set altitude by about 500 feet. This results in ATC telling you to get down to the right altitude, even though everything looks good (at first glance). I have sent a description to Zendesk and received a nice note back from them, but we shall see what happens. As stated earlier, if you are at 29.92, things seem to stay on track. That is usually the case if you just pick clear skies rather than live.
  7. Try around KLYH and south/southwest of that area. I think you will find plenty of snow!
  8. Today, there is about a 500 foot discrepancy between the Altimeter and the KAP 140 with both set to the same barometric pressure.
  9. I'm an old simmer going back to the Pro-Logic days and it is amazing how the programs have evolved. Someone here mentioned FSX (including the original poster) and, yes, it was the greatest at the time and served many for years. I had, for the last few years, moved over to X-Plane after the failure of MS with Flight. This past week, I decided to try MSFS 2020 and boy was I in for a treat. Yes, I was just in time for the latest update which has been the subject of many gripes. Thinking back to FSX (and others), when you bought the program, that was it. There were no updates (except for, I think, two patches - after some time) for FSX. There was not much, if any, listening to users, and, for that matter, no ready means of distributing patches/updates. Although there are a few glitches with 2020, it is a great step forward and the team is working on them with frequent attempts to remedy them. Let's don't push MS into doing what they did with Flight and cause them to figure that it's not worth the effort. I have been around for 77 years now and have seen a lot and am not nearly as anxious for a "right now" resolution. It is coming. Have patience.
  10. I agree. It is not as intuitive as it is in XP-11, but never having used it in real life, I can't say what is right. Seems that Garmin should be Garmin regardless....
  11. In an aircraft where you are not sure of the settings, I find it good to do a "start with engines running" and check the switch positions. Then restart and set them the same way during your startup procedure.
  12. I have used most all of them Sparky and see very little difference in them. This one links with SkyMaxxPro and you don't get the sudden shifts when "crossing the line". John
  13. If you're still seeing 11.50r3 in your "about" file, Ben just posted on the Developer site that R3 __ IS ___ the 11.50 full. Just in case some were wondering. John
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