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    As the handle implies, I am Old As Dirt. 77 years at this writing and a non-pilot although I have had many hours in the left seat (helicopters) and right seat in fixed wing. Retired Virginia State Police Worked as Court Security with USMS in the Federal Courts. Completely retired now.

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  1. Per Nvidia the minimum GeForce driver needed for DLSS implementations is 512.15.
  2. I had the 2H22 problem as described by the original poster. It is fairly common. I first rolled back the update and all was good again. Investigation disclosed that the problem is with GE Force Experience - specifically the Overlay portion. I downloaded the latest Studio driver (instead of the Game Ready) and found a beta of the GE Force Experience. If you cannot find the beta GE Force, you should just be able to delete the old GE Force from your Programs folder in the Windows Control Panel until they put out a good one - probably next week I’m told. GE Force is not required for running the drivers. Once the driver and the beta GE Force was installed, I reinstalled 2H22 and all is good.
  3. Just found this on another site: NVIDIA investigating, roll back the update to fix the issue Anecdotally, after rolling back the update, the gaming performance issues will disappear, according to reports from multiple affected users. "Got the 22H2 update for win 11 this morning and my games immediately started to lag.. Using MSI afterburner, I found that in games (BFV and NFS Heat) my cpu usage had dropped from around 50-60% to only 5 % it was the same in all of my games," a user report explains in a long thread with others confirming the issue also impacts their systems. "They all ran perfectly yesterday. Rolled back the update and the games are running perfectly again using 50-60% CPU." While Microsoft is yet to jump in and investigate these user reports, NVIDIA Software QA Manuel Guzman confirmed that the company is aware of this issue and is prompting affected Reddit users to provide additional feedback. For the time being, Windows customers with NVIDIA GPUs might want to hold back from updating their devices until NVIDIA or Microsoft shares further information regarding what causes this gaming performance issue.
  4. After thinking about it, my desktop shortcut didn't work after the rollback. I opened the Steam app, went to the MSFS 2020 program, opened from there. Since that, the desktop shortcut is working.
  5. Mine just started up as usual - but without the problems. I am on Steam. If on the Store version, you might try going through the X-Box app to start.
  6. Basically, it appeared that my graphics card was failing. Blurred when changing views and many long lasting stutters. If you get it, you will know what is going on. I have submitted a bug report and received several confirmations of others seeing the same thing. No response from Microsoft.
  7. If anyone here has "updated" to Windows 11 2H22, and is having graphics issues, you might want to "roll back" to the previous version. I have been having problems since the installation of that "update" and have filed a bug report as all the problems were gone once I rolled back the update. Others have signed onto my bug report with the same problem and the solution worked for them. Windows 11 has a new roll back procedure, so you might have to Google it and it has a limited period for the rollback.
  8. Just before the Q&A, I was flying the default Bonanza with all graphics set to ULTRA and V-SYNC turned OFF. DLSS was set to performance. DX-12 was being used. My system is a stock HP OMEN desktop 30L, with AMD Ryzen 5 5600G, nVidia RTX 3060, and 16GB RAM. I was set up using all default except the Honeycomb bridge and the Fly By Wire A320 in my Community folder. While my framerates were around the mid 40s while on the ground at the airport (KROA), they were running about 70 to 80 at altitude. There was no stuttering or any other glitches. Scenery was sharp (at 7000 feet) and the only complaint I might have is the blurring of the glass panels - which seems to have improved over the last few days - even without an update to the beta. The FBW generally runs in the low 40s and drops into the mid to high 20s on the ground. Overall, the SU 10 beta and updates to it have been as good as I have seen the sim perform.
  9. On the settings screen, there are two places to set each movement (Yaw, Pitch, etc). Make sure that you have both of them on the same movement - ie - Yaw. Move your head around in (for yaw) left to right movements and adjust the paths to get (in my setup) 180 degrees. Once you get that "path" set move on to the next one - again making sure both windows read the same ie Pitch. By default, it is "mirrowed" but you can uncheck that and have different movement amounts in each direction. Once you have gotten them all where you want them, be sure to turn them all on and name the profile and save it with the save icon. Takes a while and you can go back and correct, but worth your time.
  10. I don't have any profiles that will work with anyone else (probably) because I set mine up to allow more head turn on the left side as my 79 year age restricts movement in that direction. The profiles are easily set up to your own preferences and, if you work with it for a while, you will get a tailor made setting. Also, make sure that there is no light source from behind you. That will really mess things up. No lamps or unshaded windows. Take a little time to set it up and it works great. Good Luck!
  11. I'm a little (a lot) late seeing this, but I had an experience with MS Store not allowing download. I had a hard drive crash and bought a new computer. Having had MSFS 2020 for a while, I tried to download it - using the data that I had when I purchased the program. It was showing the purchase in the store and when I would try to download, it would just go back to the store page. I tried all the "help" procedures on Zendesk (which are lengthy) but to no avail. After digging around through all the contact information, I found a phone number. I called it and talked to about 8 - 10 people, being transferred around the world for 4.5 hours. I even talked with the Windows guy, who took over my computer (I allowed it) to see if there was something triggering the rejection. Many of the people I talked with were hardly understandable as I speak English and no other languages. The last one I talked with was a lady with a decidedly Spanish accent, who told me to file for a refund - that it had been set up for me. I went that route and, after a few days was denied - saying that I had had it too long. I went to Steam (yes, I like MSFS 2020) and bought the same level (Deluxe) and have never had a problem. About three months after the Steam purchase, I looked in the Store and my purchase was still there and I clicked on it and it downloaded! I now have two versions on the same computer and both work equally well. My wallet is somewhat lighter, but I keep them both up to date and randomly fly both - at different times as both tie together and I have to log off one with an X-Box warning to fly the other (No problem since they are both on the same computer). Good luck with getting it fixed - but had I known - I would have only used Steam as it is never a problem to download, etc.
  12. Yes, and it's being done correctly this time. There is a beta out there and you can choose to be an "official" tester with the ability to go back if you don't like it. It is staying "beta" until they get it right. By the way, the "beta" is being regularly updated and gets better every day. Other than weather, and it's much improved, most of the other complaints have been fixed or obviously worked on.
  13. I'm an old guy and have been flying flight simulators since the days of Pro Logic. I probably haven't tried all of them, but a great number of them. I do have one piece of history here that many don't recall. Several years ago, maybe 2012, Microsoft introduced a simulator called "Flight". The scenery and one or two aircraft were a free download. The scenery was Hawaii only. For the time, it was remarkably good and basically tried to make everything a "game" wherein you gained "awards" for different mission type assignments. It was very good and you could buy extra aircraft to whet your appetite for extra accomplishments. They then offered Alaska, but at a cost. No problem - it was good. Then they started offering aircraft to buy, after which you found that they had no cockpits. You could only fly while seeing the exterior of the aircraft. The interest declined for me and many others, but the original Hawaii and Alaska sceneries were good, so I continued to fly free roaming flights. Lots of fun. Then they dropped the program. They put out nothing new and after a couple of years, I lost everything I had bought. This was in the days of a new version of Windows every year or two and you just lost programs or they wouldn't run anymore. They later mentioned it in some correspondence (online - not to me) and said that you could recover your downloads. I tried and was told that too much time had passed and I was not eligible. I say this as a word of caution regarding criticism of the parent company and Asobo and partners as they have produced a pretty much earth shaking work of art and while it does have "glitches", it all boils down to finance and if that drops, the program will drop as it has in the past. Enjoy the ride guys and girls, because we are riding a beautiful wave and don't want to end up with our heads stuck in the sand.
  14. If any of your system components are overclocked (it appears that they might be), that could be the problem. MSFS 2020 doesn't seem to like overclocking.
  15. Just find the Community folder, right click on it, and choose send to desktop - create shortcut. It will be on the desktop and is exactly like what you have in the default folder. It doesn't change the default folder.
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