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    As the handle implies, I am Old As Dirt. 70 years at this writing and a non-pilot although I have had many hours in the left seat (helicopters) and right seat in fixed wing. Retired Virginia State Police but still working as Court Security with USMS in the Federal Courts.
  1. Yes, just run the installer with the beta box unchecked and it should revert to 11.11, which is stable. John
  2. The distance for night lighting has been discussed by the developers in the past. I seem to recall that they are aware, but it is a resource hog and they have concluded that the framerates are better spent on other things. Maybe, once Vulcan comes on the scene in the not too distant future, performance will pick up to the point that they can bring it onboard. As far as distant airports, I agree that they could dim some, but realize that a candle on a dark night can be seen from far away and there is probably nothing brighter at night than airport lighting. It's also helpful if you experiencing a failure and looking for a place to set it down! John
  3. Thanks for the "translation". Even though I am english speaking, it was awfully hard to understand parts of it (because of sound quality) and I think you highlighted it very well. John
  4. I tried this with no improvement. It seems that once loaded, it runs as well as it's going to... SSD, SSHD, or regular hard drive. I've tried all three. Loading times might improve but that's about it. John
  5. I assign a key for TOGA. I use "T" and apply as I start rolling - at 70% or more throttle. This is where I have to watch and see if the A/T stays "on". It works well maybe 50% of the time. If the A/T switches off, it's just a matter of switching it back on.... usually. I don't know what causes it to switch off. The only things I am doing is raising gear and flaps, but there may be a crossed software command that makes it not like those commands. John
  6. No, you are not. I have learned to check the Autothrottle switch all the way until the CMD is activated and I have made the final check after takeoff. John
  7. Ryan, While I don't have a "monster" setup, I do have an i7-4770 CPU, a GTX 1070 8 GB video card, and 16 GB of RAM. All this on a very capable board. I can, with most everything on the left side of graphics settings at max (including anti-aliasing) and the right side at (as you move down the settings) one notch below max and reflections at one notch up from minimum, get mid 50s as an average. This is using the default C-172 at about 3900 feet over rural terrain. It will fly along smoothly at these settings until I either look around or, sometimes, when it is going into a turn as the GPS calls for. Then it will sometimes, not always, stumble (stutter) down into the teens and just jerk around through the turn (either as the plane turns or as my head turns - TrackIR). I have suggested that Laminar "dampen" the turn rate in the GPS settings, but don't know if that would really help. I say this because when flying FMS in large aircraft, I don't see this and really don't notice the head turning stutter. This may be because I am flying at a much higher altitude and the scenery is not as intense but that doesn't make sense because the aircraft interior is much more complicated. Yes, part of your problem is your equipment, but comparing it with mine, it is not all of it. I bought the 1070 as an upgrade from my 770 4 GB and, where the memory usage in the 770 was running at about 3600 (measured with Z-GPU), it now runs at about 5400 memory usage. The picture IS a little clearer and it is apparently giving me more stuff (running anti-aliasing at 8 does not draw down FRs at all) it still stutters. I therefore have to assume that it is in the programming and I am not a programmer, so just have to wait on VULCAN or whatever, but it just seems that if it runs at 50, it should stay at 50 or close to that - and it doesn't. John
  8. I had a GTX 770 4GB Windforce with my i7-4770 and was easily getting 40+. Actually, I was getting into the high 50s with most things turned up, and with AA in the 2/4 range. I bought a GTX 1070 8GB and things look a little smoother/sharper and the AA likes the 8 setting and I get the same framerates. When looking at memory used, it goes up from about 3700 to 5400 or more, so it's doing something, but not all that noticable. I too see the 20s sometimes in the Zibo mod and some third party aircraft and may be somewhat CPU bound, but the data readings show CPU usage in the upper 100s (.0175) to mid 200s (.0250) and the GPU usage a little less than that, so I'm probably okay. Like most, I am still anxious to see what Vulcan will do, but when looking at comparisons of other software running side by side, it doesn't look like much difference. Stuttering is still a problem, especially in some hard turns while using GPS - which tends to suddenly jerk around to the path. I have sent this information to Jennifer - suggesting that maybe these turns could be "dampened", but I'm not a software engineer, so what do I know.
  9. Try this site. You can plug in two graphics cards at a time and compare them when X-Plane 11 is plugged in also. Doesn't cover everything, but close. http://www.game-debate.com/gpu/index.php?gid=3505&gid2=1792&compare=geforce-gtx-1070-vs-geforce-gtx-770-msi-twinfrozr-edition John
  10. When I upgraded my GTX 770 4GB to GTX 1070 8GB (desktop), I didn't see too many more FPSs, but looking at VRAM usage, it went from about 3.6 to the mid fives with the same situation. Then I noticed that my scenery was better and the whole system operated smoother. I was no longer bumping the max VRAM memory. John
  11. I have used X-Camera for years and just got an update today. More features and I, like you, only use a small part of what it will do. But this version allows the changing of FOV without having to shut down X-Camera to do so. Mark is always watching these forums for problems and is quick to fix them or to offer advice as to how to use the current features. I don't think you can lose with X-Camera and will probably use more than you anticipate. John
  12. You have a lot of scenery problems as well, but the SASL problem seems to be the "killer". As indicated above, you may have to go directly to the developer. But, it looks like there is a lot of other incompatible stuff going on with your setup which might contribute to the problem. Get rid of addons and install them back one at a time until you find the culprit. Something here might help: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/136229-15-update/& John
  13. Again... This was posted in Ben's December 9 post: The next major patch of X-Plane will be 11.20; it will feature native VR support for the Oculus Rift and Vive on Windows, and the beta is coming very soon. John
  14. Release Candidate 2 Restored 25 knots minimum stall speed to AP. XPD-8725 Crash while entering information in the X-Plane 1000 navigation system. XPD-8727 Flight Loop Failure Upon Return At End of Function.
  15. One of the last updates (maybe the last one) to 11.10 did some changes to the default clouds/weather. I am using the default now and have parked my SkyMaxx and RWC. I had used several LUA scripts to achieve what I was looking for, but the default now looks plausible - to me anyway. John