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    As the handle implies, I am Old As Dirt. 77 years at this writing and a non-pilot although I have had many hours in the left seat (helicopters) and right seat in fixed wing. Retired Virginia State Police Worked as Court Security with USMS in the Federal Courts. Completely retired now.

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  1. I don't think that I ever had to do anything with Track IR to make it work. As long as it is working, MSFS 2020 is the only flight simulator (as opposed to the one that starts with X) that allows turning on while the program is running. If you open the Track IR program and are able to check your alignment, it should work. Are your lights on the Track IR camera on? (Both of them) Make sure there is no bright light behind your head (unshaded window, lamp, etc.). That's about all that should cause any problems.
  2. The prop brake release is working for me after this update. First time!
  3. I was hoping that my biggest disappointment with V-12 would be fixed with the recent update. My favorite of the default aircraft - The Baron - would have its tendency to be slammed to the runway upon landing fixed. No matter how gently, I bring her in, she seems to have a big magnet suddenly turned on which slams her down - killing at least one of the engines. Still have to fly V-11 to feel like I can still fly it.
  4. I have both Store and Steam. I bought from the Store (through X-Box - for PC) early on and suddenly it just went away after several months flying. I found a number for MS and spent four hours being bounced around from one person to another - some of which hardly understood English - all of which verified that I had purchased the program - none of which were able to "fix" the problem. I even got to a Windows 11 person who took over my computer and checked everything and said that there was no problem on my end and that they would get it fixed. After about a month of not having the sim, I bought another copy from Steam. Steam has worked seamlessly. I checked back in about 6 months and the MS Store version was fixed. I now have both copies on separate 2 TB drives (regular drives - no SSD and they run exactly the same as when I had the one on SSD) on the same computer. Items purchased through the Marketplace through Steam are not available on the Store copy and vice versa and the logs have separate counts on them. Which do I prefer? Both have the same stuff (except purchases and hours) but I prefer the Steam method of updates. I hope this answers any questions posed above.
  5. Bert - Thank you for tweaking my curiosity! After reading your response and realizing that I was doing exactly what you were doing, I tried it again. Again, RNAV would not intercept the glide slope. So, I went to the content manager and searched for Working Title. The Garmin GNS 430/530 Version # 1.1.4 was not installed, but the Garmin 430/530 with a higher version # was installed. The Garmin G1000 NXI version # 0.14.0 was also not installed and the same item with a higher version number was. On a whim, I installed the lower number without removing the higher number on both, figuring I would see what it would do with the next step being the removal of the higher number. I never got that far because it is now working. I had noticed on videos that the Garmin 530 went through the startup procedures and I had never seen it on my aircraft. It went through it when I started up again after installing these two (lower version) programs. Doesn't make sense, but it's working as advertised and I want to thank you for pushing me just a little further to make it work. Maybe this will help someone else. By the way - I had read somewhere that the older number should be removed, but it didn't make sense that they were just hanging out there. Don't understand, but it's working. This 80 year old Flight Simulator veteran says "Thanks again"!
  6. KLYH RW 04. I am not going to reinstall. Everything else seems to be working.
  7. Like others, I bought it mostly for it's nostalgic value and it has satisfied that in every way. I have experienced one thing (well several, but nothing serious - except) and that is RNAV does not seem to work at many airports (some yes, mostly no). I have thought that maybe my copy of MSFS 2020 was corrupted, but other aircraft are working fine. Anyone else with this problem? I may just reinstall MSFS 2020 if you haven't had the problem but haven't figured how to completely uninstall while using Steam.
  8. I haven't had any CTDs with the latest driver, but during a 30 minute flight I had two "freezes" that lasted about 5/10 seconds. Expected it to go to the desktop, but it continued with my flight. It was on DX 11, so I'll try 12 tomorrow.
  9. As a Honeycomb user, I have found its settings to be less than easy to use. However, the question you present is completely within the MSFS programming. You are right - in the end, it doesn't make any difference, but it is confusing. My old Saitek controllers were not nearly as difficult to set up.
  10. Thanks - That's the way I read it but wasn't sure. I made another copy and will use it as the update copy until final.
  11. Is this the beta or the standard version? Not clear. Does it replace the beta if it is the standard version? Thanks.
  12. I think I read that it is the result of some built in internal troubleshooting program that was a little too aggressive. I had it happen once during SU10 and, after a reboot, never again.
  13. Per Nvidia the minimum GeForce driver needed for DLSS implementations is 512.15.
  14. I had the 2H22 problem as described by the original poster. It is fairly common. I first rolled back the update and all was good again. Investigation disclosed that the problem is with GE Force Experience - specifically the Overlay portion. I downloaded the latest Studio driver (instead of the Game Ready) and found a beta of the GE Force Experience. If you cannot find the beta GE Force, you should just be able to delete the old GE Force from your Programs folder in the Windows Control Panel until they put out a good one - probably next week I’m told. GE Force is not required for running the drivers. Once the driver and the beta GE Force was installed, I reinstalled 2H22 and all is good.
  15. Just found this on another site: NVIDIA investigating, roll back the update to fix the issue Anecdotally, after rolling back the update, the gaming performance issues will disappear, according to reports from multiple affected users. "Got the 22H2 update for win 11 this morning and my games immediately started to lag.. Using MSI afterburner, I found that in games (BFV and NFS Heat) my cpu usage had dropped from around 50-60% to only 5 % it was the same in all of my games," a user report explains in a long thread with others confirming the issue also impacts their systems. "They all ran perfectly yesterday. Rolled back the update and the games are running perfectly again using 50-60% CPU." While Microsoft is yet to jump in and investigate these user reports, NVIDIA Software QA Manuel Guzman confirmed that the company is aware of this issue and is prompting affected Reddit users to provide additional feedback. For the time being, Windows customers with NVIDIA GPUs might want to hold back from updating their devices until NVIDIA or Microsoft shares further information regarding what causes this gaming performance issue.
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