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    As the handle implies, I am Old As Dirt. 70 years at this writing and a non-pilot although I have had many hours in the left seat (helicopters) and right seat in fixed wing. Retired Virginia State Police but still working as Court Security with USMS in the Federal Courts.
  1. Yes, and now that manuthie has given me the hint, that IS what it looks like! John
  2. Thanks... I'll try that. John EDIT - You are right! That is the answer. Now... How do I get those 10 FRs back? Just kidding. It did drop but fortunately, I've got plenty to play with. I'm down to about 30/32 at 1000 feet over downtown New York City.
  3. I sent a bug report about this today. Not so much about the windshield as the side windows continuing to show the reflections of taxi lights until about 3000 feet. That and the seats reflect in the windshield even with all lights turned down and completely dark in the cockpit. Reflections? Yes, but, if used, they need some refinement or a choice of amounts. John
  4. Sometimes.... You feel like a nut! (Old Almond Joy commercial) Still works! John
  5. Thanks Murmur... I think this is twice this week that you have come to my rescue! John UPDATE - This lead me to 75 for yaw, 76 for right toe, and 77 for left toe. Seems logical as they are together and for the same controller. I need to do a little more work because it resulted (with the 0.05 setting) in the engine osculating between low and high RPMs. No throttle animation. Set them back and all is okay. Anyway, thanks for your help as I now have a new toy with which to play. I always keep a Copy A and a Copy B to step through the betas, so it wouldn't have hurt anything if it could not be corrected.... but I could.
  6. That's my problem. Some of the controllers have their assignments spelled out (very few) but I found nothing for yaw or toe brakes. I use Saitek for the yoke and throttle quadrants, but CH Products for pedals. The Saiteks seem to be the only ones spelled out. Thanks, John
  7. Would this apply to all functions (L & R Toe and yaw) of your pedals or just yaw? If I have pedals, are they always 3? The 3 on mine refer back to 75 and it is currently (default) 0.008333 Thanks, John
  8. Just remember on the 1060 - There is one with 3GB of VRAM and another with 6. Don’t let the price lead you to the 3. John
  9. Personally, I have never had the "slewing" problem. Don't know what to tell you but maybe deleting your "Preferences" folder might help. Remember to save the files within it that refer to joystick settings (about three of them, I think) or you will have to reset all your device settings. Good luck with your problem. John
  10. Thanks for this and your follow up Murmur. I do like the change and also your suggestion for a slight change. I own a copy of SkyMaxx, but am weaning myself away because of many things and this seems to be the best alternative yet. John
  11. Jan generously provided his email address above. It works in X-Plane 11. John
  12. Can you provide a link Murmur? John
  13. This one seems to be pretty good! John
  14. I found this site which compares one video card's performance against another and compares how they work with most games (X-Plane included even though it's not a game). Pretty interesting page. http://www.game-debate.com/gpu/index.php?gid=3505&gid2=1792&compare=geforce-gtx-1070-vs-geforce-gtx-770-msi-twinfrozr-edition Play around with it - it's intersting. John