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    As the handle implies, I am Old As Dirt. 70 years at this writing and a non-pilot although I have had many hours in the left seat (helicopters) and right seat in fixed wing. Retired Virginia State Police but still working as Court Security with USMS in the Federal Courts.

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  1. Old_As_Dirt

    X Plane Screen-Resolution

    Slightly off topic, but I read somewhere the other day that when using the standard 1920x1080 resolution and you have tearing of the screen while flying X-Plane, you can go into the standard nVidia control panel and change your resolution to 1920x1082 and the screen tearing will stop and there is no noticeable change in your picture. I tried it and it worked - with no other video settings changes! Be sure to "Apply" the change or the control panel will show it but not apply it. John
  2. Old_As_Dirt

    11.30RC1 Performance

    I too am impressed with RC1 although it is slightly slower than b7 on my system. It is flying just fine for this 75+ year old flyer. I see so many that are comparing it with earlier versions, but are flying third party aircraft and using scenery probably not modified by the developers. It is not fair until you fly plain Jane releases with default aircraft. I do not use VR as I would probably fall out my chair and break something I cannot replace. Having flown since the first simulators, it is amazing what has evolved. My system is an I7-4770 (no K) with 16GB DDRAM, and a GTX 1070 card. Nothing special, but I can run 65+ FPS with most environments. I am looking forward to VULCAN but don't really expect a great improvement until lots of things come online to make use of its capabilities. I see nothing but good and expect to see more as this group of guys work their magic. John (Yep - another one)
  3. I don't see any problems in this log.txt, so you probably have a good copy now. I keep the original and make two copies of it - labeled A and B. I use the A and B copies to "leap frog" through the betas and still have my "virgin" copy of the final release. If you have the hard drive space, this works pretty well.
  4. If possible, attach a link to your log..txt just as soon as you shut down x-plane as it will list everything that is going on in the session you just finished for analysis. Don't open and copy the information, just post a link to the log.txt found in your x-plane root directory. John
  5. It is a good idea to do this once in a while anyway as rebuilding seems to iron out some problems that creep into your system. Keeping these two files and reinserting them after the rebuild makes it easy to do.
  6. Old_As_Dirt

    X Plane on an iMac

    As a non-MAC user, except for their iPhone, iPad devices. I will give my opinion as to why MAC is not the platform to use for flight sim or anything else. Money!!!! For half or less of what you will invest in a MAC, which you cannot modify outside what they want you to have, you can build yourself a PC which will outperform any MAC out there. It will do anything that a MAC will do inside or outside the Flight Simulation realm with the proper software and, should you need to upgrade something, you can buy it and install it. MAC has a wonderful plan for making people believe they cannot use anything other than their products by furnishing schools and indoctrinating the students and staff to their systems, thereby creating a MAC dependency. We can see, just in this tread, the frustrations experienced by MAC users and, if they want to continue that, fine, but why not just build a cheaper, more functional system and be done with it. As stated, Apple produces the best hand-held devices available as they invented them, but even they suffer from the Apple tentacles by not allowing you to just plug in a new battery or several other things that their competitors do with their products. Today, Apple is falling behind in even these devices because of the expense and the ever continuing upgrades which offer little in functionality - just fluff. I'm sure my thoughts will rankle some, but just think about it (which has been going on in this thread already) and make your own decisions, but don't be persuaded to do something either way that you just can't live with. John
  7. Old_As_Dirt

    X-Plane 11.30 Beta is out!

    Whenever a beta starts, I make a copy of my current stable version - currently 11.26 - and name it (in this case 11.30 beta A). Then I make a copy of that and name it beta B. Now, I still have my original and “leap frog” through the betas using A and B. Works great.
  8. Old_As_Dirt

    Mac vs PC

    Personally, I love Mac as long as it is the iPhone or iPad. For a computer, I have always used PCs. Part of the reason is that when you buy (another reason - buying is expensive) a Mac, you are pretty much stuck with what you buy - it is a "sealed" unit. No upgrades to the equipment except for a few limited things is my understanding. If you need a program, you have to go to an exclusive Mac store to buy it. Mac's trick is to provide their computers to schools and "sell" students that it is the best money can buy. I have no gripes with Mac. I have the utmost respect - but in their portable devices for reasons stated above. I have no problem updating PCs - never have. At age 75, I have built and maintained many computers and still troubleshoot/fix friend's computers (PCs). When they need parts, just go out and buy a part and stick it in and introduce it to the system. I do not service laptops for the same reason I don't do Macs - parts soldered to the motherboard. Yes, even with the ipod/pad/phone, the parts are soldered, but that's a different animal.
  9. Old_As_Dirt

    Visual Glideslopes

    One more thought. Are you using stock airports? John
  10. On my installation of 10.21r1, it came up for clicking that I understood... which I didn't, but checked anyway. Nothing since then. John
  11. Old_As_Dirt

    Removing haze in xplane 11

    That's the script I use and it works great. I don't think I have the space, but I'd have to check. You can easily reset the value to anything from .01 to 1.0, which is the default. I like the 0.5 setting as well. I had one aircraft that produced the "Fly_With_Lua has stopped working", or something like that, but can't remember which one. It was a free download and I just quit using it. I think it was something in the aircraft design as opposed to LUA. I also will say that that is about the only script I use, so there may be a script conflict if others are used. John EDIT - There IS a space in my script. Don't know if it's necessary or not.
  12. Old_As_Dirt

    Removing haze in xplane 11

    Go to the Developer's blog https://developer.x-plane.com/, look at the top of the page and find Scenery editors (I think - something close), download Data Ref Editor. Install as instructed and open the second line (Scenery) from the plug-ins drop down. Scroll down to fog_be_gone and set the number to whatever you want. Default is 1.00000. I find 0.20000 to 0.50000 to be about right. There is a fly with lua script that will hold your setting so you don't have to reset it at every start. John
  13. I bought the PMDG DC-6 for X-Plane 10 and have enjoyed (still do when I feel like starting up that format) it, but found it no better than some of the offerings by others in the XP-11 run. Having read PMDG's responses when queried about XP-11, it appears that they are pretty strongly against developing any future aircraft for our community, mostly due to the moving target and their unwillingness to follow. Having said that, things change and they ARE in business to make money and that will probably be the deciding factor for them. Personally, I am not locked into PMDG and got what I paid for, but do not see that they produce anything that others can't. Again, the market will decide who produces what. John
  14. There are many conflicts brewing as the younger crowd comes in demanding sceneries, mobile, VR, and who knows what might be next. I think (and, yes, I am old) that giving in to these demands takes away from the efforts to make the less obvious but important things better. As one who has done flight simulation since the days when it was no more than lines and imagination (DOS days), I see the younger crowd wanting what can only be achieved in "games' with extremely limited scenery areas. I find myself starting to pull away again as I did when FSX lost its appeal (many years ago) because the devs are losing interest because of trying to hit a moving target - Carenado and PMDG are examples. Changes are good, but what is being demanded today, is a whole new platform - as this old guy sees it. There - I said it! John
  15. Old_As_Dirt

    no joystick

    You could try removing your preferences folder (X-Plane/Output/Preferences) and it will rebuild when you restart. You might save the two lines about keyboard and joystick from within it before deleting and that will save all the functions (buttons and other assignments) that you had set up previously. You would then paste those two lines back into the folder after restarting and shutting down. That SHOULD get you going with minimal effort. John