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  1. Switched from the F1 GTN Complete to RXP a few months ago and absolutely love it. My main problem with the F1 GTN was I could never get it to work satisfactorily in touch mode on a tablet. The RXP, on the other hand, works flawlessly on a 7" tablet using the SpaceDesk multi-monitor app. ....Lloyd
  2. Perhaps one of the better known: KOSH Busiest airport in the world each year during EAA Airventure. ...Lloyd
  3. No problem sending ATC audio to a headset (or to a separate set of speakers). There are probably other ways to do this but here's how mine is set up: I have a separate sound card in addition to the motherboard audio (usually Realtek). In P3D audio settings, assign the the Primary Playback Device to the sound card and the Voice Playback Device to Realtek. Connect your main sound system to the sound card output and your headset to the Realtek output. ...Lloyd
  4. Zero problems here after installing KB4551762. P3D v4.5 running normally and no change in my CPU and GPU benchmarks numbers. ...Lloyd
  5. A full scenery reinstall did the trick. Thanks a lot, Lloyd
  6. Thanks, Bob. I know they both use the Garmin Trainer which means neither product references the default P3D nav database. I'd been using the Flight1 GTN 750 since its release but decided to uninstall it and switch to the RXP version. So, at this point, neither product is installed and I should be able to use the default GNS 530 which references the default P3D nav database. Let's suppose for whatever reason I didn't want to use either product. In that case I would not be able to use the default GPS as all intersections are missing (airports/VORs/NDBs are all OK). So, if for nothing but to satisfy my own curiosity, how do I restore the default P3D nav database? Thanks, Lloyd
  7. Now that I know that the RXP 750 uses its own nav database just as the Flight1 version does I will go ahead with the install. However, I am still curious about my default P3D nav database which is missing all intersections. Any one know how to restore it? Thanks, Lloyd
  8. Sorry to get this thread going again but I need some help. I uninstalled the Flight1GTN Complete in preparation for installing the RXP GTN750. Thanks, BTW, to the great info provided in this thread I managed to get rid of the files left by the uninstaller which in turn got rid of the error code 10 message I too was seeing when launching the sim after I did the uninstall. Before installing the RXP GTN750 I wanted to make sure everything nav wise was back to normal in P3D. It is not. If I try to enter a flight plan into the stock GNS 530, I have no interesections. Only airports, NDBs and VORs. Doesn't matter where I am in the world. All intersections are missing. I also tried composing a flight plan using the AivlaSoft EFB. Everything looks as it should in the EFB but not in the stock GNS 530 where I see the route with the origin and destination airports along with any enroute NDBs/ VORs but still no intersections. Could it be that somehow the P3D nav database has become corrupted? If that is the case, how do I restore it? The other possibility, I suppose, is that my problem has nothing at all to do with the removal of the Flight1 GTN Complete which I was using pretty much exclusively for flight planning. With that being the case, I would not have noticed the problem with the stock GNS 530. Maybe I should just go ahead and install the RXP GTN750 anyway. It might work OK but I'd feel better about it if the sim's stock GPS nav functions were working properly before I do that. Thanks in advance for all thoughts/comments/suggestions. ...Lloyd
  9. Sending my sincere thanks to Gentleman Bert as well for his great service to the flight sim community. In recognition, I too fully endorse his nomination for the position of "GHEMR". Not sure if that position includes a limo and a driver, Bert, but I hear it does include a fully crewed Embraer EMB-505 Phenom 300. (No, no Bert. Not the Carenado version. The REAL one!) ....Lloyd
  10. I keep a log of P3D addons and the last thing I installed was about three months ago was Dan Grovestine's CYYJ. I'm pretty sure this created a folder named AFLT for P3D in Documents\Prepar3d v_ Add-ons containing the AFLT executable. I followed the P3D uninstall instructions for AFLT on Airfield Lights Tool page of the stuff4fs website and that has fixed my problem. Everything is now working as it should both day and night. Thanks to everyone and especially to Dan and Don for pointing me in the right direction to get to the bottom of this. Happy New Year!
  11. First of all, I am on Ver. 4.513.32097 An important breakthrough of sorts and too bad I hadn't noticed this earlier. For a while now when I launch P3D a window opens minimized to the Win10 Taskbar titled AFLT (SimObjects) - Version 1.0..... with a Connect and a Disconnect button. If I close that window (not minimize it) or click Disconnect my "bouncing" stops and the sim runs perfectly. So it sure looks like whatever is causing this "AFLT" window to appear is at the root of my problem. So at least now I have a workaround but I would really like to track down where this is coming from so I can fix it permanently. Is it a matter of following Bob's suggestion to go into both dll.xml and both exe.xml files and disable everything and then enable one at a time? Once again, many thanks everyone.
  12. Tried with and without SpadNext loaded. Actually, the videos I posted were recorded without SpadNext. Switched my default scenario to the default J3 Cub @ KHQM. No change in the problem. Then changed the default scenario to the J3 Cub at an airport outside of any ORBX region. Still no change in the problem. What about uninstalling/reinstalling the Content and/or Scenery components of P3D? Anyone think its worth a shot? I don't know if this would have any bearing on my problem but thinking back to the latest update to P3D, I waited until all the goings on about HF1 and HF2 had died down before I updated. At that point I figured the hot fixes would have been integrated into the latest Client update. Am I right about that? Thanks again, everyone.
  13. Default flight is Carenado PA44 Seminole at KHQM (ORBX Freeware airport). This has been my default flight for a very long time. As for addons, I have a lot of ORBX products: Global Base/LC NA/LC Eur/LC SA+Trees/Libs/Vector/Lights Config/TE GBsouth and a bunch of their payware and freeware airports. In addition: FS Global Mesh / ActiveSky / EnvTex&EnvShade / REX HD Airports / RealTurb NA / RD Presets HD Bldgs / Chaseplane / PrecipitFX / SpadNext / Real World Scenery NY State / Latin VFR KSAN. Also have a load of payware aircraft and nav products. I now have more info on the problem which just keeps getting stranger. The bouncing gets worse with the parking brake applied. You can notice this best by observing the nose wheel strut compression as the parking brake is set and released. Also, if you watch carefully as the bouncing is going on the aircraft slowly creeps froward. Another thing I only became aware of earlier today is that the pushback function no longer works. The following link to my latest YouTube video shows the amplitude of the bounce changing as I set and release the parking brake and also shows the slow forward creep: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5G43H0fflA&feature=youtu.be Thanks for the input this far.
  14. It happens with all aircraft. Don't have time right now to list my addons but will do that tomorrow and also have a look at the link provided. Thanks, guys.
  15. Been simming since FS1 and have never seen anything like this - I can only fly in full daylight! I hadn't done any night flying for quite a while so I don't really know when this became a problem. Here's what happening: In anything but full daylight and with the aircraft parked it is bouncing up and down at about a one bounce/second rate. If I am in the air and change from daylight to darkness, the aircraft enters a totally uncontrollable spin and crashes. I've tried ActiveSky on/off with no change. Thinking it might be something related to shadows or lighting, I temporarily changed those settings but that made no difference either. Here's a link to video showing the problem: https://youtu.be/C6C2jPNA93s Ideas anyone? Thanks.
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