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    Always a techie! Built my first computer in 1975 (Altair 8800) and still build my own systems today.
    Been flight simming since the SubLogic FS1 days.
  1. Noell

    Free real time flight map

    Price is a bit steep but worth every penny IMO. Flight planning with SIDS/Stars, taxi guidance, weather integration, checklists, departure/approach charts, vertical guidance, seamless integration with default GPS etc. etc. Great all in one package and very easy to use. There's a fully functional 30 day trial available. Website here. ...Lloyd
  2. Noell

    Free real time flight map

    Sorry. Double post. ...Lloyd
  3. Noell

    Free real time flight map

    Its just the OpenStreetMap option in Plan-G that gives the server error. If you change the map provider in the options to OpenTopoMap or OpenCycleMap it works fine. ...Lloyd
  4. Noell

    Zoom in the cockpit

    I also use a game controller to control Chaseplane however I mounted mine to the center of my CH Products yoke. May not look anywhere near "as real as it gets" but it sure is convenient because I can manipulate the joysticks with my thumbs while holding the yoke. ...Lloyd
  5. Noell

    GA ATC

    Been using P2ATC For at least a year now flying mainly GA and occasional longer flights with the Q400 or the CRJ and I really like it. Great customer service from "Dave" at P2ATC as well. I believe they still offer a 10 day trial version so you can give it a try before you buy. Note: Just checked the P2ATC website. Its down right now but I suspect that's only a temporary thing. ...Lloyd
  6. Noell

    P2ATC with P3dv4.5

    Kinda what I thought. Thanks.
  7. I never rush into a P3D update until all my addons have been confirmed as being compatible. Most things seem to OK at this point but I haven't seen any mention of P2ATC. Is P2ATC OK with 4.5? Thanks, Lloyd
  8. Local Disk (C:) ► Users ► You ► AppData ► Local ► Lockheed Martin ► Prepar3D ► Shaders ...Lloyd
  9. Noell

    Registry Refresh?

    No guarantees as messing around with the registry can get you in trouble. That said, you could try: 1 - Restoring the registry from a registry backup created by a registry cleaner program you may have used. 2 - Doing a Windows System Restore - Control Panel> System>System Protection then select System Restore and chose a restore point dated prior to the point when the problem first occurred. 3 - Working through the instructions in this link. ...Lloyd
  10. Noell

    use at the same time

    Steven - Check out this guide to run REX SF3D with AS. ...Lloyd
  11. Noell

    Live ATC can this be a reality

    Thanks a lot. I'll check it out. ...Lloyd
  12. Noell

    Live ATC can this be a reality

    Off topic I know but a quick question for the OP... How are you getting those excellent winter textures for runways and especially the taxiways? Thanks, Lloyd
  13. Noell

    FS Global Next Gen Ultimate issues

    Got it! Thanks!
  14. Noell

    FS Global Next Gen Ultimate issues

    I logged into my Pilot's account but I still can't fine the flattening utility. Where exactly is it? Tnx, Lloyd
  15. Noell

    Secondary PC to run ActiveSky, EFB2, PF3

    Instead of Multiplicity, I use Mouse Without Borders. Its free! ...Lloyd