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  1. I don't login and I've been able to do all I need to do. I like being able to change filters on the fly and have the filter settings stay put (something which Nvidia Experience was having trouble with), plus bring up a performance monitor overlay and be able update video drivers while keeping my control panel settings.
  2. Is designed to integrate a bunch of Nvidia stuff into the one app. Like Geforce Experience, filters, driver install, control panel etc. Its currently in beta but I'm finding it working really well. Click here to have a look. And click here for an IslandSimPilot video.
  3. FG was unaffected by the driver update. That said, I didn't do my usual DDU procedure. Lately I've been using the new Nvidia app so I just used its driver update feature and selected Clean Install. After the install I flushed the shaders. Another thing I noticed which may be due to using the new Nvidia app to update the drivers was that my Nvidia control panel settings were unaffected.
  4. I'm have a 3080Ti with the 552.12 drivers and FG is working perfectly.
  5. Silly as it may sound, I'd rather put up with their watermark than put up with the Dune screens.
  6. This cheapie from Amazon is working perfectly for me.
  7. I used a light meter app on my phone to measure room lighting. I measured the light level between my eyes and the camera lens and I had no problem using Beam at a light level of 5 Lux (0.5 foot candles). It may depend upon your camera specs. I don't have a very expensive webcam but the blurb that came with it says it has "automatic low-light correction".
  8. I disliked the Dune loading screens so much I bought Stripr from Parallel//42. That was the only way I could find to get rid of them.
  9. I suppose there could be an issue with poor lighting and/or a bad camera angle but I've had no issues whatsoever with the Beam eye tracker while wearing glasses. I have my camera positioned on the top of my Honeycomb yoke about .6 meters from my eyes.
  10. I wear glasses all the time when simming and I've found no problem with eye tracking.
  11. I have no performance issues at all with my 1080/30 webcam. I'm using FG with my FPS locked at 60 in Riva Tuner and head tracking is really smooth and responsive. If I turn off FG, my frame rates average about 45. At that frame rate headtracking isn't nearly as smooth. Anyone seeing this little glitch - if I hit the stop button in OpenTrack to change something in Settings, when I hit start to resume head tracking nothing happens. To restore head tracking I have to close and restart OpenTrack.
  12. I used a TrackIR for a while a few years ago and gave up on it. Recently I also tried the Tobii and ended up sending it back for a refund. So far, and its only been a day, I'm liking the Beam Eye Tracker a lot and really looking forward to hearing what others think.
  13. I was using a webcam with the freeware apps AITrack and OpenTrack. It was OK but I was never totally happy with it - calibration seemed to drift and I found myself constantly having to hit the re-center button. This morning I came across a Beam Eye Tracker video by OverkillSimulations and decided to give it a try. Works like a charm and well worth the 30 bucks IMO.
  14. No change here. I'm on Steam and the two minor annoyances that started a week or so ago are still there - starting in windowed mode and asking if I want to start in safe mode.
  15. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm using the Steam version and I used the Steam verify files option and then did a reinstall. It didn't change anything and, seeing other simmers are seeing the same thing, I'm thinking/hoping it will get sorted once SU15 drops.
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