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  1. Consider Pilot2ATC. They offer a free trial https://www.pilot2atc.com/index.php/downloads ..Lloyd
  2. X-Camera. https://www.stickandrudderstudios.com/x-camera/ ...L
  3. If you want P3D sound to remain on while using another app, make sure Mute On Lost Focus is Unchecked in P3D sound settings. .......Lloyd
  4. Been using a 10 setting for a few days now. Like Bob, I tried the 10 setting back when I had a 1080 and an 8700K and that system just couldn't hack it. Now, with a 3080Ti (12 GB VRAM) and an i9 10900K (10 core/20 threads)@ 5.3 Ghz, setting 10 looks great and load time is only about 20 seconds longer. Thanks, Bob! ....Lloyd
  5. See previous thread: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/628822-milviz-stopped-selling-p3d-products/ ...Lloyd
  6. I haven't done this but it should work to get rid of the wing tip vortices. Procedure is the same. Just go the the P3D Effects folder and rename: fx_wingtipvortice_l.fx to fx_wingtipvortice_l.OFF and fx_wingtipvortice_r.fx to fx_wingtipvortice_r.OFF ...Lloyd
  7. To be a little more specific, in P3Dv5 I've done the following to disable snow and rain wheel spray. In the P3d Effects folder: Rename fx_WheelSnowSpray.fx to fx_WheelSnowSpray.OFF Rename fx_WheelWetSpray.fx to fx_WheelWetSpray.OFF ..Lloyd
  8. I switched from EnvShade to RDShade but now want to go with ENVPlus. I uninstalled RDShade and removed any traces of left over files. To make sure I have all of the latest TOGA files, I re-downloaded from Simmarket all of the files for all of my Toga products. I then re-installed everything including the P3Dv5 patches but when I hit "Install To Sim" in ENVDir I get an error message saying "Some Files are missing for P3Dv5. Please make sure you have downloaded the separate P3Dv5 updates for your Simmarket account". When I close the error message, the install to sim seems to progress normally but because I am seeing an error message I am not sure that everything actually did install properly. Anyone else with this problem? Here are the installed update files/patches I've installed for each product: For ENVSHade: Envshade_patch_1. For ENVTex: Envtex_patch_1.2.7.0.exe and TOGA_ENVTEX_P3D-V5_EXPANSION For ENVSound: Envsound_patch_1.0.3.0.exe My P3Dv5.3 is up to date (version Thanks, Lloyd
  9. You may find what you are looking for here: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/528328-rex-sky-force-3d-with-active-sky-asca-envtex-tutorial/ ...Lloyd
  10. I'm definitely in the "if it ain't broke don't fix it camp" but just in case I'm missing something.... How exactly will P3D be improved once this latest driver gets fixed and installed compared to simply sticking with an earlier driver (512.95 for example) that does not have this "light source flashing" problem? Lloyd
  11. I haven't deleted MSFS. But I haven't used it in months. One of these days Ill give it another shot though
  12. Check out Orbx KHQM (Bowerman Airport). Its a freebee and has been one of my favourites for years. Open Orbx Central and you will find it under the North American tab. ...Lloyd
  13. Exactly! Been rock stable on 461.09 since its release and saw nothing in the release notes for 465.89 that would make me want to update. ...Lloyd
  14. Playing with Windows services is something I gave up on a long time ago as I found little to no benefit in doing so. That said, if you want to safely tweak your OS, I suggest you check out the Black Viper website. This guy has been keeping people out of trouble for years with his OS services charts that show settings for Default, Safe and Tweaked. Lloyd
  15. Duh! Of course! I was simply looking for a disable option in the drop down where you select your preferred texture set. Thanks once again. Best, Lloyd
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