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  1. Exactly! Been rock stable on 461.09 since its release and saw nothing in the release notes for 465.89 that would make me want to update. ...Lloyd
  2. Playing with Windows services is something I gave up on a long time ago as I found little to no benefit in doing so. That said, if you want to safely tweak your OS, I suggest you check out the Black Viper website. This guy has been keeping people out of trouble for years with his OS services charts that show settings for Default, Safe and Tweaked. Lloyd
  3. Duh! Of course! I was simply looking for a disable option in the drop down where you select your preferred texture set. Thanks once again. Best, Lloyd
  4. Been using this sun mod for a while now and its a big improvement compared to the sun textures in Envtex (thanks again GSalden!). Note that every time you make a texture selection change in Envtex and hit Install To Sim, you will overwrite your modified sun textures which means you will have to reinstall the sun mod. Its no big deal but just something to keep in mind. I messed around with trying to protect the modded files from being overwritten but its more hassle than its worth. Sure would be nice, though, if the drop down menu for each texture in Envtex had a Do Not Install option. ..Lloyd
  5. Nick - I'm running Spacedesk with an Android 8" tablet as a display for the RXP GTN750. Latency so low as to be barley noticeable and touchcreen operation of the GTN works beautifully. ...Lloyd
  6. I'm using a couple of Amazon Fire 8 android tablets. I use one for charts and one for the RXP GTN750 but any undocked window can be dragged to the tablet. Providing your flightsim computer is connected to your router, all you need is a tablet of your choice and free program called Spacedesk which will make your tablet appear as an additional monitor. ...Lloyd
  7. Noell


    Orbx PAJN and PAYA. ..Lloyd
  8. I have Chaseplane as well and until you mentioned it I never thought of it being a possible conflict with either RealTurb or Accu-Feel. That said, I've never liked the motion effects in Chaseplane and have for the most part dialed them way down or turned them off. To test, I turned the Chaseplane motioned effects back on and saw no sign of any conflicts. ....Lloyd
  9. I have both installed and they seem to work perfectly together. ...Lloyd
  10. You might also want to look at Accu-Feel from A2A. It is now v5 compatible (currently on sale for $16) and offers a bunch of other adjustable parameters in addition to Turbulence Chop/Gusts/CAT. https://a2asimulations.com/product/accu-feel-v-2-air-land-sea-p3dv4/ ...Lloyd
  11. Sorry it didn't help. Suggest you post your problem in the LM P3D forum if you haven't already done so. https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/ ...Lloyd
  12. Try an uninstall/reinstall of Content. Make sure you have have the Install_Content.msi file and the five .cab files all n the same folder before launching the Install_Content.msi file. ...Lloyd
  13. The only file of interest here is the FSUIPC6.ini (generally located in Users>YourName>Documents>Prepar3Dv5 Addons>FSUIPC6). All you do is open it with a text editor and delete the section(s) associated with whatever name you gave your profile when you created it. If you have nothing in your FSUIPC.ini that you want to save, simple deleting it and then reinstalling FSUIPC6 will get you back to square one. ...Lloyd
  14. Pets Dowson answered your question in a forum post a long time ago the answer to which I saved. It goes like this (quote): "If you know the <name> of the profile, just find and delete the complete sections with the titles [Profile.<name>] [Axes.<name>] [buttons.<name>] [JoystickCalibration.<name>] [Keys.<name>] [Auto.<name>] Or, if you are using Profiles=Files, delete just [Profile.<name>] in the INI and the <name>.ini file in the Profiles subfolder. To merely remove a specific aircraft from a profile, just delete its entry in the [Profile.<name>] section." Way back when I saved that answer, FSUIPC was version 5 maybe even version 4 but I can't imagine it would be different with with FSUIPC 6. Hope this helps. ...Lloyd
  15. Windows Settings>System>Display>Graphics Settings (very bottom of the page) Toggle Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling to ON ...Lloyd
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