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  1. Good news for now, I have done delete generated files thing, documented every single change in the sim and p3d.cfg and restarted the sim after every change. installed Rex Sky Force, Texture Direct and Reality XP. Hard to believe but not a single Kernellbase.dll error so far - knock on wood. Hard to believe because it's the 2nd time I have done the generated files, the only difference is I made the changes step by step. Now I'm going to install the rest like ai traffic, meshes and the Orbx. Let's see what happens after a few flights tomorrow I keep you posted Cheers Mick
  2. Hi Rogen, Thanks for looking into that. Just an idea with the mainboard, it's not the best board and designed for Ryzen 2 it might not be up for 3900X - physically. Yes I can confirm the updates, all the latest. As I'm still troubleshooting after fresh install I have no addons at all, just a few carenados and traffic settings are zero. When I set autogen and scenery draw distance to medium I could load a flight. Before it all happened I was able to set it to high and the rest dense or very dense, frames low to mid twenties in a smooth flight. and remember no addons, just plain P3D scenery. I load a flight at KJFK with all sliders to the right. Very strange. Anyway, I try the scenery index tomorrow, do the generated files and report back then. Thanks again Mick
  3. All my drivers are up to date, including chip set and bios and I run stock clocks for troubleshooting. Wonder if a better mainboard would help???
  4. Sorry, I forgot to say it only happens on busy airports on US westcoast like KLAX / KSFO
  5. Hello and Happy Christmas to everyone who’s mad enough to look after his sim these days… I have used this forum for many years and got solutions for any problems I had in the past for FSX or P3d but this one seems to be a tough one. It appears I’m having the same problem like roadrabbit since a week or so. I’ve been troubleshooting with hardware and software, no success at all. (CPU / GPU stress tests, memory test, all ok.) Followed plenty of advice for system checking and fixing – nothing. So, I did what everybody hates, clean reinstall of Windows 10 Pro and P3D. What happened? Same story, every time I attempt to load a flight with a ga plane the sim freezes and ctd’s. I can load flights at heavy airports anywhere else. This happens with a fresh Windows and a plain P3D without addons, just some Carenados and Alabeos. It happens with stock planes (few) as well. The sim was running for months under much higher settings and with Orbx regions without any problems. I don’t know any more what to do now, if anyone had this problem – I would really appreciate any input. Thanks for reading this Michael
  6. PC: MSI X470 GAMING PRO (MS-7B79), AMD Ryzen 9 3900X / PBO, MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Duke OC 11 GB, DDR4-3200 G-Skill Flare X 8GB x 2, Corsair HX 750 i, Windows 10 Pro on CT500MX SSD, Prepar3d v4 on CT1000P m.2 SSD.

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