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  1. If you haven't done already, try this here: https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/d3d11-dll-caused-an-access-violation-0xc0000005-in-module-d3d11-dll-at-0033-1303e620.3511419/
  2. Hi there, Here is a tool what has helped me numerous times with many P3D issues.I'm not a friend of those repair tools but this one does nothing you couldn't do yourself in the command prompt - if you knew all the commands. If it doesn't help it didn't do any further damage to the system, if it helps, the better. Go to the website: https://www.tweaking.com/ Download the free version Tweaking.com and give it a go. I even purchased a license after using it for 2 years to support them. Good luck Mick
  3. Hi Chris, Just deactivate any corresponding mappings for keyboard or other inpiut devices. Before starting a flight move any axis from one end to the other en a couple of times to let MSFS know about the calibration. At least works for me with X52 Hotas. Good luck Mick
  4. Hi Alexis! I'm very sorry for your error. That's a hard one and difficult to track down. At least you know it's something with your graphics card. So the first thing I would do, Windows update, latest Nvidea driver - uninstall the old one with DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) and do a clean install. When you reboot the system to install the fresh driver make sure to disconnect your wifi / ethernet cable. Other than that, plenty of possible causes. In general the card is overstressed, could be running too hot in some moments (look for dust in your system), could be factory overclock, could be you power supply unit. You have to find out. Just check Dr. Google. If you type code 141 hardware error you gonna find hundreds of advice. I'm very sorry I couldn't help any more, Take care and good luck Mick
  5. This problem is much older, I'm dealing with this a good while. Can't say when it occurred the first time for me. I never had enough time to find out whether the stock AP or Working Titles AP is causing it. @kaosfere : yes I was using Navigraph, only happens with direct to, not related to waypoints.
  6. It can be activated by the FLC button, don't know about a key assignment. Take care Mick
  7. I have that as well, dropping fps for a few seconds down to 10 - 15 fps but then normalising again. The frame drops correspond to the task manager performance tab. I see a drop here down to a few kbps but Ookla says constant 240mbps so all ok on this end. I think we can blame the MS server. They ask for 50mbps, I've never seen more than 30mbps - very rarely though. Fingers crossed for improvement. Mick
  8. Very unlikely, it happened to me first time yesterday after the latest patch. It froze when dialing in a direct to.
  9. Hi Captain, I'm not familiar with FSUIPC7, I purchased SPAD.next and LorbyAxisAndOhs for all my axis settings. In my opinion compared with MSFS settings it improved a lot. You have to play around a while - but once you got it, just fine. The SPAD.next gave me problems since the last update so I switched to Lorbys again. Both are available as a full version for 14 days free trial. So well worth to give it a go. Just make sure to remove all corresponding assignments in the sim. Good luck Mick
  10. Thank you for this app, it's working great on my dedicated moving map tablet, LenovoTab E 10 - Android 8.1. So far the best moving map I ever used. All I miss is a toggle switch for the screen to turn off automaticly. But this is just me. Thanks again and take care Mick
  11. I'm dying to see what you come up with but I'm pretty sure nobody would blame you if you only do flight models. It makes such a difference, just incredible.
  12. Hi Rob, Hope you're well. Thanks for this masterpiece, it is an absolute delight to fly this bird. The only problem I have is, there's no other plane for me at the moment... well, I'll get over it. Make sure you get well soon, take care Mick
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