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  1. No, no changes required. It works together without problems
  2. The textures and lighting look very realistic. Very good work Henrik
  3. You can deactivate the ship traffic when you set the ship traffic slider in the simulator to 0. However, I have no problems with the ship traffic around Hawaii
  4. Hello, Peter, that the area around Hamburg is quite problematic (FPS and reloading of objects) is well known. But I can't imagine that it could be due to Henrik's ship traffic. Of course I installed the new "Global AI Ship traffic" myself, as well as the Hamburg harbour (Work in Progress) and all the SimDocks shipping traffic, which still contains several unpublished ships. Sure I have low FPS (between 15 and 18) via HH and sometimes a short "freezing" when autogen reloading takes place during changes of viewing direction, but this has no relation to ship traffic. Even if I deactivate the ship traffic this does not change anything for me.
  5. Hello, Henrik, my congratulations to the now even more upgraded ship traffic and especially to the great manual. I know how much work that was. Thank you for making the Sim Seas so lively.
  6. https://picr.de/ has no watermarks. Registration necessary, uploads free of charge but only in German language.
  7. Download Henriks packages and copy all files from the Effects folder to your Effects folder. Then you have all the latest wake files. If the crazy waves aren't gone then the error is somewhere else.
  8. Hello friends, already in 2015 I wrote an extensive tutorial on how to create your own AI ship traffic (with Henrik Nielsens and my ship models) for FSX and P3D. Since I hadn't found the time to translate the tutorial yet, it was only available in German and I was asked again and again if it would also be available in English. Now I have revised the brochure and translated it into English. Both versions can now be downloaded from the SimDocks-website without registration. By the way, if you want to share your ship routes with the community, you will find a special area in the SimDocks forum, where forum members make their routes available for free download (in the German and English forum area).
  9. Did you check the timetable? The ship needs at least 3 minutes stay at each turning point. Even if it looks good according to plan, the ships always need longer for the route than calculated due to curves, encounters with other ships and evasive manoeuvres. You should allow about 5-10 minutes for this in the timetable. Since you don't want to prolong the route unnecessarily, the best way to do this is via the speed of the ship. Better a knot slower, but a little more time at the endpoints.
  10. In most cases it is because the first segment of the route is too short. It should be at least four times the length of the ship. With a little more - five or six times the length of the ship; if possible in the scenery - you are on the safe side. The ship needs this room to turn around. If you want the ship to turn in a certain direction when turning, you have to let the 2nd route segment point in the corresponding direction.
  11. That's a bit difficult because the Global AI Ship Traffic doesn't have an installer - and I think it's good as it is. This way every user has full control where he saves the files and can be sure that no installer writes any data anywhere. Nevertheless, you don't need to load the P3D directory with the data of the ship traffic, but you can save the complete folder with all subfolders where you want. Just enter the paths into the simobjects.cfg, the sound.cfg and the effects.cfg. After that register the folder "Global AI-Ship Traffic/scenery/world/scenery" in the Scenery library. That will be all!
  12. Well, I already know that LM recommends this method and how it works. However, this method also has its disadvantages. For example, editing and moveing/sorting the sceneries "on the fly" is no longer possible. I see quite a big disadvantage in that. But of course, everyone as he would like. If the ships still don't work for you, use for every folder the absolute paths (drive\folder\subfolder\.....) instead of the relative paths. For example: E:\Global AI-Ship Traffic\Simobjects\Boats E:\Global AI-Ship Traffic\Simobjects\Animals E:\Global AI-Ship Traffic\Effects E:\Global AI-Ship Traffic\scenery\world\Scenery E:\Global AI-Ship Traffic\Sound
  13. I don't know why you install it with the XML method, but as far as I can see from your image, the path to the folder "Global AI Ship Traffic" is missing. You have specified all paths within the folder but not the path to the folder itself.
  14. Hi Jorn if you can understand German, there is a comlete Step-by-Step Tutorial to creat AI ship traffic as PDF (download HERE). Unfortunately, I did not found time yet to translate it into English (maybe you can manage with Google Translate?)
  15. You don´t need a XML file. You can install with the old methode like you descriped above or you leave the files in the download folders and enter the paths for the ships, the anmials, the effects and the sounds in the respective cfg file (SimObjects.cfg, effects.cfg and sound.cfg). Finally, you have to register the scene in the Libary - that´s all.
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