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  1. Captain Nuts

    EDXB to EDXH

    Hi Nils. Thanks for that! I'm really curious if I get along with XP11 this time (had a few attempts in the past already). I really hope I will! At any rate, do it! There are very few approaches in Germany being that spectacular (one runway more spectacular than the other), and doing the short hop from EDXB to EDXH is still kind of affordable. If you use the OFD (formerly known as OLT), you get to fly in a BN2 Islander on top (there are so few places where you can still fly in those quite unique "bongo vans"), if you're lucky and one of their 2 Islanders with single controls is in use you may even get a front seat ride. :) With some more luck you get the full entertainment package including shooing away seals and/or seagulls off the runway first and then getting a bird strike anyway. :D They also offer a "combi-ticket" where you do one trip by plane and the other by ship, so you could fly to EDXH with the Islander and return by ship, with some extra savings. <End Of Commercial> :) Best, Ollie
  2. Captain Nuts

    EDXB to EDXH

    Hi Nils! May I ask you if that's EDXB in stock XP11 or with the standard free add-ons (forgot their names right now)? The general layout looks pretty accurate as far I can see on the first 2 pics. I'm asking because after a long hiatus, I'm currently planning a new sim computer build for XP11 and P3Dv4 (which I both don't own yet) and I'm pretty curious what EDXB and Büsum (can) look like in XP11. If you feel inclined, can I interest you in a little photo flight above field and town (and the wind turbines N of the field)? I'd pay in virtual (or real, in EDXB) coffee! :) EDXB is my home airport/town and the currently possible level of detail for that airfield in P3D/FSX is "1997 called and wants its pixel piles back" and we better not talk about the surroundings or even the town of Büsum, so XP11 looks quite promising. BTW I'm often having coffee with the guy who mows the charming "MOIN" into the grass in front of RWY 29. :) Best, Ollie