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  1. You can create a simple Scenery project, an adding all your airplanes model whereever you need How to here:
  2. yep, thats correct, the special objects are simbojects, date based from the 169th to the 175th day of the year, to be precise, expect an update next year to match correct days 😄 <Code>(E:LOCAL DAY OF YEAR, Number) 169 &gt;= (E:LOCAL DAY OF YEAR, Number) 175 &lt;=
  3. I mean in the crop scene, the pilot is walking towards the plane, and you see him from behind, like a third person camera, and in that moment, the airplane is empty. Seems like you can control the pilot movement, going towards the plane, maybe doing some preflight checks and finally enter the plane. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pg6-QXp783XwyLYEKUv7MZuYM9OJMMiT/view?usp=drivesdk
  4. About the new game There is something interesting I have seen in the video Maybe is just good timing and well scripted But in the crop scene and in the rich people scene, we have the pilot walking towards the aircraft and the rich persons walking on the red carpet towards the aircraft This could be hint of a 3d person mode/walking mode and a passenger boarding feature a la GSX What do you think?
  5. He actually said that the ScenaryGateway itself is ready (the Software is ready) But they have issue with the Xbox website (something like user authentication) (which is odd but the whole msfs franchise is so strickly connected with the Xbox galaxy that I'm refusing to understand any related reasons )
  6. No, it is not possible Simbojects has accces to environment variables or local variables only (afaik) The frequencies are not among them, so that way is not a viable one A really enthusiast simmer can modify his plane and add some L: variable to some switches, so the Simboject visibility can be triggered. But, anyway, we don't have access to the default runway lights (with orbs light effect) as Simbojects, so a workaround is needed for the lights to be visible from a long distance (the same as standard runway lights) The workaround is a multiple Lod object with a colored sphere with its size changing with distance, the more distant, the bigger the sphere. That's a ton of work for PCL.. So yeah, Asobo is the answer, is up to them adding the functionality
  7. You really don't need to remake the entire airport if you want to remove some taxiways lamps, Simply add in the project an Airport object with the same ICAO of the apt you want to mod and use the LightSupport object with its exclude properties to remove the lamps where needed
  8. Thanks both @Dominique_K and @bobcat999 In the official forums there is Wishlist section Maybe, a request there from you guys, if it gets enough votes, can draw more attention (e.g. the fbw and working title masterpieces had so many request that Microsoft HAD to squeeze them in the basic package. My add-on has not their quality,but lot of people like, and I'm disappointed that the Xbox crowd can't enjoy it!)
  9. Wrong, TOS changed, without a notice or approval to NO ONE (developers and users) in autumn 2022 (november 2022 iirc) tos was still ok in August 19th 2022 Proof: https://web.archive.org/web/20220819150640/https://flightsim.to/legal/terms That tos was ok for Developers, cause contained the ability to remove user content avoiding .to transfer their hard work under another (theirs) username. This is the core of the problem Luckily the drama happened, user reacted, Dev reacted, .to reacted, and now the TOS is ok back again ☺️ Hope .to had is lesson and will avoid sudden terms of services changes without express confirmation (illegal in most of the civil world)
  10. This is not related to gaist Believe it or not, at the moment you need to have the Maverick add-on installed for proper wakes
  11. Oh look, the screenshot winner of the week is showing a wonderful Google photogrammetry rip!
  12. They said they have a tool to disable snow on roads and runways. Seb: oh no one noticed it wasn't working because is was released in SU9 back in spring time. REALLY????
  13. You need to use a custom Simobject, Here is my tutorial about doing that sort of stuff https://youtu.be/-O2wBf_j47k
  14. Anyone interested in this add-on, I have published an update - Mostly bug fixes, US overhaul with smaller pylons up to 132kv - Solar farms added in the US and Greece - The heighest pylons in Europe: Elbe Crossing and Messina towers - some more optimization for fps https://flightsim.to/file/26186/powerlines-and-solar-farms 🙏Thanks again to everyone supporting this project! 🙏
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