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  1. Do you have a sample location of those? If you mean those under the approach lights, I think that most of the time they are actually more realistic with the addon: in real life those lights have (most of the time!) a very large support , they are not simple poles sticking out of the water 😊 This is KLGA, Google Maps imagery https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DhhXu_0q7Fo5k91tZThLBpY1F49ZBu3V/view?usp=drivesdk And in sim with the add-on https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DqkTN0NTlGBKsWLvStT8HY4jbG-rQaAh/view?usp=drivesdk
  2. A guy on the official Forum is maintaining some top 5 charts Sceneries/Aircraft and Airports according to the user preferences So you can easilly have the "best" at a glance 😊 https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/your-top-5-world-enhancement-mods/509855/177 https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/your-current-top-5-aircraft/507204 https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/your-top-airport-addons/541754
  3. Thanks man, They "simply" need to accept my Marketplace application, so I can reach a larger number of users to make them enjoy my stuff like all of you (E.g. Xbox users can only install stuff from the marketplace) But My application has been is review for 18 months, jeez, and they wrote thing like this in every week update: As of 09/17, we have now approved 273 (+6) third parties into the in-sim marketplace and – so far 164 (+0) have released 1,441 products So really, more than half of the approved developers have not released a single product yet??? I'm puzzled!
  4. A revised version for this add-on has been updoaded to flightsim.to, should contain all the requested fixes (mainly removing boats from unwanted places, airport approach lights, industrial area, ferry's jetty and such), + some more world coverage Thanks so much for all your appreciation and donations!! Mamudesign - Marinas » Microsoft Flight Simulator Any suggestion or fix request is appreciated, please join the discors server : https://discord.gg/C7js9zDABW Please consider that for further updates I don't plan to pull the changes from the OSM Database, I keep updating my internal data because it is a lot more faster.
  5. +1, cars in the water over the Instabul's Euroasia tunnel Quite fun seein the ships crossing the channel dodging the cars 🤪 Also, trying to make an exclusion for roads in Dev Mode doesn't work too in su10, so the issue seem correlated, most likely every tunnel in the OSM road network have some exclusion tag and this has been somewhat lost in su10
  6. You are dependent on me making the update to the mod 😉 Asobo/MS doesn't make anything to ANY mod (sometimes some update can brake them, but never seen a scenery broken by updates)
  7. sorry missed your comment unfortunatly there is no way to "slider" sceneries 😞
  8. "If they wanted to" is the key here E.g.? There is already a 3d about powerlines, cable cars, antennas and mast Still planned, since 2 years. In the meantime Puffin and Mamu did their best to fulfill the voters needs (and a bunch of other community creators for other 3ds) Churches: they have the algorithm to place them , France has them, England too..no churches in Italy (autogen ones I mean), and we already has our world update So you are right, they can. Still waiting for what they can do, but aren't doing yet I understand the feeling of @Sunshine13
  9. You are doing a very good job Bert! At the moment, the addon add boats only when the pier mooring is "yes" or mooring is "" (nothing, which is the most common situation) Please change OSM data only when you are sure of what you are doing. Piers with connected ferry routes are for sure "mooring=ferry", piers in industrial area are likely "mooring=commercial" (when in the satellite imagery you see cargo/cruise ship or big fish boats), approach lights tagged as piers are for sure "mooring=no" Sometimes you can also use mooring=private it the pier is private (Actually the latter are not piers in anyway but whatever) I'm taking notes of all the change I'm or all of you are doing in OSM, so i can decide the best approach for the first update
  10. i'm really sorry, denmarks was ready but because i'm a d..k i forgot to add them to the sources please unzip the content of this inside your Community\ https://drive.google.com/file/d/1X_dWGM_5-9tC7YFmuEnbhPV7GozXYRF5/view?usp=sharing and overwrite when asked (have changed the layout .json with the required lines) please forgive me for all the hassle!
  11. You will definitely enjoy it ☺️ And thanks for all the kind words in recent post here (and for your support too!) A note about that addon: The "ski resorts" have a big hit int the mountains ecosystem, and the lack of man made objects in the sim was noticeable. Unlike Boats or Powerlines addons, I have to place a huge amount of missing lifts pylons in OSM (especially in the US). All that anthropization made me really sad, And the saddest thing was to add vegetation excludes under the lifts (because they kill thousands of trees when they build those) ( i recently switched from downhill ski to backcountry ski, let's try to save the planet!)
  12. Yep, that was a fix I pushed to osm yesterday ( thanks to someone reported it) Changes from OSM to msfs is not automatic (you have downloaded the package, is not streamed, you know ☺️) Beyond the OSM data there is at ton of work involving translating the piers data, crossing it with lot of other geo related stuff (like coastlines, type of water where the boat is gonna sit, intersection with any other feature). By "automated" I mean that the scripts does a lot, but yeah, there is a human (single person btw) beyond that 🤓
  13. @Bert Pieke and @MarcG i have pushed to osm the required fixes 😉, (will remove boats and piers manually while the data is ingested by my source), next update won't show piers and boats there @MarcG the boat party under the Brighton is a new attraction!! 🤭 @Kassu62 I'm working hard with the GIS software in order to accomplish this task!
  14. Okk perfect And eagle eye @regis9! yes, this one can be addressed with a simple fix that pier is pretty close to and industrial area, so i can exclude boats and piers that are there .. another task for the algorithm! thank you!
  15. That's tempting! To be honest, the boats addon should have included bunch of seagull for every marina, (I have flocks of them already compiled), but turns out they are too heavy on mainthread. Being them hardly visible (you have to stay stationary searching for them over the boats) I have discarded those birds, waiting for a better solution (I used the "fauna" because they have really good animations, maybe I should create mine from scratch) Trains..trains...I think that for those an in house solution is required (Asobooo/Microsoft you have a train SIM, come on!) The thing about trains is that they follow tracks, with wide range curves, and for long distances (and should obviously follow the terrain). All we have now are waypoint animations. They are good for boats (GAIST is a splendid proof) or for airplanes, but for trains it is not reliable, yet. Hope for an improvement in the future or some other system!
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