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  1. In my story, I use all Saitek panels with X-Plane 11 and FSW, with native plugins and/or SpADNeXT. With Prepar3D , only using SpADNexT makes the panels work prefectly. The Logitech plugin is simply not working with Prepar3D v4. I have 2xUSB 3.0 hubs, and all energy saving tweaks on, using several tools, but never got it working natively.
  2. There is one detail this great plugin is missing. I dont know if its something related with the AI models, or a failure with X-Plane 11 textures, but there are NOT (or they are barely visible) touch down effect when the aircrafts are landing. I love watching AI taking of and landing. In fact, since WT3 was released, I´ve been more time watching AI operatyions than flying, and I miss FSX/P3D like smoke effects. Do you have the same problem or its my XP11 install). Maybe after lots of texture replacements for improving the sim I deleted something... xlife plugin has the same problem. No t/d effects. So maybe the problem is with the Bluebell models... What do you think? Tnx.
  3. I think the important question is missed. Does this product will replace the speedtree autogen lime green horrible trees from P3Dv4 autogen ??? Tnx.
  4. CTD too with last update. My log.txt says --=={This application has crashed because of the plugin: [XPLM_PLUGIN_XPLANE]}==-- I think this is an internal plugin and I dont know how to disable it. Any ideas?
  5. I received my Oculus Rift CV1 yesterday and I am hooked. Yes, it needs more resolution, but the feeling of being there is amazing. Cant be described or seen on videos. Must be experienced. I asked Dan if there´s a chance of participating on beta testing, after purchasing Flyinside P3D. I think the experience on XP will be more pleasant than in P3D. I hope to have the chance of testing by myself.
  6. It happens to me since I updated Windows 10 (I think it was the Anniversary Update) some weeks ago. But only If lost focus of the X-Plane window. If I open X-Plane 10.50 on full screen or do not open more windows, like i.e. Firefox, while flying, its ok. If I open another program or window and X-Plane window looses focus, massive fps drop. And I mean 1-2 fps drop. I will try to delete that KB3176938. Maybe it will solve the problem.
  7. I have i7 2600k too, and I always thought NO HT and NO AM on .cfg , were the best options for Prepar3D 3. Now, after all those posts, Im not so sure. SteveW, do you recommend AffinityMask=14 for i7 2600k and no HT (4 cores) ? Sorry if it was asked before, but I cant find it. Thanks very much for so interesting thread.
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